Chapter Soundtrack: Another Day, The Album Leaf
AN: Another shout out to my beta, Dracarot! And to all of you who stuck with this story to the end. It was a fun, if not long, ride, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Epilogue: Another Day

"There," Kitty said stepping back from the mantel. "I think that's the perfect place for it."

"When's that from?" Pietro asked, leaning over her shoulder and squinting.

"Thanksgiving, Bobby developed all the pictures he took. I though you guys would want this one."

"Hmm, He is really bad at taking pictures. Good thing cameras always love me. I guess we'll keep it."

"You're so generous," she said, rolling her eyes and moving to sit on the armrest of the chair Lance was sprawled in. "I think it's nice, right Lance?"

"Yeah, it's nice."

Pietro turned to face them, placing his hands on his hips. "Well, of course he has to agree with you if he wants to get any—"

"—body want some of my sandwich?" Blob thudded into the room with a large tray full of food. He plopped down on the sofa next to Toad, causing the house to shudder.

Todd twisted his face in disgust. "What the heck is in that?"

"Everything I could find in the kitchen. Ham, Bologna, Turkey, Mayonnaise, Chocolate Syrup and some of those soggy white things Wanda eats."

"Oh man, you took Wanda's tofu? She's so gonna kill you."

"What? It tastes good," Fred said through a mouthful of food. "Wanna try?" He held out the bitten sandwich to Kitty, but she shook her head.

"Thanks Fred, but we're gonna grab something at the mall." She shook Lance's shoulder. "We'd better leave soon, before all the good clothes are gone."

"I didn't know we were going to the mall." Pietro zipped over to them and folded his arms.

Kitty frowned at him. "That's because you weren't invited."

"Don't be silly. I don't need an invitation to go to the mall. You coming Toady?"

"Well, I ain't gonna sit around here watching Blob eat our kitchen. Count me in." He hopped after Pietro, who was already at the coat closet.

Kitty sighed and looked at Lance. He shrugged as he stood up, pulling her up off the chair with him. "Sorry. If you want we can sneak out now and ditch them here."

"Nah, it's fine. Who knows, it might be fun."

"You know it. You' hanging with Grandmaster Fun right here. Oh yeah. Uh-huh." Toad sang his made-up lyrics while hopping around Pietro, ignoring the jacket being handed to him.

Kitty made a sound halfway between "ugh" and "yuck," but Todd didn't notice. His attention had snapped almost instantaneously to Wanda when she started coming down the stairs. Halting his impromptu dance, he met her on the last step. "Wanda, Sweets, are you coming with us?"

She looked at him for a second, then continued walking, opening the front door. "I'm going to see Agatha Harkness," she said just as the door slammed shut behind her.

Toad leapt after her. "Sorry guys…On second thought, l'm'a go with Wanda instead. Cuddlebumps, wait!"

Pietro threw Toad's forgotten green coat back into the closet in one second, and had his own on in the next. "So much for the Grandmaster; how about you Blobby?" he called back to the living room.

"You guys go ahead," he told them as he shoved a hand full of chips into his face. "I've got a lot of food to finish here. Oh crap, I forgot my soda!" With a little effort, he got off the couch and headed back for the kitchen.

"That's perfect, right Kitty Cat? Now you won't be smushed in the back seat." Before she could argue, Pietro was patting his pants, saying, "Shoot, wallet must be in my room. Be-back-in-a-flash."

The breeze from his exit gusted into the living room, displacing Kitty's hair. She sighed in annoyance as she readjusted it. "Actually, I think I left my jacket upstairs too."

"Want me to get it?" Lance asked.

"Nope, I'll do it."

"'Kay." He let go of her hand as she made for the stairs.

Instead of heading outside to his Jeep, Lance walked to the mantel and picked up the new picture frame, examining it more closely. Fred had his eyes closed and there was a big piece of ham hanging from his mouth. Wanda had her head turned to avoid Todd, who had stretched himself across a startled Lance in an attempt to hug her. No one was looking directly at the camera except Pietro. It wasn't the best picture in the world, except that it was.

"You coming, Lance?" Kitty asked from the door. She already had her jacket on and was wrapping a fuzzy scarf around her neck.

"Yeah, I'll be right there."

She smiled at him, and then went outside. Through the living room window, he saw her try to climb into the passenger seat of his Jeep before Pietro blurred by her and claimed it instead. It looked like there was a small argument brewing between them that he'd have to go settle. He looked at the picture in his hands, and then put it back on the mantel. Maybe he'd already found what he hadn't been searching for. It had just taken him a while to realize it.

He grabbed his jacket from the arm chair and headed out the door.

The End.