By Ninetalesuk.

Hello, everybody! This may be early but, I am just setting up this story with some help. Starring THIS guy! *Drags him in by the rope*

*Tied up in rope is none other than Knuckles the Echidna*

Knuckles: Why me...?

'Cause, it will be fun! ^_^

Knuckles: *Groan* What about the other two stories...?

I will be still doing them, I just want to make a Xmas story and YOU are the man to direct the play!

Knuckles: A... Play...?

A Christmas Play! Sure, its the 10th November now but, I've decided to start early, choose you so you can get some cast AND prepare for the show upon December 21st!

Knuckles: Great... -_- Lots a time to mess it up...

Glad I can count on ya, Knux!

Knuckles: Will I be getting some help...?

Will you...? *Steps aside* Here is your answer!

Davis: Hi, Knuckles!

Yolei: Hello, Knuckles!

Knuckles: o.O? Davis and Yolei from Digimon?! Why them...?

Well... They make a great couple!

Davis: That will put AnT in a happy mood.

Yolei: I will say.

No, let me rephrase that... A great COMICAL couple...

Davis: Comical?! Why do you say that?!

Knuckles: Hit it!

Yolei: *Wacks Davis*

Davis: Now I know why... *Groan*

So, with the combind knowledge between you, Yolei and Davis... What are the chances of making a wonderful Xmas play?

Knuckles: *Looks at Davis and Yolei* Minus 1000%...

Ok... -_-U Listen, the first full meeting of the Anime Xmas Play will take place in two weeks time so, you better be ready! You got it!

Knuckles, Davis, Yolei: Yes, sir!

Good! Now, wait in two weeks time as the meeting between the minds shall begin.

Yolei: So long! ^_^