By Ninetalesuk

DAY 30: Ninetales' home (After Xmas Day)

(Knuckles stood with Davis, Yolei and Divinemon in the living room).

Knuckles: Well... that went well...

Davis: It sure did.

Yolei: *Sigh* Don't worry, Knuckles. I'm sure no one notices the mistakes during the play.

Divinemon: I'm sure you noticed it very well, Yolei since you were laughing your head off after the play finished. And at one point, Davis almost knocked you down when he fell onto the floor, laughing as well.

Yolei: Heh... ^^;

Davis: When will Ninetalesuk come out?

Knuckles: After he finishes his lunch...

(Ash came into the room with Joey, Slowbro and Tai. All three were dressed in different suits)

Ash: Hey, you guys.

Divinemon: What is going on here?

Ash: Oh... After the play, these guys want to do another Xmas story next year.

Yolei: And what is that?

Joey: *Dressed up in a black cloak* The Christmas Carol! I wanna play the Ghost of the Christmas Future of Yet to Come!

Tai: *Wearing a lot of watches* And I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Davis: Since when did he wear a lot of watches...?

Tai: I... didn't had time to think up of my costume...

Knuckles: And what about you, Slowbro?

Slowbro: *Dressed up as a Christmas Present* I am the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Yolei: This will be the first time I have unwrapped a ghost...

Knuckles: *Sigh* Could be worst... Davis here could have thought up a new play...

Davis: Actually, I did...

Knuckles: *Blinks* You did?!

Davis: Actually, my idea is more of a movie-type story... A Jaws-like story...

Yolei: Jaws?? Jaws is already been done! Along with 'Jaws 2' and 'Jaws 3'.

Davis: I know its been done! Its different... Its called.... 'There is a Rhy Loose in the City'!

Knuckles: (Stares at Davis increduously) There's a Rhy.... There's a Rhy Loose in... A Rhy? What
Rhy?! Rhyhorn?!

Davis: Yeah... Rhyhorn...

Tai: Whats it about, Davis?

Davis: Well... its about this Rhyhorn that escapres from a Pokemon Zoo and it heads towards a big city like... London or Tokyo. I choose Tokyo. And after two or three days, they find all these dead bodies lying about and no one knows who did it. So, they got hold of a private detective, kind of like Charlton Heston to try and solve the crime. The Pokemon Zoo-keeper is a very beautiful woman and before you know it, the detective is in love with her and giving the sort of
what for to her....

Knuckles: Thank you, Davis... Thank you...

Divinemon: A Rhyhorn?

Davis: Yes... well... they don't know its missing...

Divinemon: Davis!!! How can you not know its there?! If you got a Rhyhorn right and one day it isn't there-well, you tend to know its missing!!

Joey: Maybe the Zoo doesn't have one Rhyhorn? Maybe the Zoo has two or three...

Tai: And how in the world did he escaped?

Yolei: Must have squeeze through the bars...

Davis: Very funny...

Knuckles: I don't believe this... Nobody knows its escaped?! What about the millions of people living in London, New York or Tokyo or something like that?! Don't any of them spot it!?

Davis: Yep but, they are the ones who gets trampled to death.

Knuckles: And about the others? The people in offices, cafes, shops, buses, cars!!! Davis, this is a Rhyhorn, for Heaven's sake!!!

Davis: They can't see it because it only comes out at night...

Joey: Comes out at night? Is this a vampire Rhyhorn?

Davis: No...

Yolei: And where does a massive rock-solid Pokemon hide during the day?

Davis: In a lock-up garage in a back street.

Divinemon: Leasing it, huh?

Davis: Nah... the garage is disused where nobody ever goes! The detective DOES find it, problem is... he finds it during the night.

Tai: And the Rhyhorn is gone?

Davis: Yeah... I think this is a Disaster/Mystery/Romance type of movie. It is a kind of whodunit sort of thing... Ya know?

Knuckles: Whodunit?! What in Almighty's name do you mean whodunit?! We know who-dun-it! Its that Rhyhorn who done it!

Davis: Yeah, WE know, Knuckles. Us, the audience! But, the actors out there, don't!

Divinemon: I have noted down some many flaws...

Yolei: Like what?

Divinemon: Well... A Rhyhorn has escaped from a Pokemon Zoo. There are 300 dead bodies covered in Rhyhorn footprints. There is a lock-up garage that is buried in 2 and a half deep of Rhyhorn wastes. And after all those strange, but obivous clues... Charlton Heston suspects the butler.

Davis: OK... I kinda have to admit, there ARE some snags in my idea but, at least I have all the essential qualities to make this film a hit, eh? Its a disaster movie.

Knuckles: Its a calamity, Davis!

Ash: Why is the Rhyhorn killing people?

Davis: Well, he is man-eater, huh?

Ash: No, Davis.. Rhyhorns are NOT carnivorous! They're vegetarians!

Davis: Right..... Okay, no worries! I will scrape out the lock-up garage and we make him hide in the back of a health food shop!

Ash: And, there is no way he goes to a huge city either.

Davis: But, he has to! If he has to kill people, he has to head for the city!

Ash: No way! Rhyhorns natural habitat is the mountains.

Davis: So... the new film title is 'There is a Rhy Loose Somewhere Out in the Open where No One Lives?' Its never gonna work...

Knuckles: Just caught up with ya, huh...? *Sigh* Well, if we do another Xmas play... we could have some thespians playing...

Slowbro: No one will like that, Knuckles.

Knuckles: How come?

Slowbro: They will not like the idea of young children watching two girls kissing each other.

Knuckles: *Blinks* What?! What are ya talking about?

Divinemon: Slowbro... Knuckles said 'thespians'. Not lesbians.

Slowbro: Oh...

Knuckles: -_-U *Walks off* I'm gonna see Ninetalesuk right now...

Yolei: ok...

(Knuckles walked into the room where I was waiting for him)

Hey, Knuckles! Good work on the play! Few mishaps but...

Knuckles: OK... OK...

So, would you be up for another chance to direct a play next Xmas?

Knuckles: Nah... I want to hold onto my sanity a bit longer, thank you...


Knuckles: See ya around... *Walks away*

Oh well... *Turns to the readers* Thank you for reading this Xmas special story. I do hope you have a good holiday and hope that 2004 will be a great year!



Yolei: *From other room, wacks Davis*

Davis: YOW!!!