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Rated: PG13

Title: Thy Blood Blue

Overview: This is a story based on Bear. From what I've seen in the anime he seems to be a nice guy in "The World". But what about outside? Maybe he isnt the carefree, happy guy we witness. Things have been going on at home, things that seem out of place. Mimiru may be able to help, but thats only if she finds out first.


Chapter One, Welcome

Bear smiled, his sleek brown hair waving a bit in the fake wind as he sat down. His sword made a soft clanging sound as it hit his armor. Resting one of his storng hands upon the rock he sighed.

' Its weird. I sit here on this rock in a hot area, yet I cant feel a thing.'

He had always wondered how Tsukasa could deal with living in "The World" for as long as he has been. He says he can feel pain, can smell the flowers, and do so many things they couldnt. When they were fighting monsters in a dungeon, could he feel pain then? Bear couldnt imagine fighting a monster, then feeling the pain as the monster slammed its giant hand upon his body. Was that how Tsukasa felt though?

Closing his eyes Bear yawned. Life seemed to be getting less and less exciting in "The World". Maybe it was because of how much stronger he had become since he began playing.

" Hi Bear!"

With a jump Bear spun around, sword ready. Sighing, he half glared, half smiled at Mimiru. She giggled and placed her heavy blade across her shoulders, staring up at him.

" Whats wrong Bear, you seem more jumpy then normal."

Shaking his head he smiled. " Nothing Mimiru, you just started me. Not many people sneak up behind me and yell in my ear."

Chuckling she turned away, looking down the hill at the small bunch of trees resting there. " Its not just today." She mumbled. " Lately, you've been acting out of it. Even B.T. has noticed. Is something going on?"

He was taken a back. Slowly, Bear took a step back, but shook his head and stopped. He couldnt, wouldnt let her notice anything.

" Dont worry." Bear mumbled with a smile. " Nothing's wrong. Up for a dungeon adventure today? I heard of a place filled with alot of treasure."

She jumped up and stared at him happily. Chuckling, he rubbed her head and gated out back to town, waiting for her arrival so they could go.


Taking off the helmet Bear grinned. Mimiru seemed to be getting better, she seemed alot more focused then she had when he first met her a while back. How he remembered that.

( Bear grinned as a young girl appeared at the gate, her large eyes searching around confused and curiouse. Walking over to her he held out his hand.

" Welcome, my name is Bear. I'm guessing your new." He smiled warmly.

The girl stared up at him, then smiled, her large eyes looking over at him. Quickly she grasped his hand into her smaller one.

" My name is Mimiru, and yes, I'm new. Thank you." )

Sighing he stood up, brushing away any dust from his shirt. Pushing away stray peices of brown hair he walked out of the old computer room, his blue eyes searching the halls of the mansion. Slipping out a pack of cigarretes he shoved one into his mouth, lighting it up and taking a breath.

" You really need to kick the habit old man."

Looking up surprised Bear almost let the cigarette slip out of his mouth. Standing there was his son, glaringat him with the same blue eyes.

Regaining his composure Bear leaned against the wall and smiled. " Hello Kio, welcome home."

" Dont give me that crap old man, where is it?" Kio snapped.

" Where is what?"

" You know what old man, the money, where is it?"

Bear sighed. " I told you I am not giving you any money. Your an adult Kio, you have to learn to make your own money, you have to learn to be responsible."

Withen a second Kio grabbed Bear by the shirt collor, pulling him toward his face. " Part of mothers money is mine old man, MINE! That money was given to me at the funeral, and I want it NOW!"

Bear lightly pushed away his sons hands, but to no avail, Kio only held on tighter.

" No Kio." Bear mumbled. " Your mother would have wanted me to give you the money when you were responsible enough, and your not. I'm your father, and that money was given to me to give to you when you are ready. Now, please, I must go."

Grasping him tighter Kio clenched his teeth. Before Bear could do anything he was sent to the ground. Holding his hand to his nose he wiped away the blood.

Kio hissed at him. " Now old man, give it to me now."

" No."

Kio turned away and grabbed an item from the desk. Standing up Bear launched for it, but a bit too late. The picture frame smashed to the ground, glass spraying everywhere.

" See you tomorrow." Kio growled, walking out.

Picking up the small picture frame he gazed a it sadly. A woman, a man, a son, and three little girls stared back up at him smiling and laughing.

" Kara, Joice, Miriki, Kio..." Bear let a small sob out. " Cressida."

Holding the picture to his chest he stood, walking over the broken shards toward his room. He didnt even notice the glass cutting into his bare feet, and if he had, he didnt really care.

** Chris-Redfield26: Well, thats chapter one. I know from the series, i guess his wife is alive, and i dont remember if it said anything about him having any other kids, but remember, its a fanfiction. ^_^ Plus, its adds more drama, and we all love drama. Soon Mimiru will come, so you dont have to worry much about that. Well, Review please! **