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Chapter 13

Bear sighed, staring at the wall. No emotion showed on his face, just the dullness that was his world at that moment. Suddenly nothing seemed right anymore.

He had lost his wife, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His children, the highlight of his life. And now, even his eldest son was gone from his grasp, the only thing he had to hold onto.

' Gone…'

It seemed so blurry and fast, he didn't remember much. The gunshot was the hardest thing, and looking down at his son's body. Everything had felt numb; his body didn't want to work. People had run over though, Sora and Mimiru being the ones he recognized first. The third one who came, holding onto him tightly and trying to comfort his shocked form had been B.T.. The fourth person was over his son's body, just a shadow in the darkness, but he could tell from the clothes and hairstyle it was Krim, inspecting his work.

After that everything was gone. When he awoke he was in a bed in the hospital once more. A doctor had walked in and told him he would be fine, a few stitches on his arm, his stomach had to be redone, and a few bruising, but other then that he would live. Yet none of this information seemed to pass through him, only the cold hard fact that he would never see his son around.

' I let him down.'

For years he tried to comfort the child, telling him he didn't mean it, that everything was ok if they worked together, but the child wouldn't listen, eventually moving out. Since then he had been asking Bear for the money his mother had put in the inheritance, saying it was rightfully his. Bear wouldn't have it though. It was to be put away safe until his own death.

And that was what the boy had planned.

Bear would have never guessed his son would have attacked. In his mind he begged and pleaded with himself that he had gone temporarily insane. Everything was a dream, it had to be. He never snuck out of the hospital to see him, and his son was still in the dark house waiting. But nothing seemed right anymore, because the logical part of his mind wouldn't accept it.

He had let him down, he couldn't save his son. What kind of father had he been?

Krim sat outside the room, leaning against the door that held in his friend. With plain eyes he glared into the wall, silently cursing himself out.

' Why did you do it Krimmy boy? Why did you shoot him?'

At the time it seemed like the only logical thing to do. The gun had been on the floor of the living room, just lying there. Seeing all the things knocked over he knew a fight was going on, and he could hear the voices from the other room. When he stepped in and saw the boy over Bear, preparing to bring down the final blow, the just aimed and shot.

With a frustrated growl he punched the wall, ignoring the stares from other people. One man, what looked like a doctor, ran to him and began to lecture him about the hospital rules, but he pushed him aside.

Slowly he walked out of the hospital, looking back onto once into the window, which held Bear. With a sigh he stepped into his car.

It had been nearly a week after the incident. Bear was out of the hospital, stitched up and new. Staring at himself in the mirror he shook his head, resting his hands on the sink of the pubic bathroom.

' I can't believe I'm doing this.'

His son was to be buried, next to his other family members. The funeral was less then an hour away and he wasn't ready yet, too shaky to even get on his shirt right. Every time he thought about it tears welled up in his eyes and wouldn't stop, not until he splashed cold water onto his face to shock him out of it.

Sitting up he wiped the sweat from his brow and finally buttoned his shirt and slipped on his shoes. Taking one last look at the mirror he walked out onto the grass.

It didn't take him long to arrive at the burial ground. The coffin sat, flowers decorating it. Around it stood several of Koi's friends, most Bear has never even seen before. At one end stood Krim, B.T., Sora and Mimiru, all staring intently at him.

The session seemed long, longer then he wanted to admit. The whole time he didn't even listen to the priest, only staring down at the coffin, which held the boy. The priest had no idea who he was, who his son had been, and neither had anyone else. Walking over he reached down, gliding his hand over the smooth wooden surface.

" Koi, I'm sorry." He mumbled, tears trailing down his face. " If I had only been there for you more. If I didn't break down, if I had only stayed in that hospital, none of this would have happened. I'm sorry. I know you were a good boy, I know how much everything hurt, I'm sorry."

Someone stood behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked at it, noticing the ring, and turned away. B.T. led him back to the group, holding his hand all the way.

For the rest of the time no one said anything except for small mumblings and crying. Slowly they placed him into the ground and departed. Only Bear stood, watching them take away his son from him permanently.

Voices from behind him. Turning he watched as his friends walked over, each of them a bland look on their face.

" Bear, I'm sorry." Krim whispered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Bear nodded, just noticing Sora behind Mimiru's pant leg. Bending down he gave a soft smile, barely seeing as the boy dives toward him into his arms.

Shock took over him before anything else, but within seconds he was grasping tightly onto the boy, scared to let go. The warmth of the child's body felt nice against him, against his fears. Suddenly Sora let go, looking into his eyes.

" Bear." Mimiru smiled, bending down toward their height. " Sora wants to ask you something."

Bear looked back at Sora and nodded. With a big breath of air Sora closed his eyes and spoke.

" Please can I come and stay with you daddy?"

The older man looked down at him, unable to move. Tears fell freely, and he grasped onto the child and held him tight.

" I'm not a good father though, I don't…"

He couldn't finish his sentence before Krim latched onto him. " You're a wonderful dad, and we can all help."

With a sad smile he nodded, standing and taking Sora's hand into his own. A warm light fell upon him, filling him with a sudden burst of energy. Closing his eyes he he sighed.

What seemed like a black and white image floated into his head, everything in first person. A child ran up to him, maybe three or four, and smiled into the camera, handing the holder something in a bag.

" Here daddy, I love you." The child laughed.

Inside a red heart, made from cheap cardboard and marker, with stick figures of a child and dad. The holder laughed and held it up to the camera.

' To my favorite daddy in the world, I love you. Love: Koi.'

Smiling, Bear looked into the sky, back at his friends, and into the sky again.

' Maybe this can be… a new beginning…'

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