The fight for love

A Long time ago there was a special princess, who was known as being a powerful based on what's inside of her, there power you can't image and who ever takes over the planet shares the power with the princess. The princess name was Lana, in the past princess Lana's parents wanted her to choose a prince (husband) before her next birthday.

There were only two princes to choose from. One of them was a tall handsome man with black shiny hair and brown eyes, his named was Christ. The second prince was a muscular blonde with hazel eyes and a nice butt. No girls couldn't resist from but he was pure evil named Andrew. It was hard for the princess to choose from two handsome men as her father called it but she had too.

Over one month passed and the princess had gotten to know both of the princes in their stay at the castle, but the only one who she loved was a boy from her childhood named prince Christ. Prince Andrew wanted princess Lana and the power all to his self so he attacked the planet and put control over princess Lana's heart to only love him. After the kingdom was destroy along with princess Lana and prince Christ, before prince Andrew could control her. Her parents put the whole kingdom in deep sleep and sent princess Lana and princes Christ to earth to find each other and live happy every after, but when Andrew found out he was furious and outrage that he sent himself to earth to find the princess. One year passed ^^^^^^ !!!!!!!!! Please read this story and review on stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!