Through the Mirror
by Tara B Amy

Tara: Hi, everybody! I wrote this little Fanfic for you! Yeah, be aware, it's gonna be YY/Y and AU! So, if you don't like shônen-ai, please leave. You've been warned.

Yugi: Who said that I like my yami?

Tara: I said that!

Yugi: Um... what if I don't?

Yami: You don't?! *whine glare*

Yugi: Of course, I do!! But...

Yami: But?! There are no Buts!!

Tara: *grin* No Buts! So let's go on to the story!

Yugi: But...

Yami: Aibou!!

Yugi: You forgot the DISCLAIMER!!


Tara:... !!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kazuki Takahashi does. I don't earn money with this, I write for fun! I would do anything to just own Joey's socks... or Yugi's toothbrush... or... whatever...

Tara: That's it! ... Yami? Yugi? Where are you two? You're not in my room again, are you?!

Normal Speaking: "..." Yami to Yugi: //...// Yugi to Yami: /.../


Today the most weird and most thrilling thing happened to me. I don't really know how to explain it, but it was frightening and so wonderful at the same time that I think I would like to just repeat every moment over and over again. But I know that it is impossible. I just know it. And I don't have the courage to even try.

Now you wonder what it was, don't you? Okay, I will tell you. Today I was able to look through the mirror. Not merely into it. I could look through it. And... no, I'm completely sane, thank you.

What I saw took my every breath, my every heartbeat, my every movement, so that I froze to the spot and could only stare at the person, who I locked eyes with. I didn't look at myself that moment, like you would expect, when you look into the mirror. That wasn't me. Couldn't be. But... In a strange way he seemed to be me. He mirrored me like a twin brother. But we were different in every way I could think of. He was tall where I was small and he was dark where I was bright. But his hair, his clothing... nobody could have the same haircut I have. Not the same colour. My hair is spiked, black, violet-tainted and blond. And so much like his. I wear leather and he... he did, too.

Now you think, I just saw strange things, right? You think, I saw myself and not someone else, right? I didn't. The person wasn't me. I could tell by only one look into his eyes. The boy on the other side of the mirror had red eyes. They were rich crimson. Like blood. And so very dangerous. Not like mine. They were not the soft colour of amethysts.

He looked confused, but I also could see the glint of darkness, of insanity, behind the slightly shocked glance. It would have freaked me out to no end, hadn't I been so shocked myself. So I just went on staring, mutely, holding my breath.

After a few moments the shock in his eyes melted into curiosity. His head tilted to the side lightly and his lips formed words, but I couldn't hear them. And I couldn't have answered, even if I heard them. I was too afraid of the dark creature in front of me.

//Who are you?//

I flinched and my eyes widened. My fear increased but I also was stunned and astonished like never before in my life. I felt like freezing, but the chill, which went slowly down my spine, was warm, nearly heated. This guy spoke to me. He spoke into my mind. I could hear his smooth voice in my head, shortly after his lips moved, as if he sent the question through the glass...

Then the dark stranger stretched out his hand, his crimson eyes fixed on my face, flashing like blood-red diamonds, and touched the cold surface of the invisible wall, which separated us from each other. I hesitated a moment but then also lifted a trembling hand until my delicate fingers reached the mirror, where his hand already laid.

"I'm Yugi.", I whispered quietly.


Suddenly light flashed and nearly blinded me with its intensity. I pressed my eyes close, covering them with my hands.

//I'm Yami. Nice to meet you, little one.//

The light faded away, left me blinking tears of pain out of my burning amethyst eyes. I was alone again and I felt the loss before I could even look at the mirror. The stranger was gone. Only a small, frightened teenager could be seen. That was me. The difference was amazing and all of the sudden I envied my stronger and darker self, who had disappeared without any sign to prove he had been there.

Now I don't know if I would like to meet him again. He is everything I'm not and I would feel like trash beside him. Or would it be the other way around? Would he make me feel like being someone important? I don't know. I'm frightened.

I will stop writing now. I'm depressed and confused. I wonder if he will be there again, in the big mirror in my room... I wonder... No, I shouldn't think of this anymore. Perhaps it wasn't even real. Reality is... nothing compared to the darkling I met a few hours ago. He is beyond my reality.

I wish... yeah, I really, really wish I could meet him again.


End of Prologue

What do you think? It's just the prologue, the real story will begin with the first chapter and this will be longer then. I already have the plot and I would like to know, if you are interested in a continuation... Are you?

It won't be a journal, this is just my way of starting the story. I thought it would be interesting... yeah, so no journal. Perhaps I'll write one in between again... I don't know...

There's one thing you should know. I'm from Germany and don't know if everything is right! So I'm sorry if there are fatal mistakes! Would someone like to be the beta-reader? I need someone with English as his/her native language! Please?

Bakura: *smirk* There are so many mistakes! I think, even a child... mmph...

Ryou: Don't worry! He didn't say anything!

Bakura: *blush* You just kissed me, moron!!

Ryou: *flinch* Did I?

Bakura: Do it again!

Ryou: Um...

Bakura: *pounce*

Ryou: Bakura!!