On the fifth of November
I saw a Guy hobbling
And dragging a large sack
Containing a goblin
I knew this because
The sack had got torn
By the creature inside
As he blew on his horn
I looked at the Guy
And without invitation
I asked him just why
There was this situation
"Because," said the Guy
At first softly, then louder
"I found this foul fiend
With a heap of gunpowder
Planning to blow up
The Dungeon. I fought him;
A bruise and an ankle-bite
Later, I caught him."
"So he got the sack!"
I declared with some breeziness
"For being a goblin
Who tried to be treasonous!"
"No," said Lord Fear
"He's now under my wing
So I can ensure
He succeeds with the thing!"
I wondered if maybe
I shouldn't have asked
That was until Lord Fear
Had lifted his mask
It was Pickle in costume
A devious liar!
We went off to light up
A goblin bonfire!