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Originally I was going to call this Ritual of Destruction, but I really didn't like that name, and I've never been good with titles so I look to Tool for help. The title is a spin off of Eon Blue Apocalypse, which is a song on Tool's album Lateralus.

If you're the type that listens to music while you read fics might I suggest Tool's Lateralus. I listened to that cd the whole time I worked on this chapter. If you're familiar with the album then you might see the connection between songs like "The Grudge", and "Reflection". Also the title for this fic was inspired by Tool's "Eon Blue Apocalypse", I just basically changed the blue to black so really the title belong to them.

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The fires of hell raged upon the land, rising from the deepest depths of the world, consuming all in a blazing sea of odium. Ash rained from the smoke filled sky, pouring the remains of a once wondrous world upon the battered relics of the deceased. Tormented voices rang to the denigrated heavens in a choir of anguish. All was ignited and burning in this unnatural inferno. The land, the mountains, the trees, the cities, the villages, even the water burned. None could escape it.

So many plagues had had prophesied the coming of this final doom, and yet as the world burned to ashes around them they knew that it was not the end. The choir continued to sing their hymns of misery, pleading to the smoldering sky to receive them quickly. The world wailed in agony as its flesh and blood burnt away leaving nothing but dry bones. The choir grew louder, the screams sounding more desperate then the wails of hell. The inferno flared with each soul it clamed, and heaven blackened until all celestial light was overpowered by darkness.

In one last moment, the creatures, the world, and the sky let out one powerful cry of anguish. The plea for mercy shook the heavens braking the barrier between the dying world and the world of its birth. The screams flooded into the other world in one powerful wave, begging for salvation. And though the cries were so loud that the whole of the other world shook, only one heard them. Only one felt the pain, only one received the pleas, and only one could decided the ultimate fate for this burning world.

The creatures, the world, and the sky cried out until the last of their strength was gone, and in one final breath they all died. The barrier between the worlds was forever cracked, leaving it vulnerable for any to travel between the two worlds. The one soul who was aware enough to hear the world's final plea, buried within his heart a great compassion for this world. And though at the time he was too young to understand what he had gained from this world's shuddering last breath, he would soon use this compassion to decide the next life for this dying world.

All was reduced to ashes. Nothing but a few strong creatures remained to look upon the skeletons of their world. The few who survived walked amongst the ash and corpses, they were trespassers in the valley of the dead. Their hearts broke and a great darkness filled them as they looked upon what had been taken away from them. Once wisdom and virtue ruled their judgment, but now all that concerned them was revenge.

The Ancient Race of Digimon had been reduced to barely a handful, and so efforts to purify the world ultimately failed. All had to burn; all had to die, so that the Digital World could at last be pure. The survival of this tainted race of digimon, meant that disorder had survived and would leak into the next era, poisoning it with the flaws of the Ancient time.

It was true that this Ancient Race was flawed, and their imperfections only grew as a great hatred filled them. Their world had been destroyed; all who took part in this would suffer. The Ancient Race hide for centuries as the Digital World reanimated itself. But as the world was rebuilt for the next era their anger grew. The Anathema remained ever present in their minds, and as the new era began this race resurfaced, bringing with them the poisons of the old era. Many in secrecy became disciples of their ways.

Time past and now it approaches again. The time of judgment and doom. The world will burn again…

"My Lady?" The concerned address past through deaf hearing ears and faded out amongst the blaring sounds of painful memories.

The sight of all burning, as it did so long ago, gave new strength to the animosity, which cloaked a once pure heart in black hatred.

"Lady Ophanimon?" this time the address was louder and managed to brake through the stentorian of writhing images.

A celestial creature, glowing in a golden halo, stirred on her place upon a crystal throne, then turned her masked head so that she could look upon those addressing her.

"My Lady, are you all right?" the question came out cautiously, for all of the island of Iris knew that the seraphim had been ill tempered and anxious as of late.

Ophanimon did not reply at first, instead she leaned back in her crystal throne, which was shaped like an open Lilly with each petal trimmed in solid gold. "I am fine, please continue." The woman digimon at last replied gently, not wising to further worry her two trusted allies and bodyguards.

The two mega digimon, who stood humbly upon the throne room's crystal floor, bowed their heads respectfully at the female digimon, then, the one who had spoken continued.

"Tension between the South and the East has yet to dissipate. Azulongmon is growing more impatient with each passing day, and Lord Yamato refuses to comply with the mega-god's request. War could be on the horizon." The tall mega digimon, with large muscles and great golden armor, boomed out the words with as much restraint as his anticipation would allow.

The great angel digimon suppressed a shudder, which still seemed to pass through her insides, turning her once boiling blood as cold as ice.

"Surely you must be mistaken Pharaohmon." The last in the glimmering throne room pressed with a smooth entrancing voice. "Such a war was not foreseen by Lady Ophanimon, how is it that you can even think that such a battle is upon us?"

Pharaohmon huffed loudly, his gruff voice making his agitation sound more like a growl of anger. "If all had gone as it was meant to, then the boy would be dead and Deamon would now be the Lord of The Nightmare Soldiers. Obviously, Anubismon, there are forces out there beyond our ability to predict." The mega replied with conviction.

The wise wizard Anubismon did not take offense to his companion's forceful reply. Tension had grown thick in the Digital World, and even the three islands were not immune to its effect. The mega nodded, accepting his ally's words for they were true. "If a war were to arise between the South and the East, then as allies of the South, we would be expected to assist them. This must not happen. We can not take the risk of revealing ourselves to the digi-gods!" As Anubismon spoke, his voice rising with dread.

Words filled Pharaohmon's boisterous thoughts, and he was about to insult the usually clam wizard for his lack of composure, however, before he could speak Lady Ophanimon rose from her throne and walked gracefully down the crystal steps of the platform, which elevated her seat.

"Such talk is pointless." She pressed gently, her voice ringing like a far off melody. "There was a time when I could assure you of what approaches us, but that time has pasted, and I no longer have the sight I once possessed. These children, the Digidestined, have altered so much of what fate had prepared for this world, that to say now that I know what the future holds for us would be a lie." The woman mega lowered her masked head, and as she did her golden wings lowered as well.

Silence filled the crystal throne room. Light fell through the glass walls and ceiling, wrapping all in warm golden rays. The three archaic digimon stood morning over their diminishing power, and musing over the possibilities the future held. There was a time when the Ancient Race could predict and even alter the course of events which would transpire in their world, but those days had long since past, leaving the once proud race weak and vulnerable.

The silence grew heavy amongst the archaic digimon. They waited, the two underlings, Pharaohmon and Anubismon, not daring to break the silence, and Ophanimon again too lost in memory to realize that silence had befallen them.

The celestial was lost in a time when her power was sovereign. A time when not one, but three mighty thrones were exalted above all others. She remembered Seraphimon, a symbol of virtue and justice, who sat upon a golden throne, wielding the powerful Spiritual Ring. And also there was Cherubimon, a creature of innocence and peace, who sat upon a bronze throne and possessed the mysterious Spiritual Orb. Then lastly she remembered herself, sitting upon a polished silver throne, ruling over honesty and beauty with her prestigious Spiritual Rod. She could see it all, the Ancient race flourishing under their rule, the peace that settled upon the land, and then she could see the fires. The world shook, buildings crumbled, and fire splurged from the cracks in the ground. She could hear the voices again as they screamed for mercy. She could see many of the digimon take to the sky in order to escape the fires of hell, but the heavens had grown dark and all who entered them were lost amongst the darkness forever.

She saw it all in vivid color. The way the blood spilt upon the land before it burned away. The colors of fire, blood, and smoke flashed in her mind, and then she saw him. She looked upon the cold eyes of the one who had brought this turmoil upon the land. His once pure white wings were stained in the blood of her companions, but as he looked upon her, growing pale in her dying state, remorse and compassion melted his eyes of ice. Tenderly he bent down and placed in her trembling hand the last relic of her slaughter friend Seraphimon. It was the Spiritual Ring, still stained in the Archangel's blood. With confusion the injured female angel looked upon the face of the oppressor. He had done this, he had massacred an entire race and left the world in ashes, and yet, he was giving her the one thing that could now save her life.

"Why?" the shaky question came out as a pleading tremor.

His eyes froze once more and his marked face turned to pale stone, as the reply came out simple and cold. "Because I choose to."

The last memory faded leaving the female full of sadness and anger.

"We should prepare for war." At last the silence in the crystal room was broken by Ophanimon's commanding voice.

At the sound of the Archangel's words, both Pharaohmon and Anubismon looked up, their dark eyes questioning their Lady's order.

"My Lady, do you really think it will come to that?" Anubismon asked, not even attempting to hide his concern.

Ophanimon did not reply at first, instead she walked silently back to the steps, which led to her throne, and waited. "I do not know," she answered honestly, before taking a deep breath and continuing. "Lord Yamato seems firm in his decision to not comply with Azulongmon's request. If the South and East should go to war, then we will honor our alliance with the Nightmare Soldiers and assist them."

"How can we be certain that by helping them, we do not fight for our own end?" Pharaohmon questioned, knowing the origins of the Nightmare Soldiers and knowing that they were never meant to be allies.

"I suppose we will never know until the end." Ophanimon replied honestly, not pleased that she could not offer her loyal servants more assurance. "Logic would demand that in the end only one race remains upon this world. As we speak Azulongmon works to win his fellow digi-gods support, while Lord Yamato demands that all Nightmare Soldiers return to the South. These two leaders believe war is inevitable, and I suppose this is true, after all neither is willing to bend. Their demands upon one another will bring a great war upon this world, and none will be immune to its effects. We must be ready, for during this time we will be vulnerable."

"So you truly feel that war is upon the horizon. After three year of a peaceful reign, Lord Yamato will at last brake the silence and charge penalty of the East and their past transgression." Pharaohmon thought aloud, a part of him thrilled at the idea of battle, while another part was appalled by the senseless animosity between the Southern and Eastern regions.

"And the East will demand that the South suffer for their previous crimes upon the world. In truth there are no innocent parties. Just as there were no innocent parties during our time. We have all wronged our brother, it is a shame that the whole world will suffer because of this age old fact." Anubismon stated elegantly, always attempting to see every side to an argument.

"Lord Yamato has done well to keep the peace, Azulongmon's demands upon him are insulting and ridiculous." Ophanimon spat. Though she did not hate the dragon digi-god, she did not agree with his request to the South. And any that angered the Lord of the Nightmare Soldiers angered her.

"You truly care about that child don't you." Anubismon question with a hint of mockery and disgust in his voice. Pharaohmon had already voiced his devotion to the young Lord, but the very thought that such a wise creature as Ophanimon would even consider supporting the youth fully disturbed the wizard digimon.

Ophanimon thought about her companion's statement carefully before offering her answer. "He can get me the one thing I want most." She replied honestly, refusing to hide the hostility in her voice.

"And what is that My Lady?" Anubismon question further, pleased that his Lady's reply was not one of compassion but one of a warrior. He had to be certain that his liege remembered their cause, it seemed that many were forgetting where they stood in this struggle. He, however, could never forget. He was reminded everyday of their cause for retribution. Everyday, as he walked amongst the tombs of fallen warriors, he is reminded of the injustice, which occurred so many ages ago. To him, the young Lord was nothing but a tool, an edge to assist them in getting their revenge.

"Whether you see him as a worthy ally and friend, or simply a bridge to revenge does not matter. All that matters is the next couple of days. The final meetings between the South and East are coming up, if their differences can not be resolved, then war will be declared. We have little time to prepare." Pharaohmon offered, trying to abandoned talks of personal feelings about the young Lord.

Ophanimon nodded in agreement, "Indeed, we should"

The celestial digimon was cut off as the sounds of brass bells began to ring through the crystal palace, the abode of the female angel. The sound of the large ball clappers hitting the sides of the great brass bells, boomed over the island of Iris, and its many inhabitants raced out of their clear glass and fine metal homes.

Cries soon arose among the inhabitants of the normally pleasant island. Ophanimon, Pharaohmon, and Anubismon ran quickly to the balcony in the throne room. From their place upon the crystal balcony they watched as a storm fell upon the small island.

The watch-digimon rang the brass bells with more urgency, and with the toll of the bells the many angel and holy beast digimon of Iris rushed from their homes and flooded the sky.

Ophanimon's breathing sped up as she watched the swarm fall upon her people. Flymon, Snimon, Stingmon, Okuwamon, and Herculeskabuterimon swarmed into the armies of holy digimon like locus.

The bells silenced, and a Piddomon and Angemon flew from the watchtower into the swarm. Together they rose their angel staffs and sliced through the large beetle wing of an Okuwamon. The large gray insect let out a high screech as it wings were reduced to nubs. The insect then went crashing down, falling into the glass ceiling of a Swanmon's home. Glass, dripping with blood, scattered upon the street. Large pieces of glass rained into the house, piercing the radiant feathers of the Swamon and reducing her to a bloody pincushion.

A Snimon charged a Quetzalmon, using its Twin Cycle attack to slice the flying dragon into three pieces. The tail and midsection of the dragon fell unto a golden street, where they twitch and wiggled while blood spilled from them. The head of the dragon fell into a fountain with the stone image of MagnaAngemon upon it. The head fell right into the stone Excalibur, which was pointed to the sky. The stone sword ran from the dragon's upper throat through its head and then out. The once clean water, that sprinkled out of the glorious fountain, was now mixed with crimson. The red was so thick that it spilt upon the stone rim of the fountain, staining it black.

Ophanimon watched silently as blood rained from the battle in the sky, spilling upon the homes of Iris. Various limbs, heads, and torsos fell in heaps upon the streets, and the insect digimon ripped savagely into their opponents.

Buildings shattered as bodies fell into them. The locus seemed to have come merely to destroy, their own survival seemingly meaningless as they were slaughtered.

The attack did not last long, as the inhabitants of Iris stood strongly together. Their combined strength was great, and at last the locus saw that they were at a disadvantage. The insects hissed spitefully, and screeched with painful shrills, before they evaded their opponents, brining their scattered numbers together again. They then hissed and screeched, before turning away and buzzing off into the distance.

As the locus flew north into the darkening sky, the holy digimon of Iris cheered for their victory, before looking upon the ruin that was once their glorious home. Glass and limbs littered the golden streets. Angelic wings could be seen stained with righteous blood. Twitching limbs of locus also littered the streets. Homes and lives were destroyed. Blood stained all, and the signs of war painted the land.

"I don't understand…" Anubismon at last uttered in his state of shook, "They were from the North… what could have driven them to attack us?" the wizard questioned with worry.

"Look! The sky!" Pharaohmon exclaimed with an equal amount of panic.

Black was slowly spreading across the day sky. The shadows rose from the North and veined out into the bright blue sky, darkening it. The sun's golden rays hit the black, and deep blue sparks were created from the friction. Light and darkness fought for dominion over the heavens, as this battle irrupted dark blue sparks of energy crashed in the midst of the struggle. A storm took over the heavens, and the shadows continued to vein over the whole of the sky.

It was not long before the darkness had spread completely over the island of Iris. Ophanimon could hear her people cry out in fear as the darkness covered all. Her breathing increased even more, but other then that she remained composed, as she silently watched the execrable show. She watched the darkness, followed by the storm, slowly creep upon the sky, heading towards the South.

As the darkness spread and the sun died; the moon grew visible. The very sight of the once enchanting orb caused the three archaic digimon to gasp. Luna, once bright and mysterious, was now stained in the most horrible shade of red. A crimson halo surrounded the full moon, and the orb was lit with blood. The red cast an eerie glow upon the world below.

"What is happening?" Pharaohmon questioned in fright, his voice rising above the anguish sounds of the weeping holy digimon.

Ophanimon stood in the glow of the crimson moon; its red halo reflecting off of her polished blue armor, causing the archangel to appeared drenched in crimson.

"I do not know." She replied honestly. "But I believe the moon gives us an omen tonight. Blood will stain the land again. War is inevitable. Now friends will be divided, as all will be forced to choose a side. And at long last I will have my revenge." As this was spoken both Pharaohmon and Anubismon lowered their heads.

It was finally upon them, the whole of the Digital World would fall into war, and none could be trusted. Allies will betray one another, and the struggle to survive and gain control over the war will consume the leaders' minds, causing selfish intention to overshadow the true purpose of the war.

"Whoever survives this struggle will be the supreme ruler of this world. At last all will be judged, and at last the fate of this world will be decided." The great celestial spoke with anticipation. Her heart desiring this inevitable battle more then anything else.

"Return to your own islands." The angel ordered somewhat coldly. "Your people will need you now."

Pharaohmon and Anubismon rose their heads quickly, looking somewhat shocked by the order, but they did not argue. This was not the time to question the one you have placed your loyalty in. And so the two megas bowed low to their Lady, before Pharaohmon flashed in a brilliant ray of gold and was gone, and Anubismon crumbled into sand and was blow away by the wind.

Now Ophanimon stood upon the crystal balcony alone. Her golden hair blew in the heavy breeze, while her armor continued to glow red. 'It is time Lord Yamato, get me my revenge, so that the future of this world can be decided.' The thoughts pounded in the angel's mind with burning wrath.

Her face, which was usually gentle and wise, hardened into stone and her shocked breaths, turned into quick puffs of anger. Power filled her being, as she looked upon the redden moon.

"You can not save him." she stated as she stared at the hovering moon, "Nothing can save that boy now, his fate has been decided." She expressed coldly.

Her face then softened, and a shudder ran through her as the breeze turned to ice and the moon seemed to glare at her. "I…" she began weakly, "I didn't want it to be this way, but it has to end. The suffering has to end, and sacrifices must be made." She spoke to the darkness around her, trying to convince the red moon that what she did was just.

But even she knew it was a lie, there was no justice in this world; it had died a long time ago. Now all that mattered was brining an end to the suffering. She knew that her deeds would claim her life, but if it meant that both the Digital World and the Real World could rest easy then she felt it was worth her life and any other life the cause would claim.

The moon above, however, did not agree and its red glow accused the celestial of a murder that had yet to occur. Ophanimon shuddered once more from the icy breeze, as her eyes fell upon the freshly spilt blood of one of her people, sliding down her crystal ceiling and then dripping upon the balcony floor.

Anger and fear filled the angel as she felt the moon's light grow hot upon her. "If it will turn your eyes from me then I will try to protect him…" she declared at last, hoping to convince the power, from the scarlet immortal above, to leave her in peace. "But make no mistake…" she warned the moon darkly, "The world will burn again…"


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