A/N Okay here's the sequel to my first fic, it is also a charmed x over, which should make it a bit more interesting. Dreams are represented in # and thoughts are represented in ~


"Did he go straight to sleep?" Morgan asked while she was tidying away a few of Connor's toys. "Yeah, he's a good lad" "Well course, you're a brilliant father to him, you're both so close, and I was thinking maybe we'll have a Moira for me bond with" Morgan gave Hunter a cheeky smile. "Oh really? He smiled, "and what make you think that" he pulled Morgan close up to himself, "Because I think I might be pregnant," she told him. "Oh Goddess Morgan, that's great news" he kissed Morgan tenderly on the cheek and then their lips met. When they pulled back Morgan Looked down, "It's only been a few days since I thought I might be, you know," she said, "I might not even be pregnant" "Well, we can fix that can't we?" Hunter smiled; Hunter picked Morgan up and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom,

# Morgan was standing in her back yard, Hunter was pushing Connor who seemed to be about 7 years old, on a swing, and a little girl who appeared to be 4 or 5, was sat on another swing, looking sad, because she wasn't being pushed. "Morgan! She's perfect! Our little Moira, here at last" Hunter cried. "Mommy!" Moira ran up to Morgan and gave her a big hug. She looked like Hunter, she had his deep icy green eyes and his white - blonde hair, but it was below her shoulders hanging in cute little ringlets. "Mommy, will you play with me, I want to play with you!" she said bouncing with energy. The little Moira took Morgan by the hand and dragged her to the swings. "Daddy's pushing Connor, You push me!" she said. "Higher Mommy, Higher!" Moira cried. "Stop!" she shouted. Morgan stopped pushing her little girl and lifted her off the swing. "I love you Mommy, you're my play friend! Can we play together forever?"#

Morgan's eyes opened, Hunter wasn't awake surprisingly, he was always up before her.

Morgan saw their bedroom door open slightly, and a tiny head peered around it. Morgan put her finger to her lips and made a "ssshhh" sound. Connor came running around the bed to his Mother. Morgan lifted her son up and sat him in bed in-between her and Hunter. Connor pointed a stubby little finger at his dad, "Do you want him to play with you?" she asked him in a whisper, she got a nodded answer. "One - two - three - Jump! " Morgan said and on the "jump" her son jumped on Hunter waking him up.

"What the bloody hell!" He said as he bolted upright in bed, he looked to his side and saw his wife and his son ~opps~ he thought. Morgan gave him a stern look, but it soon melted away, "Morning Hunter," she said as she gave him a kiss. "Morning, love" he said with a sweet smile, which turned to a grin "Are you ill or something, a rare thing for you to be up before me" he laughed. Their son was just sitting there bored, so in his desperate need for attention, he spread his arms in the air, wanting to be picked up "Daddy!" he cried.

"Connor!" he cried picking up his son and giving him a kiss on the forehead. "Play?" Connor asked. "Not now Con, daddy's got to get dressed first, go and play with your toys in your room and I'll come play when I'm dressed." Hunter put his son on the floor, and he quickly ran out the room.

"Goddess, he looks more and more like you everyday," Hunter told his wife, which brought a smile to her face. Hunter sensed something coming off Morgan, "What is it, Love?" Morgan smiled, "I can't hide anything from you can I?" Hunter shook his head and grinned. "What's wrong?" he asked "Oh nothings wrong, quite the opposite actually" Morgan corrected, "Oh, yeah?" he asked. "Well I was right, I had a dream last night, and surprise! I'm pregnant, again" she laughed. Hunter smiled and gave his wife a long passionate kiss. "I love you" he said, "and I am lucky as well as honoured for you to be the mother of my children".

Hunter climbed out of bed and slipped on a pair of jeans and a white t- shirt. And headed for the door. "Hunter?" Hunter turned to face Morgan, "Yes, Love?" "Promise me we won't let people find out how they did last time," she laughed, thinking back to how people found out about her being pregnant with Connor. Hunter smiled, "I promise, cross my heart"