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One year later

"Bree, the twins become more gorgeous every time I see them, Amber
looks so much like Robbie and Morgan looks so much like you," Morgan
told her.
"Really? People think they're identical," Bree said
"They are, its just some things about them kind of stand out more, if
you know what I mean?" Morgan explained to her best friend.
"Yes, well Moira looks unbelievably like Hunter. She's already got his
eyes and his nose and his mouth oh and his ears!" Bree went on,
"Well she was a bugger! I thought Connors birth was tough, but Moira!
I was in the delivery room for going on 3 days!"
"I remember" Bree laughed, "But Connor is still the double of you,
Morgan." Morgan smiled.

Morgan sensed Hunter pulling up in the drive, and when he came in he walked straight into the kitchen where they had the spare room's duvet on the floor where the twins were sat up playing with toys and Moira was laying down. Hunter was holding shopping bags in one hand and was holding Connor's hand in the other who was all bundled up from the outside.

"Bloody freezing out there! Hello Bree, how are you?" Hunter asked
"Fine thanks, you?"
"I'm good thank you."
"So," Morgan began "Been shopping have you?" she put on a large smile.
"Never you mind Connor and I have been shopping for yours and Moira's
Christmas presents." Hunter smiled.
"Ooh presents, more than two!" Morgan's smile widened
"Hey don't you go sneaking around looking for them"

Hunter took off Connors shoes and coat and he ran off to play with his toys. Hunter looked at the twins on the floor and then looked at his own daughter, and picked her up.

"You know I don't think I'll ever be able to tell the difference
between those two," Hunter laughed
"Apparently Morgan is the one that looks like me," Bree winked at
"They both look like you and Robbie mangled together," Hunter said.
"Bree, would you, Robbie and the girls join us for Christmas?" Morgan asked
"Actually we were going to ask you the same thing." Bree smiled.
"Dammit!" Hunter cried two shocked faces turned to look at him, "I
forgot to get the Christmas tree." Hunter handed his daughter
carefully to Morgan and grabbed the car keys of the sideboard. "I'll
be back in half an hour" he kissed Morgan's forehead gently and he
left the house.
"I envy you two!" Bree told Morgan once Hunter left.
"What? Why?" Morgan asked confused
"Because you still act like love sick teenagers even though you're
married with kids, whereas other married couples still love each other
but they're not as crazy about each other as you two still are, other
couples don't keep that - spark, and you should feel incredibly lucky,
because I wish me and Robbie were still there" Bree said, Morgan

Morgan felt a tingle ~Mom~ she thought, she gently put Moira on the duvet and headed for the phone as it began to ring. She picked it up.
"Hi, Mom" Morgan said down the phone
"Morgan, it's still really creepy how you know who's on the phone
before you pick it up, could you please just pretend you don't know,
you know how I feel about your -" her Mom hesitated for a while before
she said "powers"
"I'm sorry, Mom, its who I am I just can't pretend, but if it makes
you happy."
"Thank you, so how's my grandchildren?"
"Oh, they're fine both healthy except Connor has a little sniffle, how
are you and dad?"
"We're both good, I'm just calling to tell you that Mary K rang last
night and she and Chris are having a great time in Hawaii and they say
thanks for the $100."

Mary K, Morgan's little sister who is now 19 got married to her Fiancée Chris Daniels a rich kid from a respectable family, last week and are now honeymooning in Hawaii.

"Oh, okay thanks for the message, how is she finding married life?"
"I don't know yet, let just hope this'll be her only husband though
and she'll stay with him, I like Chris, he's a nice young man and
he'll look after her."
"Okay mom, I better be off now, I've got company."
"Who's there?"
"Oh okay, tell her I say hello,"
"Okay I will, Bye, love you,"
"Love you too"

Morgan hung up, "My mom says hi" Morgan told Bree, "oh okay, so what was she saying?" "Oh nothing much just that Mary K and Chris are having a nice time so far in Hawaii" Morgan told her, "lucky for some!" Bree laughed, "Anyway," she continued "I better be off, Robbie wants to go out for a Chinese tonight" Bree smiled, "Who's looking after the twins?" Morgan asked "Because if you want I'll baby-sit" "No that's okay" Bree said, "Your Mom offered actually, I think she feels a bit lonely at the minute since you and Mary K have now left home, so I said she could baby-sit anytime she wants," Morgan smiled "Bless her, I must go see her more often I just don't have the time at the minute what with Connor and Moira and just starting in Windows Vale county General"

Morgan was proud, she had just gotten a new job in the Hospitals ER department; she didn't need to go through training, as she was famous in the medical world as "the miracle woman" who could heal people by touching them.

Not long after Bree ad left, Hunter returned with a 7ft Christmas tree, he put it in the living room and they put Connor on the armchair and Moira in the play cot, as they decorated the Christmas tree, Morgan finally felt safe again, with the potion Piper had given them she felt she could relax.

Finally, she and Hunter settled down with their happy family.