Time and Again

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Chapter One: One Autumn Day...

Soft sand, warm air, bright sun and the clear aqua sea.

That was how I remember it... the beach, was where I spent most of my teenage years at.

Whether it be with my friends, or just myself, you will always find me close to the waters. I

liked the waters, the feel of it on my legs, as I walk. Water was my friend and it will continue

to be. Until now, but 'now' comes later. I'm here to talk about my teenage years and the surprise

that I found on my front yard, one autumn day...


Red, gold, soft auburn... the colors of fall.

She breathed in the homey scent of apple cider and felt the warm passionate flames coming

from the fireplace. She smiled, to her, autumn was the most romantic season of all. She twirled

a stray lock of her hair. Twirled her mind on a stray thought. 'Kohaku.', she closed her eyes,

imagining him. She was sure that somewhere out there, he was thinking of her too. After all a

girls intuition is never wrong.

She snuggled against the pillows, fingering a golden leaf, a gift from the autumn season,

that she found near her window a minute ago. Though she was a teenager, she thinks like an adult,

at least thats everyone says, but silently, far from her friends eyes, she would jump onto leaf

piles as if she were a little girl once more.

The school was canceled today, the administration had an important meeting to attend. Though

she doubted that, she knew very well that the teachers just want a day away from their students.

Especially, the trouble makers. She had to thank them, today was the perfect day for a day-off from

school. No homework, no teachers, just the nice cozy couch and some warm apple cider. Simple joy.

She felt the warm cashmere sweater rub against her skin suggestively. Stretching like a cat,

she snuggled even more to the pillows and slowly fell asleep. Today was bound to be an interesting

day, she knew it. Maybe a surprise or too... maybe.


"Chihiro, Chihiro, wake up." her mother said softly. "You can't spend the entire day sleeping

in the couch all day; can you?"

"No, apparently I cant." Chihiros voice muffled by the pillows. "Look, I know how inviting

the couch can be at this time of the day, but could you at least rake the leaves on the front yard?

Our yard is a mess, fall is lovely and all, but..." her mother rolled her eyes as if that would

fill in the blanks.

Chihiro chuckled, "I know mom, I know what you mean." she stood up, yawned and took her coat

from the closet, taking the rake with her.


Sweeping the red, gold, and the soft auburn with her rake, was a bit more fun than she thought

it would be. The colors seemed so warm, despite the freezing temperature. She could'nt believe that

its been six years since those days in Aburaya, since that promise. He'd keep his promise, she was

sure of it, gods can't break promises. He just can't. Though she wished she had kept something else

with her, besides the magenta hairpiece. At least something of him, just so the memories wont fade


But as Zeneba said, you dont forget memories, it just takes a while for our minds to recover a

lost memory. So, she would never forget. Never.


"There we go!, a clean, neat leaf pile." she said proudly. Resisting the urge to jump right in.

Raking the leaves was fun and all, but it took her an hour to clean their yard. She turned back to

their front door, and as she did a little figure was lying on their stoop. She walked up closer, a

little curious about this mysterious figure.

She gasped, realizing that the little figure was actually a little girl. She quickly leaned in

to check if the girl was alright. 'Just unconcious, just asleep.' she calmed herself. Gathering the

child in her arms, she kicked open the door, lucky for them it was'nt locked. She laid the girl in

their couch and saw a note left by her parents saying that they went to the groceries. She sighed,

glad that they were'nt here. Carefully, she wiped the bangs off the girls face.

Her heart almost broke, "Adorable..." she murmured. The child could'nt be more than five or six

years old. She had mossy dark hair with tiny little curls, a lilac ribbon adorned her hair. She made

another "aww" as she saw that the little girl was sucking on her thumb. She was precious for short.

But a train of thought occured in her mind, Where did she come from? who is she? and where are her

parents? her little train came to a halt.

Big, curious jade eyes were staring at her with wonder. She stared back too, "Umm..."

"Hi?" Chihiro greeted, but her tone turned into a question. The jade eyes held their ground,

as if this was the first time she saw someone else other than herself. Chihiro, however was still as

confused as before. The little girl, took her tiny fingers and poked her on the cheek. Chihiro cocked

an eyebrow. This was getting weirder.

"Mommy?" the little girl whispered.

Correction, it was already weird from the beggining.

Chihiro chuckled at the childs mistake, "No, sweetie I'm not your mommy, do you mean I look like

your mommy?" the little girl shook her head. "No, you're mommy."

"Haha. Thats cute, you mean I look like your mommy?"

"No. Your my mommy."

"No, I just like look your mom."

"No, you are my mommy." the child insisted stubbornly. Chihiro sighed, she knew something was

going to happen today. Sometimes she just knew. Like she said before, a girls intuition is never


"Look why dont we go look for your mom, hows that?" she suggested.

"But shes right infront of me." the child insisted. Chihiro sighed once more, this was clearly

going to be a long conversation.

"Umm... why dont we start with your name?"

"I'm Kohana, I'm five." Kohana said, with her five fingers up.

"I'm Chihiro."

"If your name is Chihiro, then your my mommy."

"No, that just means that your mom and I have the same name." she logically stated.

Kohana rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed. Not only was this little girl cute, but she was also

stubborn, Chihiro concluded. Then again, most cute kids were.

"Do you know your mothers phone number?, maybe we could call her." Chihiro asked.

"No. I dont, even if I did, I wont have to because she's right infront of me." Kohana


Chihiro rolled her eyes as she flipped through the yellow page. "Look, Kohana, I'm really

flattered that you think I'm your mommy, but I cant be. Its really cute, but I'm not."

Kohana pouted, absorbing the details of the place she was currently in, while Chihiro scanned

the yellow pages for the missing childrens hotline. Kohana suddenly caught a glance of the calendar.

She gasped.

"What year is it?"

"2003." Chihiro repiled non-chalantly.

"WHAT?!" A loud screech was heard all through out the little town of Tochinochi.


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