Time and Again

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Chapter Four: Silence is a Virtue

Kohana smiled as she saw a sparrow perch itself on the windowsill. She neared to the window to

stroke the birds head, murmuring, "I wish I could fly too." She looked at Chihiro, who was now awake

and yawning. Stretching her arms wide, she looked at Kohana.

"I wasn't dreaming after all..." her eyes still groggy from sleep.

Kohana shook her head fervently, "Nope, not a dream."

"What am I going to do with you?" Chihiro asked to herself. She looked at the options before her.

She could either bring Kohana to school with her or leave her here in her room. But the last one seemed

wrong. "I can't leave her here alone, and what if Mom hears her?"

"I want to come with you Mommy." Kohana begged, her jade eyes ready to shed a tear and her lips

into a full pout. 'Aww...' Chihiro thought. "Fine, I guess I'll take you to school with me."

Kohana cheered and she jumped to give Chihiro one hell of a bear hug. "Okay, okay. Too much love,

too much love." Chihiro croaked. Kohana sweatdropped, "Hehe... sorry."

Chihiro smiled, but then frowned. Kohana was not going to school with her, in that clothes. It was

too big. The child could hardly walk in it without tripping. "Hold on. Let me get you somethin' to wear.

I'll be right back."


"Stay here." her voice stern.

Quietly, Chihiro tip-toed to the attic, which her father dubbed: The Bermuda Attic. One would die

trying to find their way out of the attic, what with all the boxes and things up there. "Now, where did

Mom put all my old outfits?"

And the quest to find her old clothes begins...

Chihiro, after a thirty minutes of non-stop searching, she then found the box with a kanji for her

name and old clothes. She did a little jig around the attic. She grabbed the box, trying her best to be

as graceful as possible. Though sometimes, not all things we planned happens and so...

Down came Chihiro tripping all over the boxes (some were never opened since their move), down came

Chihiro like Jack and Jill (Who fell because of Jacks clumsiness, Jill just thought it would be fun to

fall from a hill.), thankfully the bottom floor was carpeted. So, she didn't broke her crown like Jack did

in the poem (Chihiro hated that poem by the way, it reminded her of her own clumsiness.).

Chihiro winced, 'That was not funny... nor was it a joy ride.' Feeling her head for any bumps or

bruises, she silently walked through the hallway.

"What happened to you?!" Kohana cried, noting her 'mothers' very frizzy hair and disarrayed pajamas.

And her pained expression. "A result of me trying to be graceful." she replied with a half-smile. "Hey!

That happens to me too!" Kohana stated proudly, "We're both klutzes!"

"Well that's comforting..." Chihiro mumbled. She sorted the clothes out, looking for Kohanas size.

She rummaged into the box, "Aha!" There, in her hands was a pale blue shirt and denim shorts. Just Kohanas

size, lucky.

"Here you go!" She handed Kohana the shirt and short, helping her dress up. While still thinking of

other places she could leave Kohana for the meantime. It wasn't that she didn't like her, besides who could

resist such a cute little girl and her own daughter for that matter, it was just that exactly how was she

going to concentrate on school with Kohana popping around?

Now where could she hide Kohana in her school... Chihiro closed her eyes for a moment, the answer was

at the tip of her tongue, she knows she knew someone she could leave Kohana while she was at school. The

question is, who was it?

Chihiro frowned in frustration, the answer was almost there... Chihiro gasped, she remembered. She

snapped her fingers at the idea. "Ikaya-sensei!" she smiled, she was sure she could leave Kohana with her for

the moment.

Ikaya-sensei, whose full name is actually Yukari Ikaya, was Chihiros favorite teacher. Yukari taught

literature and fine arts in her school, she was the only teacher whose subject Chihiro actually excelled on.

The fact that Yukari Ikaya was great with kids, gave great comfort to Chihiro that she could leave her future

daughter there with her. 'I'll just tell her Kohana's my cousin, so it won't arrouse any suspicions."

Chihiro smirked, "I am such a genius!"

Kohana looked at her strangely, "What are you mumbling about?" She was beggining to think that her mother

was crazy.


"Well, well. Look Kaonashi, our mysterious time jumper sent us a message." Zeneba said, holding a little

ball of light in her hand carefully.

"Uh uh uh?" Kaonashi grunted.

"Our time jumper didn't really tell us her or his-" she stopped as Kaonashi added another,

"Uh uh!"

"Oh right, sorry Kaonashi. Or it's name, the orb just tells us that our person means no harm." Zeneba

studied the orb once more. "Funny, but this orb almost has the same aura as Kohaku... hmm."

"Uh uh... uh"

"Nah, still the aura almost feels like his. Though it's a little weaker or rather small. Kaonashi go to

my sister and ask her to investigate on this." Zeneba ordered. 'What exactly is this person playing at? And why

is she or he being mysterious?'

"Uh uh?" Kaonashi grunted. He knew he wasn't welcome to Aburaya anymore, Yubaba forbid him to enter that

place after what he did.

"It's alright, just don't swallow anyone in there alright?"



"Okay, if you want to come with me you have to be really quiet. Alright?" Chihiro whispered to Kohana, as

they silently tipped-toed in to the stairs. 'Hope Mom won't catch us...' Kohana nodded in response.

The stairs creaked at their weight and Chihiro prayed her mother was outside to make things a lot easier

for them. Slowly but steady, they went down the stairs avoiding the kitchen in which Chihiro had a feeling her

mother was there making breakfast. 'I guess I'm gonna have to miss breakfast for today.' A crash caught her

attention, and Chihiro prayed it wasn't what she thought it was. She looked to Kohanas direction.

"Oh dear..."


Kohana was standing next to an empty side table where a crystal vase was supposed to be sitting at.

Supposed to be. See the past tense? The vase, which was once thought to be unbreakable (at least that's what

the salesman said), was now on the floor cracked and shattered.

Chihiro cried in horror, "The salesman is a liar." She darkly mumbled.

"Huh?" Kohana asked, clearly confused.

"Nevermi-" she was cut off by her mothers voice in the kitchen. Wait a minute, her mother?!

"Chihiro?! Is that you?" her mother hollered.

"Uh, yes Mom. It's me." she half-heartedly answered.

"Is everything alright in there? I heard a crash, did you trip again?"

Chihiro sweatdropped, she wasn't that clumsy was she?

"Nope, I didn't trip. Everything's fine." She quickly grabbed Kohana and hid her behind her back. Hoping

her mother would not have to come in here. "Chihiro, I'm coming in there. I swear I heard something."

Unfortunately, the gods haven't heard her prayers... 'Just great.'

"You don't have to Mom, everything's okay in here."

"Is she mad?" Kohana whimpered behind her. Chihiro gave her a soft smile, "No, no. She's just curious."

"I'm sorry for the vase, it was an accident. Sorry." Kohana pleaded, her eyes truly showed just how sorry

she was. Chihiro patted her head lightly, grabbing her little arm. Deciding that staying here for another minute

would cause more problems, they ran out of the house.

Stopping only when they were a block away from her house. Huffing and puffing along the way, they continued

the rest of the trip to school walking.

"I'm sure we've learned a valuable a lesson today don't we Kohana?"

"You mean stay away from really breakable vases?"

"No, it's never trust salesmen, they lie and will bring bad luck to buyers."

"Like us?"

"Like us." Chihiro repeated.


"Hmm... now where did Chihiro go?" Yuuko, Chihiros mother, asked. She gasped as she saw her favored vase

shattered on the floor. She nearly screamed at the sight.

"I bought that vase for a hundred yen!" she exclaimed, tearfully picking up the broken pieces of crystal.

"Never trust salesmen." she glowered at that. 'Be careful of what you buy.'




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