Diamond Road

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Chapter One: Pilgrim

The pained...

Chihiro silently ran her hand through her sleeping daughters head, the memories was

to painful for her. And it all started with that marriage, which started out beautifully, but

unexpectedly ended horribly. In the court to be specific. Raising her two children by herself was

not an easy job. Everything she had worked for, seemed to crumble before her slowly, each taking

a piece of her heart. The hellish truth was, she could'nt even do anything about it, but just to

live with the pain.

If she was back to her happy days, when she was a teenager, when she was innocent and

thought that everything in the world was good and true, and someone walked up to her, saying that

in the next few years she was going to end up divorced. She would have laughed at the person, but

she was not a teenager anymore, and she soon realized that not everything in the world was good

and true as she thought it was. The man she trusted, left her, ridiculed her and broke her heart.

He filled her mind with lies and excuses. Her only life saver was her children, her eldest son,

Keitaro and her daughter Chihime. They were her metaphorical 'light at the end of the tunnel' in

an odd, yet true sense.

So, here she was walking or rather staggering in the road of life, with only her two

children to accompany her. 'At least I know I'm alone.' she wryly thought. She stood up from the

bed that belonged to Chihime and whispered a silent thank you.

'I better go to sleep, got work tomorrow.' she thought. She crawled into her bed, and

pulled the warm blanket, but even the blanket could not warm her spirit.

This room was not made for just one person.


"Mommy, mommy!! wake up!!" Chihiro was awakened by a continous bouncing on her bed.

She opened her left eye, and saw Chihime giggling in her pink pajamas, while Keitaro was pulling

the curtains to let the sunlight in. Yawning, she sat up smiling at them.

"Good morning Chi, Kei." she greeted. She opened her arms, inviting them in. Both of

them gladly jumped in, at least Keitaro did, Chihime glomped her, playfully wrestling her. She

laughed. "Mommy, your going to drive me to school today right?" 5 year old Chihime asked, while

giving Chihiro the puppy dog eyes. 'Lucky, she didnt take after her father.' she proudly thought.

"Of course, I will." she replied gently.

"Mom, we better get moving. I dont wanna be late for school." Keitaro informed. She

nodded, "Yeah, me too, I'm supposed to give out a test today." She quickly stood and made her bed.

Taking a quick shower, she brushed her hair combing out the tangles. She sighed, here she was a

24 year old with two children, whos job is a science teacher at the nearby highschool. She once

thought of becoming a singer, her highschool music teacher said she had potential. She thought of

singing in a huge stadium, filled with adoring fans, but instead her stadium was her childrens room

and her fans were Chihime and Keitaro, not that she complained of course. She liked singing to them,

but sometimes she cant help but wonder what would have happened if she became a singer. Her sons

voice shook her out her thoughts.

"Lets go Mom, we're both ready." he called. "Alright, I'm coming." she replied. She

grabbed her purse and headed to her car where her kids were waiting.

She drove Chihime first at her kindergarden school house, and then Keitaro who was 3rd

grade in the town elementary school. She smiled, as hard as her life has been in the last 5 years,

she'd rather have this, than a life as a singer.


"Well, there you are!, I've been waiting for you." exclaimed an annoyed voice. It was

Rin, her best friend and co-worker, the home economics teacher. "Sorry, woke up a bit late." she

replied. She walked inside the teachers lounge, and laid her belongings in the couch. "I thought

you were sick." Rin muttered, casting a worried glance at her friend.

"Nope, healthy as a horse. I just forgot to set alarm, is all." she gave Rin a smile,

enough to convince her that she was fine. She went over to her table and grabbed the test papers.

"Well, I gotta go. I'll see you at lunch." she waved and headed straight to the sophomores class

where she teaches.

As soon as she was out of sight Rin whispered, "Oh Chihiro, its been five years and

you're still in pain. Stop hiding it and let others help you."


The lonely...

Rich, lavished walls decorated the hallway, goldenrods at every vase. Emerald, velvet

curtains gracefully draped over the silver bars over the windows. The walls spoke of wealth and

money, but it also spoke of anger and sadness. The walls saw the truth behind polite, open faces,

the smirk behind every smile. If only walls could talk, they would be able to tell us every thing,

every story and every secret. They hear everything we cannot, they see everything we could'nt.

And right now, they see a girl, not an ordinary girl, but a girl. Whos eyes like the walls heard

more than they wanted, saw things she had'nt wished to see. She sat in midnight blue sofa and

sighed. A lonely sigh.

She fingered a lock of her dark hair, almost as blue as the sofa itself. She twirled

it between her fingers, she inherited her appearance from her father, nothing from her mother. Not

that she cared, the woman they called her mother, was not worthy to be called mother. She was not

a mother, nor a wife to her father. She was a lying whore, who cared for nothing, but money. It

was hard for her trust anyone these days, with their families wealth and all. Her jade eyes, like

her fathers, scanned the room. And then, rested on a door, which led to a room. Her fathers room,

to be exact. She snapped her eyes shut, their father had come home again angry this time. She is

not even sure if this is still a home. Her father rarely smiled, rarely talked, if he did, it was

more like yelling. Though not at her, or her siblings, fortunately.

She quietly envied her friends, their families mostly. Having a family, that was not

quite normal, one could not help but feel a bit of jealousy every now and then. She frowned, she

had better stop dreaming or she'll be late for school again. A smile slowly crept to her lips,

'At least, Ogino-sensei will be my first period.' she thought. She liked 'Ogino-sensei' the most

out of all her teachers in the highschool.

She stood up and went to her fathers room to bid him goodbye.

"Dad, I'm going to school now..." she said softly.

He nodded, barely acknowledging her presence. He paused from his work, and looked at

her directly in the eye. "Stay safe." he replied. 'At least he still thinks about my safety.' she

wryly thought.

She carefully closed the door, and left. Her footsteps echoing along the way.

Why was this happening to her?, all she ever wanted was a real home...


The angered...

Kohaku was holding a stack of papers in his hand, studying each closely for any

errors. The Nigihayami Corporation was under his control now, eversince his father died. They

owned most of the financial buildings here in Tochinochi. They had full control over the stock

markets. To make it simple, he was rich, his family was rich and everyone with his last name is

rich. Money, wealth and power were the words his father had drilled in his head ever since he was

five. He never forgot it, never will. It took a lot of his energy to keep the company going. It

took a lot of his time too.

But then, he got married and he threw everything he had worked for aside to keep his

wifes happiness. He ignored his job for his wife, her happiness was more important than his work.

He married young, but his parents didnt mind, he had enough money to last an entire life time.

At that time, he thought his wife was the most wonderful thing in the world. At that time, he

loved her more than life, but he was not a man to linger in the past... or was he?

"Ehnshi..." he muttered bitterly. Ehnshi was his wife. Was. Now, she was considered

an ex. wife. How foolish had he been to think that she had actually cared for him. She only liked

him for his money. She had played him well. But not well enough, he caught her with another man

several times, he caught the words she whispered to the man. Promises of money and gold.

He hated her, hated everything she did, but most of all he hated her for leaving their

children motherless. She lied to them, saying how she loved them but in truth, she thought of them

as brats. He angrily banged his fists on the table, creating a huge mark on it. Then again, who

was he to talk, he had'nt paid much attention to his children ever since the divorce. He buried

his face in his hands. What kind of father was he? What kind of family were they?

'A broken one thats what.' her thought. He stood up and went to his window, silently

watching his daughters slowly disappearing figure through the road. He looked up, his jade

eyes slowly searching the sky for any answers.

"It never happens the way we want. Never."


Three lives, bound together by destiny and fate.

Three souls,

Three hearts,

Three hopes and

Three dreams.

Three different people in three different paths of life, though the roads all led them

to one place. The Diamond Road.

When your heart aches, hold on to hope and you know you'll be alright.

I know they will...



by: Enya

Pilgrim, how you journey

on the road you chose

to find out where the winds die

and where the stories go,

All days come from one day

that much you must know,

you cannot change what's over

but only where you go.


One way leads to diamonds,

one way leads to gold,

another leads you only

to everything you're told.

In your heart you wonder

which of these is true;

the road that leads to nowhere,

the road that leads to you.


Will you find the answer

in all you say and do?

Will you find the answer

in you?


Each heart is a pilgrim,

each one wants to know

the reason why the winds die

and where the stories go.

Pilgrim, in your journey

you may travel far,

for pilgrim it's a long way

to find out who you are...


Pilgrim, it's a long way

to find out who you are...

Pilgrim, it's a long way

to find out who you are...


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