Diamond Road

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Chapter Two: A New Day Has Come

Chihiro quietly passed the test to the students, whispers of 'I didn't study.' or 'I might

fail this test.' floated in the air. "Don't worry class, if you studied, then you'll do fine."

she assured them. The students groaned some more.

"Okay, you have an hour and ten minutes to finish the test. Start now." she sat in her desk

and busied herself by checking yesterdays homework. Her amber eyes glanced to the student sitting

in the back, by the window. 'Nigihayami, Kohana.' she thought. Kohana was her smartest, hardworking

student in the whole sophomore class. Not that she compared her students of course, but there was

something about the girl that intrigued Chihiro. Another mystery was, that her parents never come

on the teacher parent conferences. Kohana reasoned that her father was too busy, but what about her

mother? She asked her that once, but all she got a was lost, sad stare. She must have died, Chihiro


She watched her students as they took the test, watching any signs of cheating. No one can

get past the legendary Ogino eye. She sweatdropped at this, and continued to check the papers.

Unknown to her, Kohana was watching her too, with a longing look on her face.


"Tell Yanagazawa-san, I'll see him this afternoon for our meeting." Kohaku hollered to his

secretary. He quickly went in his office to check on the towns stocks, he clicked on the intercom,

"Neiryn, could you connect me to Kamaji?" he asked.

"No problem sir." Neiryn replied.

"What is it Kohaku?, I'm on a meeting right now..." grunted a busy voice.

"Kamaji, 25% of our markets is going down, whats going on?" he asked.

"Thats why I'm in this meeting for." a pause, Kohaku could hear an angry shout of "Seven

meetings at the same time! They must be mad."

Kohaku chuckled, Kamaji was one of the oldest employees in his company. He has been here

ever since the Nigihayami Corporation was born. Kamaji was one of the few friends Kohaku has ever

had. He helped him get through his divorce too. He sighed, now was not the time to think about the

past. Whats done is done, he cant change that.

"Okay, I'm back... don't worry about our markets they'll go up soon enough." Kamaji assured

him. At that, he hanged up the phone, leaving Kohaku with his work.


"Kohaku, how are you?" greeted a grown man, maybe as old Kamaji.

"Fine, sir." he replied

"No need for sirs, you've known me long enough for any formalities."

"I'll remember that."

Hideki Yanagazawa, one of the richest men in Tochinochi and one of Kohakus loyal clients.

The smell of brewed coffee and warm tea filled the air. The Kokoro was the choice cafe for the day,

it was a great place for meetings and such. Kohaku relaxed himself on one of chairs and placed his

belongings on another chair.

"My boy look at yourself, you look so... old, like me and you're what? 28 years old. You

need to relax, work is not the most important thing in the world. You have a life to live and

children to care for. Don't waste it all on work." he said softly, with his eyes closed as if he

saw himself years ago in the same predicament as Kohaku.

And he did, Kohaku knew of the affair Hideki's wife had behind his back. Life seems like a

soap opera these days, full of drama. Life seemed to slowly lose it's colors to Kohaku. He stared

at his reflection in the crystal vase beside him, did he really look that old? hopefully not. Maybe

that was another reason Ehnshi left him. He wildly shook his head, 'Forget about Ehnshi... she's

nothing but crap now.' he told himself.

Hideki chuckled, "I was just kidding Kohaku, you dont look that old. You just look stressed,

get a time out from work and spend it with you children. How's Kohana by the way?"

"Fine, just fine..." he muttered, truth be told, he didn't know his own daughter anymore.

"What about the twins? how are they?"

Again he did'nt know the answer to that one either, he was rarely at home, the memories of the

past was etched onto the walls. It haunted him. Hope, was something he had not felt for a long time.

And luck, rarely fell into his hands. He was one unlucky guy.


"Kohana, may I speak with you for a moment?" Chihiro asked, the test was over, and the students

already left to their next class.

"Yes, Ogino-sensei." she quickly went to Chihiro's desk, watching her as she took out a blue

notebook. Chihiro flipped the pages until she found Kohana's file. Mumbling a soft "Aha!", she

motioned for Kohana to take a chair and sit.

"Okay, Kohana do you know that tomorrow is the parent-teacher conferences?"

Kohana nodded.

"Did you ask your father if he's coming?"

"No, not yet."

"Kohana, this is really important. Of all the years you've been in this school, I have never

met your parents. I need to inform them whats happening in this school, to you especially."

"But he's always busy..." Kohana mumbled.

"I know, but it's just for one hour. Can't you beg him to come?" Chihiro was really begging

this time.

Kohana realized the distress in her teachers voice, "Alright, I'll ask him."

Chihiro smiled, "Great! tomorrow 12:00, in the afternoon."

Kohana smiled back, her teachers smile was quite infectious, it was impossible not to return

it. She stood up and headed to the home economics room, where Rin-sensei was waiting.

Kohana had seen better days, but for some reason a hopeful bubble was slowly developing inside

her. Maybe, having her father meet her teacher won't be such a bad idea after all. She smirked as

ideas began to form in her head.


The meeting was over, 'Finally...' Kohaku sighed. As much as he liked the ol' Hideki, he did'nt

like where their conversation was going. He hated being reminded of the past, he hated it even more

when people tell him how to do things. He wandered around the streets, walking helped him relax. It

felt as if he was walking away from his troubles. He watched as lovers passed his way, families trot

the streets together. 'Why must the world irk me?' he thought. It was as if the whole world was egging

him about how happy they were, and how pathetic he was.

Everywhere he looked, there was a smile, a laugh and a chuckle. Though inside, he longed for

a smile, someone to hold his hand and tell him everything will be alright. He did'nt tell anyone

though, that would make him look even more pathetic than he already was.

He watched the sun set along the horizon, the skies seemed to promise a lot of things. Did they

promise anything for him at all?


Chihiro tried to yawn, but it was currently impossible for her, for she holding the grocery

bags. The class hours ended long ago and she decided to head to the groceries, the town was always

crowded at this time of the afternoon, it was almost impossible for her not to bump in to anyone.

She looked at her watch, '5:00' she had better get home soon, Chihime and Keitaro might be

worried about her. She momentarily closed her eyes.

Big mistake,

she quickly bumped to another man, and dropped her groceries.

"Oh dear..." she mumbled.


Kohaku felt a small figure bump onto him, which quickly woke him from his thoughts. He looked

down and saw a young woman mumbling a pack of 'sorries', while picking up her groceries.

He bent down to help her, taking her small hand with his. He straightened her up, leaving her

shocked. He then bent down and picked up the groceries for her, placing them in a neat little pile.

He looked up to see her face, while handing her the groceries.

"Thank you..." she feebly mumbled, but Kohaku was'nt listening to her. His jade eyes were

fixed to her face. The young woman seemed younger than he was, she had long silky brown hair in a

tight ponytail, her amber eyes were bright or at least they were, now they were just plain shocked.

Was she scared of him? he inwardly chuckled, she looked so small beside him. Kohaku strayed his eyes

on her ring finger, 'No rings, she's not married.' that thought surprised him. Was it not long ago

that he was moaning about the past? now he was checking out a girl, who probably thinks he's a


"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I-I'm fine..." she whispered.

"You sure?" he asked again just to be sure.

"Yeah, what about you?" she asked.

"I'm good." he looked at her one last time before getting on his way. Damn, would he give

anything just to have a girlfriend that sweet-looking!

"Well, I better be going. Be careful of yourself."

She nodded, "Thanks. I will."

Kohaku turned his back and headed to his car.


Chihiro sighed, she was such a klutz. When will she ever grow out of it? she looked at her

groceries that were now neater than they were before. 'He had such nice eyes. Where have I seen those

eyes before?' she wondered. She looked back to see if he was still there.

He was gone, but for some reason the feel of his hands against hers lingered in her palm.

She smiled and looked up to the sky.

Maybe she needed a fresh start... starting now.

A new day, a new start and a new begginging.


A New Day Has Come

By: Celine Dion

I was waiting for so long

For a miracle to come

Everyone told me to be strong

Hold on and don't shed a tear


So through darkness and good times

I knew I'd make it through

And the world thought I had it all

But I was waiting for you


Hush now

I see a light in the sky

Oh it's almost blinding me

I can't believe I've been touched by an angel

With love


Let the rain come down

And wash away my tears

Let it fill my soul

And drown my fears

Let it shatter the walls

For a new sun

A new day has come

A new day has come


Where it was dark now there is light

Where there was pain, now there's joy

Where there was weakness, I found my strength

All in the eyes of a boy


Hush now

I see a light in the sky

Oh it's almost blinding me

I can't believe I've been touched by an angel

With love


Let the rain come down

And wash away my fears

Let it fill my soul

And drown my fears

Let it shatter the walls

For a new sun

A new day has come

A new day has come



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