What are Bros. For?


By :Kjikun

Original written under: Hayden Davidson

Copyright: Jan 2001


Standard Disclaimer: I don't own the Biker Mice, Marvel does I think. No money has changed hands, this is for the enjoyment of fans. Story and situation belong to me.

Author's note: This fic is purely speculation and none of it should be considered cannon.


Martian children poured out of the elementary school, may being greeted by parents or getting on the bus to head home. One little white furred boy had no one to greet him and started off on the long walk to home. A second grader, the little boy swung his backpack skipping a bit. He was small for his age, and his clothes though clean were patched and a bit too big for him.

"Hey runt where to you think your going?" Came a voice from behind him.

The young mouse froze and looked behind him, and saw a 5th grade bully standing behind him.

"J-just going ho-home." The boy stuttered turning back around to run away from the bigger meaner mouse.

The bigger boy grabbed the back of his shirt pulling him back. "We ain't done talking yet wimp." The boy punched the white furred little mouse in the stomach. "That's fer ratting me out to the teacher about stealing that bike."

The little boy started crying, falling to the ground. "D-don't hit me…lea-leave me alone or I-I'll..."

"Or you'll what tell your 'Mooommmyyy'…"he teased. "Little baby gonna run home and tell his mommy, cause he can't fight. Boo-hoo…"

"I-I can to fight!" The second grader protested getting to his feet balling his little fists.

"Don't believe it! Little baby can't even tie is own shoes or ride a bike let alone punch somebody."

"Shut up!" The child wailed, tears rolling down his furry cheeks as she ran at the bully punching at him.

The bigger boy punched the boy in the face knocking him to the ground. "Ha-ha little baby can't even punch someone!" He laughed kicking the little boy.

"STOP!" he sobbed.

"Leave him alone!" Another voice came from behind the bully.

The bully turned and looked at the tan furred 4th grade. "Stay outta this or I'll clean your clock good!"

"I said leave him alone! You shouldn't pick on someone because he's littler than you!" The new boy declared.

"Whose gonna stop me?" the bully said going to kick the white furred boy again.

"I will!" The tan fur boy punched the bully in the stomach, then again in the face.

The bully was knocked to the ground and scrambled away, crying. "I'm gonna tell my daddy!" he wailed running off.

The tan furred mouse went over the second grader. "You okay?"

The little white furred mouse sniffed and nodded, getting to his feet. "Yea, I'm okay." He said wiping his nose on his sleeve, a black eye already starting to form. "T-thanks."

"No problem, he was just a big sissy anyways. "The tan furred boy shuffled his feet. "My name's Throttle."

"Mine's Vincent." The other little boy said softly.

"Wanna walk home together, Vinnie?" Throttle asked. "I think we live on the same street."

"Okay." Vinnie said cheerfully picking up his backpack. "Can I walk home with you everyday Throttle?" the younger mouse asked a bit of hero worshipping in his eyes.

Throttle nodded. "Sure what 'r bro.'s for?"