Title: Follow your Heart and Speak your Mind

Rating: PG

Summary: Max can't sleep, so she thinks about things. Some things maybe she should have thought about awhile ago. M/A

Status: Standalone (unless you want more)

A/N: Hey! I've had an idea in my head for some time now to write a story about thinking about things. Hope you like it! Please Review!



She tossed and turned, she couldn't sleep, Damn shark DNA. She'd been awake 3 or 4 hours now, thinking about things. Terminal City. Joshua. Logan. The Virus.


There it was again, a four letter word. As simple and complicated as that. He was such an arrogant jerk, right? What am I thinking?! Of course he is.

I'm supposed to be in love with Logan, but now I'm starting to think that is all just one big lie. Maybe destiny willed me to find Logan. So, then I could find him.


Oh great, now I'm definitely not going to get any sleep.

She rolled out of bed and put on a pair of jeans and a tank top. She grabbed her leather jacket on the way out. She knew where she was going. The one place she could think about things and no one ever bothered her.

The Space Needle

This had been her safe haven from everything the past few years. Work. Manticore. Logan. Even Alec. Well, most the time.

Why do I need to second think this? Am I going crazy or something. I'm supposed to be in love with Logan, but is the virus the only thing holding me back?


"Max, you seriously think the only thing keeping you and Logan apart is the virus?" Alec had said.

"Yes, plus my personal life is my business so butt out." She had snapped back.

"Max, we're not meant to be with them. We're a danger to them. When are you going to realize that?"

End of Flashback

Maybe he was right. Maybe she wasn't meant to be with Logan, but if not, Who? Who was supposed to keep her warm at night. Make her laugh when she was down. Make her smile when she was hurt. Suddenly, a name came to mind.


He is all those things. He had held her while she cried the night she told him about Ben. He made her laugh despite their current situation at T.C. When she got shot going out to get supplies last week he had made a joke about it and made her smile. Maybe she should follow her heart.

Suddenly she heard something creeping up behind her.

She spun around only to face the real Alec, not the one she had been picturing in her mind, the real one.

"Hey, Maxie." He said his cocky grin slapped in place.

"I come here to be alone," she said as she turned back around to look out over the city.

"I know." He replied and sat down next to her. "I just need to be with someone right now."

She turned to face him, "Why?"

"Joshua died tonight. Didn't they tell you? I'm so sorry Max."

She looked away, she could feel the tears trying to fall. She felt Alec put his arms around her. She just leaned into the warmth of his embrace, and before she knew it the tears were falling from her eyes onto the sleek smooth leather of Alec's coat.

They sat like that for a long time, until Max straightened up. Wiping the tears from her eyes she asked a question.


Alec sighed, "He was on watch duty. One of the anti-transgenic people saw him. They shot at him. He didn't hear a thing he was too busy watching his front, not his back."

"Was it painless?"


Suddenly, without notice she burst into tears. "How did you find out?"

Alec shifted uncomfortably where he was sitting.

"Max, I was there. I was going up to relieve him. I saw him get shot, and I ran till I reached him. He was still alive, but he was bleeding very heavy. He told me-, he told me not to be shy, to go after the person I love, and he told me that I had to take care of you."

"Oh my god, Alec are you alright?" she placed a small hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm always alright."

"Don't give me that bull shit, I know behind that mask there is deep dark distress. And it's okay if once and awhile you need somebody to be there for you. I just want you to know I will always be there for you. No matter what."

"Max, there's something I need to tell you. I love you." Saying that he stood up and walked back inside the space needle.

Oh my god! Did Alec just say he loved me. I need to tell him I feel the same way.

"Alec." She called running after him. He stopped in his tracks, but didn't dare turn around.

"I love you too."

He slowly turned around, and Max ran to him and clung to him.

"Alec." She said hesitantly.

"Yes, Max. I did mean it. Joshua told me to speak my mind." He said right before he bent down and kissed her softly on the lips.

The End


There it is. Hope you liked it! I know that the characters were a little out of character. Please review!