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From Hatred to Love

Chapter 1- My best friend and my worst enemy

A small boy with white hair and amber eyes walked through the busy street. He had a hat on his head, a white shirt and blue, short pants with a bag on his back. He was no taller than four feet and looked no older than ten years but yet he was walking alone with no adult by side.

He turned into a dark alley hoping to get to his destination faster. He stopped walking though, when he saw two older boys standing at the end of the alley looking at him, smirking. One had red hair and blue eyes while the other had black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Hey he's funny looking. Don't ya think?" the boy with the brown eyes and black hair said.

"Yeah. He's funny looking. What kind of person has white hair and yellow eyes?" the other boy said.

"He's a demon!"

"Nah it can't be. Demons don't look so. He's a half demon," the boy said. The young hanyou took a step back and showed his fangs so he could scare the boys off. The two boys began to laugh at the kid. The hanyou stepped back surprised at their sudden outburst.

"You think we would be afraid of you?" one boy said in between giggles.

"No way. Let's get him."

" Yeah. You monsters don't belong in this town."

The two boys then ran after him causing the hanyou to run away as well. But he couldn't escape; the two boys had already surrounded him. One pushed him, causing the poor hanyou to fall on the ground while the other kicked him.

"You monster. You don't belong here."

They kicked him and punched him, making the hanyou get small bruises and scrapes on his body. He was defenseless without his mother or father. He stayed on the ground and took all the abuse.

"Hey, you bullies! Leave him alone!" a small but demanding voice said. The boys stopped abusing the half demon and looked at the person in which the voice belonged to.

A small girl stood before them. She had light brown eyes and black hair, which was held up in two ponytails. She took a step towards them and put her hands on her hips.

"Leave him alone now!" she demanded. The boys then looked at the girl like she was crazy and continued with their assault. The girl pouted and ran towards the two boys.

"Aren't you listening to me?" she asked.

"Shut up kid!" one boy ordered and pushed her to the ground. She folded her arms and closed her eyes. The boys soon found themselves surrounded by a pink aura, floating in the air. The girl squeezed her eyes tighter and began to glow brightly. The boys flew into some dumpsters in a corner.

The girl opened her eyes and looked at the boys angrily.

"I told you to leave him alone but you didn't listen," she said. The boys looked at her with fear.

" That kid... She's a miko. Let's get out of here!"

The boys ran off at full speed, not daring to look back at the kids. The small girl knelt down in front of the hanyou and looked at him worriedly.

"Are you okay?" she asked and put out her hand to help him up. The hanyou took her hand and stood up.

"Yeah. I could have handled it myself," he said.

"Right... I'm Kagome. What's your name?" she asked. The boy huffed and folded his arms.

" Why should I tell a ugly girl like you that?" he asked rudely. Kagome looked at him angrily, then her bottom lip began to tremble. The hanyou looked at her in puzzlement.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked. He got his answer when the girl put her face in her hands and began to cry. He hated to see girls cry. He just never knew what to do.

"I... I. Don't cry!" he said and took a step closer to her. She began to cry even harder making the half demon feel very guilty.

"I'm sorry. You're not ugly. Just please stop crying," he begged her. The girl looked up at him, her eyes red and puffy and nodded. She sniffed and gave him a bright smile.

"So are you gonna tell me what's your name?" she asked suddenly. The hanyou almost fell down by her sudden look of happiness.

" Sure it's..."

"Inuyasha!" yelled a loud feminine voice. A tall woman with black hair and dark brown eyes ran towards them.

"Leave him alone!" the woman said and grabbed Kagome by her arm. Kagome just looked at the woman who held her strangely.

"Wait mother," the hanyou said, "she saved me from me thugs earlier." The woman released Kagome and gave her an apologetic look.

" Sorry but a lot of kids pick on him and I thought that you were one of them," she said. Kagome smiled.

"I understand. Is Inuyasha his name?" the girl asked. The woman nodded.

"Nice to meet you Inuyasha," the girl said politely. Inuyasha huffed and turned his back on her. Inuyasha's mother chucked and bent down to whisper in his ear.

"I think he likes you," she said as Inuyasha turned around suddenly. Kagome began smiling which caused the inu-hanyou to blush.

"I've gotta go home before my mother explodes. Bye Inuyasha's mom. I'll see you around Inuyasha?" Kagome asked hopefully.

Inuyasha huffed and folded his arms, " Yea," he mumbled quietly making Kagome smile broadly at him.

That was the day when Inuyasha knew that he had received his new and first friend but what they didn't know was that things were about to change between them over the years.

Seven Years later

Kagome ran down the shrine steps with her little brother Souta. Things had changed over the years. She was now seventeen and much more responsible. Her miko powers had developed greatly along with her appearance. She now looked more mature and caught the attention of every guy in which she passed although she never knew it.

"I win!" Souta cheered and jumped up and down. Kagome ruffed his hair and smiled gently at him.

"But I'll beat you tomorrow so look out," Kagome warned him before getting into her car and driving off.

Inuyasha walked through the halls of his school, unaware that some girls were looking at him. He had become the most popular guy in school. He was rich, all the girls wanted him, he was super smart and not to mention good looking. Life was pretty easy for him.

" Hey Inuyasha," a person said. He looked to see his best friend Miroku. Miroku had black hair and dark brown eyes. He was a pervert as well. Every time he saw a pretty girl he would grope them or ask them to bear his child.

" I got this not to deliver to you from some girl," he said. Inuyasha took the note and read;

Hey Inu-babe

I just wanted to say that you're a total hottie and maybe if you were not doing anything you'd date me tomorrow at six. You know you want to. Give me your answer at gym.

Kay Kikyo (your future wife)

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and crumpled the paper and threw it away.

"Why does she even bother to ask me out when she knows what my answer will be and ' your future wife' what's up with that?" Inuyasha asked. Miroku shrugged his shoulders. He then found himself colliding with someone.

He looked down to see a girl with black hair and brown eyes looking up at him. Kagome. Their relationship had changed as well. They were no longer best friends but worst enemies. He gave her a slight push before speaking.

"Watch were you're going!" he yelled. The girl looked up at him angrily.

" Oh like if you were watching where you were going?" Kagome said sarcastically.

" Look I was watching where I going. I rather bump into anyone that an ugly, monstrous wench like you!" Inuyasha yelled back. Kagome's lower lip began to tremble. Inuyasha knew that reaction too well. She was going to cry.

"Hey I didn't mean to..." He began in a soft tone. Kagome's eyes welled up in tears before speaking.

"I can't believe that you were my friend. I should have never saved you from those thugs. I should have let you die cause I hate you!" she yelled and ran off before Inuyasha could say anything else.

"Shit," he cursed and watched the crying girl run away.

"If I were you I'd better apologize," Miroku suggested.

"I know but how?" Inuyasha asked.

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