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From Hatred To Love

Epilogue: Forever Yours

Kagome stared down at the picture sitting on her lap. No words could describe how much she had missed everyone back at home. She hadn't seen any of them in almost a year. Complications prevented her from visiting her home during her winter and spring break.

Kagome was now a full time student at medical school. Finally, she was perusing her dream. It was now her third year at the school and things were going pretty well for her. She loved what she was doing and excelled in her classes.

The miko sighed and traced the face of every single person in the picture. Sango and Miroku stood together. Kagome chuckled at the wide-eyed look on Sango's face. She knew it was because Miroku had rested his hand on its favorite spot on Sango's body. Souta stood by grandpa with a football in his tiny hands, while Mrs. Higurashi stood behind with her usual warm smile. Finally there was Inuyasha. His long sliver hair hung lose, his eyes had a unique sparkle in them and his dog-ears were covered with a plain blue hat. His strong arm was wrapped around Kagome's shoulder, pulling her tiny body to him in a forceful manner. This had caused the miko to have an opened mouthed look on her face.

Kagome slowly wrapped her arms around her body and sighed. These were the times she wished that he were with her. She longed to feel his lips on her own, to feel his sliver hair tickling her face but most of all she had wished to see his smile.

'He's been so busy with work,' Kagome thought solemnly. 'I haven't heard from him in so long.'


The miko's head snapped up immediately. It was only her roommate Eri. Kagome smiled and rested the picture back on the bedside.

"Kagome-chan," Eri began again. She approached Kagome with a rare, worried look on her face.


Eri lowered her eyes before bringing them up again to meet Kagome's chocolate brown ones.

"Um… there's some strange man and the door, asking for you."

Kagome looked at Eri curiously. Who could that be? Kagome was so far away form home that if anyone was to visit her; they would have to notify her in advance. Kagome quickly stood up and began to walk to the door, but was stopped when Eri grabbed her hand.

"I don't think you should go, Kagome-chan. He's really…. Um... he's frightening!" Eri said hesitantly and roughly pulled Kagome away from the door. Kagome blinked several times before looking over at the wooden door.

"What did he do to…"

"Oi, open the freaking door, I've been standing out here forever!"

Kagome's eyes widened at the voice. She began to walk towards the door but Eri quickly pulled her back. Kagome wanted to roll her eyes at Eri's cowardly behavior. Before the miko could make a third attempt to go open the door it flew open with such force that it was almost ripped off its hinges.

Kagome stood frozen to the spot when she spotted the person before her. Long sliver hair, honey hued eyes and a scowl on the person's face. It was no doubt….

"What you waiting for wench? Come over here!"

Kagome tore her hand away from Eri's killer grip before running towards the man standing at the doorway. The miko threw herself on him, causing him to stag back a little.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said as tears sprang to her eyes. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen him. His strong arms wrapped themselves around her tiny frame, easily bringing her feet off the ground.

Kagome pulled away to look at his face. It was the same old Inuyasha. His clawed hand gently reached out and caressed her cheek.

"I missed you, koi."

Kagome smiled and looked at him. She was trying her best to take in every single feature on his face to see if anything had changed at all. Her eyes finally met his golden orbs. Kagome was lost in them immediately. Inuyasha lowered his head, wanting to give her the kiss that he had long awaited.

"Um… excuse me?"

The couple looked over at Eri as though it had now occurred to them that she was present. One thing Eri hated was to be ignored but it bothered her even more that she had no idea what was going on. Kagome was holding this strange man like some long lost lover.

Inuyasha growled before glaring at the girl standing across the room from them. Kagome felt the slight rumbling coming from Inuyasha's chest and rested her hand on his cheek to calm the hanyou down.

'Did…. Did he just growl at me?'

Eri shook her head violently. She was thinking crazy things. There was no possible way that a human could do something like that, but it still worried her. Eri ran her hands through her hair before chewing the inside of her gum.

"Um... Eri this is Inuyasha," Kagome said and pulled Inuyasha towards her roommate. Eri put out her hand to shake his but Inuyasha paid no attention to her and slid his free hand around Kagome's waist. He really didn't want to deal with Kagome's roommate at the time.

"Oh Inuyasha!" Eri said happily as the look of realization came on her face. She rested her hand on her cheek. "Well it's very nice to meet you. Kagome-chan has told me so much about you. I must admit you did scare me at the beginning but now it's okay because I now know who you are! Wow, I just can't believe I'm meeting Inuyasha Tama! You know, you're much better looking in person. I thought…"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the girl's unnecessary babbling. He closed his eyes to try to ignore the squeaky, overly hyper voice but he was never the patient person and it never changed in any special situations.

"Shut up already!"

Eri gasped and her constant talking stopped. It was a great relief for Inuyasha for he was getting a slight headache. He cursed himself for having such sensitive ears. He opened his eyes to look at Eri. When the hanyou saw the look on her face, he knew that he'd made a mistake.

'Great…how am I gonna get out of this?'

"Look…. Uh I'm really sorry. I didn't mean it that way," he explained and scratched behind his head. Eri looked over at Kagome who was now beaming at Inuyasha.

'How could she be with someone like that?' Eri looked at the couple until Inuyasha broke the silence.

"Hey Kags, I'm hungry. You feel like getting out of here?"

Kagome's eye lit up before she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's waist. She had missed the feel of his body and she was going to savor every moment they had left together. Kagome hoped that Inuyasha had planned to stay for a while, for she knew that saying goodbye to him again would be harder than it was before.

"Okay!" Kagome chirped and moved away from Inuyasha to get her shoes. Inuyasha raised one eyebrow as he watched Kagome pick out countless items from under her bed. It didn't take her long to find her flip-flops. Sliding them on, Kagome gave her friend a brief hug before leaving, with Inuyasha by her side.

Eri stood at the middle of the room, still shocked about Inuyasha's sudden outburst. She had never been spoken to in such an offensive manner. The collage student threw herself on her bed and closed her eyes.

"I guess she wasn't joking when she said he was rude."

Kagome felt like the happiest woman alive at the moment. She was walking down the street, holding the hand of the man she loved. The miko smiled and tired to get closer to him but that only made the two bodies bump against each other.

Kagome giggled at the contact. She was suddenly feeling all happy and bubbly inside. It reminded her of when they dated in high school; she would always feel loved when she was around him. It was rather hard to describe since he was often rude and brash towards her, but Kagome knew that behind all there bickering that he would love her despite what would happen.

Kagome so deep into her thinking that she didn't notice Inuyasha pull her into a large building. The hanyou smiled to himself as he watched Kagome giggle like a schoolgirl.

'If she's this happy now, then she'll go nuts when I….'


The hanyou snapped out of his daze before looking at Kagome.

"Where in the heck are you taking me?"

Inuyasha chuckled before he pulled her into the elevator. This caused they miko's body to collide with his. Inuyasha smirked and lowered his head until his lips met hers. Kagome gasped but soon kissed him back. His kiss was filled with such longing that Kagome knew that he had missed her more than she could imagine.

'When was the last time, I've been with him like this?'

When their kiss ended, both Inuyasha and Kagome faces were red. Kagome was gasping for air while Inuyasha slowly licked his lips, making sure that Kagome saw. The miko's face suddenly flushed before she looked away from him.

Inuyasha used his fingers and took hold of her chin, making Kagome stare directly into his eyes. He so badly wanted to kiss her again and was about to, when the elevator came to a sudden stop. Grumbling a few curse words, the half demon quickly lead Kagome out until they arrived at the rooftop.

"And what's so amazing about here?" Kagome asked playfully as Inuyasha covered her eyes to prevent her from seeing.

Inuyasha kissed planted a kiss on Kagome's neck before he let his clawed hands drop to his sides. Kagome gasped at the sight before her. It was indeed amazing. There were roses everywhere and right in the middle was a small table, covered with a red, silk cloth, with seats for two.

Kagome walked to the table before tracing the silk that covered it with her fingertips. She whirled around and faced Inuyasha and was surprised to see that he had a strange look in his eyes.

"Why would you…" Kagome voice trailed off as she took in the beautiful sight before her. Inuyasha walked to Kagome, his heart beating faster than it ever did before.

Kagome was slightly surprised when Inuyasha kissed her cheek. The kisses then moved down to her neck and then to her forehead. Kagome's eyes fluttered closed at the attention he was giving her before she allowed her body to relax.

She opened her eyes when Inuyasha stopped his ministrations. Light Brown eyes crashed into amber ones. The intensity in his eyes was almost too much for the miko to handle, making her want to look away from him, but she couldn't.

"Kagome, I love you."

Kagome's smiled before she touched the side of his face gently.

"I love you too," she whispered.

"I want to protect you from anyone who wants to hurt you. My greatest wish is to be with you, always. It was what I wanted ever since we were kids."

Kagome's eyes widened. To her it sounded like he was about to... Kagome covered her mouth when Inuyasha got down on one knee. Tears immediately spilled from her eyes as the emotion overcame her. Was she dreaming?

"Koi, will you marry me?"

Kagome broke down completely allowing the tears to flow freely down her cheeks. She looked down at Inuyasha who was staring at her with such love in his eyes that she couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes and yes a million times!"

Inuyasha allowed Kagome to lunge at him. She had thrown him down in the process but he didn't care. Kagome had agreed to marry him! For a moment he had thought her tears meant that he was about to be rejected by her but his insecurities left him when the word 'yes' came out of her lips.

Kagome kissed Inuyasha, long and hard. Inuyasha slipped his fingers into her hair deepening the kiss even more. She couldn't believe that she was now engaged. Inuyasha smiled and slipped the large ring on her finger. Kagome beamed before looking at it.

"We'll never be apart now, right?" Kagome asked and twirled a strand of Inuyasha's long hair between her thumb and index finger.

"Never," Inuyasha said and kissed her cheek.

"I'll be yours, forever."

"You'd better be!" Inuyasha joked. Kagome smiled and began trailing kisses down Inuyasha's neck.

'Nothing is going to ruin this moment now,' Kagome thought happily. 'No one is around. No Sango, no Miroku, no Souta, no Grandpa and no mama. Just me and Inuyasha.'

The miko stopped kissing Inuyasha when she felt a loud rumble come from his stomach. Kagome raised her head to look into her now fiancé's face. He was no longer smiling but frowning. Kagome stared into his eyes, hoping to get an answer from him.

"Oi Kagome I'm hungry as hell. Let's get some ramen!"


From Hatred To Love-End


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