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Sara glided expertly through the halls of the Las Vegas crime lab on her newly acquired crutches.  She grinned as she approached the DNA lab and saw Greg wheel out the door and into the hall in front of her on his computer chair.

"And what the hell are you doing back here so quickly?" He asked, matching her grin equally.

"Hey Greg, had to do my statement upstairs – thought I'd come and see how much everyone is missing me, or maybe no-one is?" she said in mock hurt, still grinning.

Greg rolled his eyes, "Miss you?  I miss you when you have one night off Sara! I think it's a pretty safe bet to say I have been completely miserable these past few days.  Hey, how's your leg doing?" He said, motioning to her crutches.

"Oh I'll be back before you know it Greg," she began moving past him and towards the break room, "I promise."

Greg grinned and wheeled himself back into his lab.


"Hey! Sar! What are you doing here?" Nick stood up from where he sat on the couch and moved over to give her an awkward hug.

"Hey Nick – I'm just visiting, you know me – can't stay away," she grinned.

"No kidding – thought you would have gotten as far away from Vegas as possible for your vacation?" Catherine strode in to the break room, flashing her a friendly smile.  "It's great to see you're okay Sara," she added.

"Thanks Cath," Sara grinned and looked around, "don't suppose you know where Grissom's hiding out do you?"

Nick grinned, "Yeah, he's uh, on the roof," he said giving Catherine an amused smile.

Sara raised an eyebrow at them, "What's he doing on the roof?" She asked, Nick and Catherine's smiles making her grin.

"I think he said something about reflecting…" Nick said.

Sara looked to Catherine for more conformation but her friend simply nodded, "Yep –reflecting is definitely what I heard!"


He heard the door open and close behind him and sighed. He had told Catherine he just wanted some time to himself, but he supposed she was worried about him again.  He turned around, about to tell her that he was fine, but came face to face with Sara instead.

"Sara!" he said, his surprise evident.

"Hey," she grinned and hobbled over towards where he sat.

He stood up and held out his hands in a gesture of help and she swung the two beer bottles she was holding out towards him, "Here – take, before I drop!"

He grinned and took the bottles as she came to sit down next to him.

"Wow!" she said, looking out at the view before her.

"Yeah it's pretty amazing – sun's about to set too," he said, sitting down and handing her one of the now opened bottles. "How are you?"

She nodded her head, "I'm better – but I think I've had enough near death experiences these past couple of months to last a life time," she grinned at him, but Grissom understood the serious implications of her words.

"Yeah, bit of a wake up call though," he said; now looking out and over the city in front of them.

Sara nodded and sipped her beer.  "Thank you," she said, causing him to turn to her and furrow his eyebrows in confusion.  "For… being so strong out there – for not leaving me…" she finished, letting the sentence dangle.

"Sara," he said softly, turning so that he could watch her, "there was no way I was leaving you there."

She smiled at him and nodded, "I know – but, I dunno, I just wanted to say thank you, I guess."

They both sighed thoughtfully and sat in a contented silence as the sun set over the city of Las Vegas.

After a while, Grissom turned back towards her, "So, you never actually answered my question you know," he said, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Sara turned to him, confused, "What question?"

Grissom titled his head and glanced away from her, "Oh you know," he said casually, "Before all this started – in the diner when we were so rudely interrupted by Nick."

Sara raised her eyebrows at him.  He was flirting with her again, causing her to grin at him.

"No," she said innocently, "Sorry, I don't remember – everything's still a little fuzzy."

He turned towards her again and grinned back at her, "Oh well, your loss," he said simply.

Sara snorted then, "I think not Grissom – more like your loss."

Grissom raised his eyebrows at her, "Yeah, you're probably right."

They both grinned again and sat for a while, sipping at their beers.

"So…?" Grissom said slowly, unable to hide the gigantic grin permanently plastered on his face.

Sara looked at him incredulously, "So what?"

Grissom, in a surge of confidence, leaned in towards her – but Sara simply raised one eyebrow at him and leaned away. He was about to utter a million apologies when he realized she was grinning playfully at him – she was teasing him.

"Huh," Grissom managed to sigh out, relieved, happy, excited and still slightly confused.

Sara looked down and shook her head in amusement and then, just as suddenly as Grissom had, leaned towards him and planted her lips on his.

Grissom sighed unconsciously and closed his eyes, moving forward a little to place more pressure on her mouth, opening his slightly. Sara followed his lead and deepened the kiss. 

After a while, she slowly pulled back from him and grinned at the dreamy expression he sported before snapping back to reality and focusing his eyes on hers.

"Was that a yes?" he said smiling.

"You want to come to bed with me?" she stated, meaning to only make sure that this was the topic he was referring to.

"OK," he said as if she had asked him the question, smiling playfully.

Sara grinned, her mouth slightly open in shock of his audacity.  She stood up and reached for her crutches and began to glide away from him.  He watched her from where he sat, as she came to a stop in front of the door that led downstairs and back to the labs. She turned back towards him with an expectant look on her face.

"Well," she said exasperatedly before grinning at his bewildered expression, "What are you waiting for?"

Grissom jumped up and practically ran across the roof towards her, "Nothing!" he said, matching her playful grin, coming to a stop in front of her and opening the door for her, "Nothing at all."