Gundam Wing: The Sixth Gundam

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: A lone solider, armed with the deadliest Gundam ever made wages a one man war against OZ, the Colonies, the Romafeller Foundation and the Earth Sphere Alliance, and within himself, the Earth Sphere betrayed him now all will taste his revenge


The Death Dragon Gundam

"I see it clearly as though it was yesterday, the image of my father, and his followers, brave men willing to die for the Sanc Kingdom, but King Peacecraft would have none of it. Instead he allowed my father and his followers to die in an Alliance Death Camp. Then we fled the Sanc Kingdom to the Middle East, and there OZ and Romafeller struck, murdering my mother in cold blood. In a last ditch effort to escape this nightmare me and my brother Alex fled to the Colonies, and there we were betrayed once more, and I watched as Alliance Soldiers murdered by brother and the citizens did nothing. Total Pacifism, Bah all it is is a lie, a lie taken by cowards who don't wish to take a stand against the tyranny of the Alliance, Romafeller, and OZ.

But no longer, they took from me all I ever cared about, and in a way I died on those days as well, for I have now seen the light, I am alone, the Peacecraft family, Heero Yue have poisned the minds of a warrior people to turn their backs on the injustice of the world they created. But now, after 10 years, on April 3rd AC195 I take my revenge, with this the mightest Mobile Suit ever created I will destroy those responisble for my family's deaths, even if it costs me my life, LONG LIVE FREEDOM FOR ALL MANKIND.

Death Dragon Gundam Pilot: Cale Storm, just before the commencement of Operation: Ravaging Storm (Operation: Meator commences at the same time)