She had failed. It didn't seem possible. Her plan should have worked. It had been working. She had Angel ready and willing, relishing the familiar meaty taste of him then something went wrong. Darla didn't know how or what but her plan had failed miserably.

She had killed someone along the way home for her car and her clothing, ill-fitting as it was. Darla dumped the car several blocks away to keep from leaving a trail to Lindsey's door. She quickly went into the apartment and changed clothing. She took the incriminating stolen garments and threw them in a dumpster a dozen blocks in the opposite direction of the car. The sun was peeking over the horizon when she got back to Lindsey's place.

Furious with Angel, more furious with herself, Darla headed into the bedroom. Lindsey was still asleep in his darkened room. He had pinned the curtains shut and draped a blanket over the window just to protect her, even though it had to be like sleeping in a tomb to him. Her sensitive eyes didn't need any more light to see the wonderful contrast of his pale skin and the royal blue of his expensive sheets. Lindsey was a delicious looking morsel.

There would be other chances to get Angel. Darla wasn't one to give up easily, but in the mean time, she needed an outlet for all the feelings roiling inside her. She got on the bed, straddling Lindsey. He woke up with a start as she sat on his belly. His blue eyes widened.

"Darla, what are..."

She silenced him with a kiss. Darla pinned his arms, wriggling on top him. It didn't take much convincing before Lindsey gave himself to her.

From the darkness, Angel watched the restaurant's secluded courtyard dining patio. He stood still, shadowless like silence watching Lindsey eating while Darla politely nibbled at an appetizer. The lawyer looked like he had been rode hard and put away wet and was enjoying every moment of it.

Rubbing his still-sore neck, Angel knew he could be across the courtyard and dust Darla before she even knew he was there. He just couldn't bring himself to do it. He still heard her siren's call. Part of him wanted her to escape, to go very far away from him so he wouldn't be forced to kill her, or worse, give in to her. Maybe he did love Darla just a little, after all. He had to fight to remind himself she was evil and that he had turned from that path but it was so easy to give in. Just look at Lindsey, every time Angel thought the young man had turned around he did another about face.

Angel knew what that felt like. He knew how slippery the slope was and he knew he was teetering. He turned his back on the couple, walking away from his duty. For now, Darla would live and he'd have to shoulder the consequences. Angel steeled himself to go find Kate, confess how Darla had escaped and lie to his...what was Kate? A friend? A compatriot? An enemy he had an uneasy truce with? Damned, if he knew but he knew he had to lie to her about not having a chance to make sure Darla never hurt anyone else. Angel hated himself at the moment but he didn't care. It suited his growing darkness.

Angel got behind the wheel of his convertible. He stepped on the gas before he went back, tossed Lindsey away from his woman and reclaimed Darla for himself. Angel shivered as he drove and it wasn't from the cool fall breeze. At a red light, he looked up at the fat, autumnal moon. Was this the last time he'd look at it, still convinced he could make amends or the next time would he gaze at it through the eyes of a monster again? What frightened him the most was the fact he couldn't care either way.

challenge requirements

The Challenge Written for: jaybitvees

Requirements: Angel and Darla

Restrictions: No Restrictions

Spoiler Max Level: End of S4

Rating Max Level: NC-17