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Chapter 1: Perfect Life

(Hitomi's POV)

Life... it was all so grand at first. I had a future husband, I was taught in reading and writing, my parents loved me with all their being, and I had a bright future. That was until one day did my whole life turned around. A meeting with another led to things and soon I was turned upside down. I didn't know which way to go anymore and soon my world started to make no sense. My feelings confused me and my future turned to a blur. I was forced to help someone in turn for what they had done for me, and it all started with him...

~*~*~*~*~5 months ago~*~*~*~*~*~

(Narrator POV)

"Oh Hitomi! You look so beautiful in your gown! You and Van-sama will look so adorable together!"

Hitomi smiled at the young squealing cat girl. It would be a night to remember, she was sure of that. As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she looked at the ring resting around her finger. The gold band was simple and elegant, the same as her fiancé's. Her fiancé... it was strange to think about him as her future husband, but it wasn't a dream. He was a king now and he had chosen her as his wife.

Tonight was the night to announce the engagement officially. Many nobles and knights were invited to the castle in Fanelia to attend the special celebration. The streets of the city were full of joy and festivity as the people got ready for a gathering of their own. Banners with Fanelia's symbol hung at every place possible and the streets were swept clean.

Levi-ships from countries around Gaea landed and carriages with nobles pulled up to the front of the castle, bringing whoever was invited to the celebration. Many maids and servants bustled everywhere, making the castle absolutely gorgeous for the night. Cooks prepared the feast that would be served in the king and queens honor and guests were taken to their rooms to freshen up.

All were busy inside the castle and out... even those that didn't plan on rejoicing.

~*~*~Dilandau ~*~*~

'Fanelia... bustling with activity. Too much activity if you ask me... people singing in the street, children running after each other, and barrels of ale being transported by the dozen. If you don't know what's going on, all you have to do is stay silent and listen to others talk. There isn't one person who doesn't know the news.'

Dilandau walked down the main street that led towards the castle. His main destination was the lush green forest that surrounded it. 'I have to reach the shade of the trees soon... the sun is starting to get the better of me. Damnit... I've spent too much time outside.' he scolded.

No sweat ran down his pale white face, but no one would be able to see for a dark grey cloak covered his frame and a hood blocked his face. As he walked the street, the public, to busy with their own tasks, didn't notice the mysterious figure and no one gave him a second glance. Dilandau started to feel his body grow weak and his thoughts became faint. 'I need to feed before tonight... but not here. I must go where no one will see me.'

The people around him... he could hear all their beating hearts. Every thud echoed in his ears. 'I can't loose control...' But as the young women that walked by him threw their heads up towards the sky in laughter, stretching their necks, Dilandau could feel the teeth in his mouth start to grow and call out for pleasure. How he wanted to sink his teeth into the maidens' tender skin and drink all their sweet blood, but using all his restraint, the hunger was held back.

Shutting his eyes harshly, he picked up his pace and pushed towards the forest.

He damned what he was everyday, but never did anything to end it all. Being a vampire had its advantages and its share of disadvantages. Sunlight made a new vampire weaken quickly. The older you were, the more immunity to sunlight you got. Quickness and agility came along with that of being of the living dead, but to keep the body living, the fluid of life was needed. The more blood you drank, the stronger you were day to day. That which is not as fulfilling and strength giving as a human's, is the blood of a non- human. To be strong, you had to drink human's blood which meant killing others just so you could live on. Meaningless slaughter was a thing Dilandau hated, but to get his revenge for his family and himself, he had to live. He would only feed from a human if the time was absolutely necessary. So until he gained his vengeance, revulsion for what he was would always stand out in his mind.

After a seemingly long walk, Dilandau reached the shade of the tall trees. He walked on still through the untamed denser areas of the forest until a cooler spot where only a little ray of light peeped through the leaves and branches that canopied the top showed through. The gray cloak that covered his frame was discarded to the ground and bright silver hair was now a dusky gray with what little light there was. Surprisingly, the clothing he wore underneath was extravagant, almost as if he were to attend a party that very night. Polished boots, slick black pants, a white button down shirt with a ruffle, and a navy blue velvet vest with gold buttons. But in actuality, he was to attend a very big celebration that was happening that very day in the castle he wasn't far from.

Before the ball would begin though, he needed to gain his strength and get rid of the hunger taking him over. Hanging off his shoulder hung an animal's skin that held water... well it was supposed to hold water, but in it's place was the blood of a human that Dilandau had been saving for the night. He screw off the cap and drank every drop that the tight pouch held. Even though cold, the blood gave him renewed life and energy. The hunting vampire side of him now receded and control was easier to maintain.

Now sure he was in check of himself, Dilandau bundled his belongings together inside his cape and set it on the branch of a tree. With the sun just touching the horizon, he started to make his way to the castle. With only one thought on his mind, he smiled to himself and focused on the real party yet to come.

~*~Fanelian Castle~*~

"Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention please, I present King Fanel and his future queen, Hitomi Kanzaki."

The crowd below the stairway that emptied into the ballroom clapped generously. Kings, queens, princesses, knights, and royals all stood gazing at the couple strolling down the staircase. Van and his future wife walked arm in arm through the crowd thanking each of them, some even giving hugs of joy. Music played in the background and the people spread out to start a dance. Merriment and laughter was in the air as the celebration went on through the night.

As the festivities went on inside, Dilandau stood outside in the gardens looking in the windows. He stayed in the shadows and made sure no one saw him but he kept a good eye on one person in general, Allen Schezar. He was attending the grand celebration because of his title as a Cali Knight.

Dilandau growled to himself. 'Allen... that bastard is the reason why I am what I am today.' But the story of how it happened will not be told till later. Now Dilandau watched and waited. He waited for the perfect time to come to get his revenge. To make the man suffer was his only wish rushing into things would only get him killed. So he waited.

Inside the ballroom, Hitomi was dancing with everyone that asked her and she was getting quite tired. Just as she was about to go and sit to rest, Allen walked in front of her, took her hand gently, and kissed it. He looked into her face and smiled warmly. "Would you honor me with this dance my lady?"

Hitomi wanted more than anything to sit, but she smiled politely and nodded her head in agreement. As Allen led her to the center of the dance floor, he smiled to himself. He stopped and turned around to face her. Allen placed one hand on her hip and the other in her hand and pulled her as close as she would let him. With Hitomi's hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand, the dance started.

"Congratulations Hitomi..." Allen whispered to her.

"Thank you..." she answered while turning her gaze away from his.

"It's hard to believe you will be a queen soon. Are you happy?"

"What?" Both their eyes locked.

"Are you happy?" Allen repeated.

Hitomi looked at him disbelievingly. "Of course I'm happy."

"And you love him... more than me?"

"Why are you asking me this?"

"I want to know what he has that I don't." Allen held her with a little more pressure.

"Allen... what went on between you and me is over now. That is the past and I don't love you anymore."

"But I still have feelings for you." His gaze was hard as he said these words.

Just as Hitomi was about reply to his comment, Van came over and interrupted. "I'm sorry to intrude, but may I take Hitomi away for a little?"

Allen stepped back a little, bowed slightly, and without hesitation, left them.

"Hitomi..." Van was saying, "You look like you need to rest. Come and sit down. I am going to announce the engagement officially in a little while."

She nodded in agreement and followed him off the floor to a set of chairs that were set up on a platform. After a little rest and a drink, Van got up and called for silence. The musicians stopped playing and all their guests turned towards the king and future queen. While everyone was listening to Van, Allen went towards the back of the crowd. Looking around the room at precise locations, he found figures hidden in the shadows. When it seemed as if he acknowledged something, he swiped his hand in front of his face as if swatting away a bug. Once the motion was complete, total chaos ensued. The figures in the shadows jumped from their places with swords drawn, ready to slay anyone wanting to fight. People panicked everywhere as lords and ladies fled the room. The knights stayed and drew their swords, ready to protect the queen and king.

Allen, with sword already drawn, ran towards Van whose sword was ready for battle. They stood back to back as if allies and fought the oncoming men and Hitomi stood behind Van and Allen who were protecting her. Once the signal was given, Dilandau knew that all his waiting had paid off. He didn't rush into the room for there were many people rushing out. Once it was clear, he snuck into the ballroom and stood watching in the shadows.

There he stood thinking to himself. 'What a stupid trick... using your own men to fake an attack. You're even pretending to fight on the king's side. What are you trying to accomplish Allen?'

The fighting continued but soon the Cali Knight and the King were separated. Van didn't know what was going on, and when he saw that Hitomi was safe, he checked his surroundings. Without warning, Allen was struck and knocked down from behind, but Van had never seen the person before. Now bleeding, Allen stood clutching the wound in his arm. Van saw that the man was about to strike again and rushed towards him, ready to fight him off.

Their swords clashed and red eyes met with brown. Van wasn't as surprised as the other, but as Van was holding off the intruder, he yelled to Allen, "Get out of here now! You're injured so go!"

"But Van!"

"Don't argue Allen! Just go!"

He nodded and got up, running out of the ballroom. Dilandau, who was trying to chase after Allen, was stopped by Van once again. The red eyed vampire was getting angry and started to seethe through his teeth. "Move out of my way!"

"Tell me why you attacked us?!" Van ordered him.

"I wasn't the one attacking you! It was a planned attack by someone who you thought was your ally. You just let them get away"

"How can I trust your words?" Van asked.


Both fought with an equal amount of anger and skill each parrying the other's blows and reading each other's moves. But when a vampire and human go against each other, one will always have an advantage. With Dilandau's speed, he managed to dodge one of Van's attacks and stab him in his lower left hand side. Van dropped his sword and his face was one of utter pain and surprise. Dilandau slid his sword out, leaving his victim to crumple to the floor.

Dilandau stood above Van's pained form. "You let Allen get away... you protected him... I almost had him dead. I was so close to getting my vengeance, but it slipped through my fingers, and for that, you will die..."

Hitomi, who was outside being protected by some guards, ran away from safety and back into the battlefield where she saw her husband get stabbed. Seeing this, she screamed out to him. Dilandau didn't seem to notice her for he was about to kill the king by plunging his sword through Van's heart. Hitomi saw his intentions and sprinted towards both fighters. "No! Please stop!" Both men looked in her direction. Dilandau looked at the woman in confusion and removed his sword from its place at the wounded lord's heart. Hitomi ran to Van's side and hugged him to her. Crying hysterically, Hitomi looked at the wound in her love's side and looked into his face. There was still much life left in him, but there was much pain. Not until the man demanded her to move did she look up into his fiery gaze.

"Move woman..." Dilandau demanded of her.

Hitomi didn't waver. "Over my dead body."

"I don't want to kill you. My fight it with him. Now move!"

"Do not kill him! Please... I beg that you spare his life! If you have any heart..."

She was cut short by Dilandau's curt voice. "I don't have a heart anymore. He took away my revenge... now he must pay."

Hitomi then stood up in front of the vampire and looked him straight in the eye. "Then kill me instead."

Dilandau was taken aback by her actions and showed utmost surprise. But when he looked into her eyes, he remembered some occurrences from the night. 'She was dancing with Allen... they were talking about something that embarrassed her... and when the Fanel interrupted them... he had a look of hatred on his face. And whenever Allen looked at Hitomi, a look of lust always graced his features. Could it be he wants Hitomi for himself? Is he jealous of the king?'

A smile graced Dilandau's features as he came to his own conclusion. "I won't kill you... and I won't kill your husband either. But to make sure that I do get my revenge, I ask that you come with me."

"What!?" When Van heard this, he nearly jumped off the ground, ready to attack again, but the wound made him stay where he was.

Hitomi, when she saw his actions, knelt down next to him and whispered, "Van, please don't move! Trust me... I will come back alive... I will come back to you. Just don't die... I won't let you die. This is the only way..."

"Hitomi..." Van managed to get out weakly.

She stood up and faced Dilandau again. "I'll go with you... but only so you promise that Van will live. After you get your revenge, I want your word that I am free and that I can come back."

"I give you my word... and I promise that she will come back to you, Fanel. No harm will be done to her. Do not send anyone to come searching for her. If I find anyone trying to pull a rescue mission, I will not hesitate in killing either of you."

Hitomi nodded her head, "Fine."

"Shall we go milady?" Dilandau held out his hand for her and she took it with a little hesitation. She turned back to Van and gave him one last smile before she whispered 'I love you'. There were many people who watched the whole thing, stunned. Even the knights and guards didn't step in to take action for the possibility of the king or queen being killed. When Dilandau led Hitomi outside, the crowd parted for them. No one knew still that the red eyed intruder was a vampire and that is how he wished to keep it. He ordered that a horse be given to them and that only the necessary belongings of Hitomi's be packed and put on the horse.

With both Dilandau and Hitomi ready to leave, Dilandau gave Hitomi once last glance at the castle till he turned it around and sent the horse galloping off into the night. Hitomi, during most of the ride, let tears fly freely from her eyes into the cool night air. 'And so this is where it begins...'


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