Windy: Yet another one of my famous humor stories.

Ginny: Your humor stories aren't famous!

Windy: -_- Don't you remind me. Anyway... This is the start of Yu-gi-oh! Fairy Tales. Inspired by a bunch of books that was used in Lit Circles.

Ginny: *gasps* O.O I though you hated Lit Circles.

Windy: I do... but these books are SO funny! This first chapter is inspired by the book 'The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid stories'. Enjoy!

Ginny: -_-; I honestly think she's a bit crazy for the average 12 year old...

~*Disclaimer Troubles...*~

On a beautiful sunny day, Yugi was on Duelist Kingdom, ready to face all the challenges ahead of him. He turns to his friends. "Who will support me while I'm dueling?"

"Not me." Said Téa.

"Not me." Said Joey.

"Not me." Said Tristan.

Windy: *appears* Hey guys, we forgot to do the disclaimer.

Yugi turned to look at the person who interrupted him while he was doing his story. He broke into wide grin and rushed over to Windy. "Will you support me while I'm dueling?"

Windy: *sighs* Fine...

Yugi smiled happily and skipped away, only to be challenged by Weevil Underwood. They started a messy duel.

Windy: Yay... go Yugi.

~*Many episodes later*~

Windy: How many times do I have to tell you?! The readers are waiting for a disclaimer!

Of course, Yugi and his group of 'so-called-friends' ignored her and continued their way down the cave. Oh, and if you're wondering, they're nearing the place were Para and Dox is.

Windy: You guys! We have to do the fricking disclaimer!

"Hey guys! Look! There's a light!" Yugi exclaimed and they all ran for it.

Windy: *slaps forehead* They never listen...

Once they made it to the light, they were surprised to see a dueling arena that could hold four duelists. Filling the first two duel spots were Para and Dox. They challenged Yugi to a duel, but he needed a partner. He turned to us.

"Who will help me defeat these dudes?" Yugi asked.

"Not me." Said Téa.

"Not me." Said Joey.

"Not me." Said Tristan. Yugi looked at me, his eyes begging me to help him.

Windy: Um... no thanks.

Suddenly, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle glowed and his alter ego showed up.

Windy: *blushes* Yami! I'll duel for you! *goes to duel stage and takes out her deck*

"Thank you Windy." Yami said as he took his place and took out his respective deck.


Half an hour later....

They had won, mostly because of Yami. Windy just stared dreamily at him during the whole duel, not paying any attention to her cards and her moves. Although, she had been paying enough attention to asking the Paradox Brothers the question to figure out which door was right.

Windy: *sighs dreamily before snapping back to her senses* Yay! We won! Anyway... Yami... will you let me do the disclaimer now?

Yami looked at her, smiling his charming smile, before nodding.

Windy: *melts* Yay! I don't own Yu-gi-oh and the books "The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales" and "Fractured Fairy Tales". I just own myself, and the revised versions. Thanks for listening!

Yami switched back to Yugi, who frowned at Windy. "But we haven't finished my story!"

~*End of Chapter One*~

Windy: Hope you like the first chapter! ^_^

Ginny: I didn't....

Windy: *mutters* Just pretend I didn't hear that...

Ginny: Well you did...

Windy: *cheery smile* I disclaimer goes for all chapters, so I don't have to repeat myself. As a side note, I actually do know the answer to that question. It was a math question for the Grade 7's last year. Just simply ask "What will your brother answer?" When they point to a particular path, just go to the other one. If you don't get it... then I'll explain it in the next chapter.