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~*Prince Yugi and the Seven Chickens*~

A young prince wandered around the woods one day. His name was Prince Yami, and he was in search for a delightful duel. He'd been searching for so long, that he got lost in the forest. 'Mental note.' The prince thought when his stomach grumbled, 'Always bring a bag of trail mix.'

Prince Yami continued wandering aimlessly, trying to find a way out, but the end result was he got even more lost than he was before. But, before it got dark, he came across a great castle. Shouting in delight, he went and knocked on the door.

The king of the castle opened the door, a glare on his face, "If you're selling magazines, I'm not buying. But..." The king smiled. "If you're selling corn, I'll be more than happy to buy your entire stock."

Prince Yami sweatdropped at the king's remark and said, "No, I'm not a merchant. I am a prince, Prince Yami to be exact, and I'm kindly asking for you to offer me the bare necessities. Could you possibly get me a thirty-two course meal, a dozen servants and a suite with a fireplace?"

The king pondered on this for a couple minutes, but decided that the request was reasonable enough, especially for a prince. He nodded and let the prince in, introducing himself as they went along...

"I'm Joey."



King Joey led the prince to the dining room, where the prince's eyes bulged. There, sitting on the various chairs around the dining table, were seven chickens. 'Either someone opened the hen house door, or they took the idea of a free range too far.' The prince thought.

"Shoo! Scat!" The prince yelled in an attempt to get the chickens away from the dining table. The chickens squawked in surprise and scattered around the dining table. The prince continued these actions until he heard a random voice from among the group.

"Stop! Stop hurting my daughters!" King Joey yelled. Prince Yami paused, his hand in midair, and raised an eyebrow in a look of confusion. The chickens calmed down instantly and went back to their original seats.

"You're hurting my daughters." The king said, and released a breath of relief. Prince Yami now held a look of complete confusion, so King Joey decided to explain what had happened.

"A witch came in the castle, and turned my six daughters into chickens." He said, beginning his story.

"Six? But there are seven chickens." The prince replied.

"Something went wrong with the spell, and the witch turned herself into a chicken as well. To reverse the spell, we need to figure out which one is the witch." King Joey said, staring sadly at the seven chickens. He brightened quickly though and started introducing the chickens.

"Meet Mai, Ishizu, Serenity, Téa, Rebecca and Cecilia." He said, pointing to each chicken as he went. Prince Yami noticed that the king neglected to acknowledge the last chicken, and he quickly suspected that the chicken was the witch. He walked to the chicken and pointed a finger at it.

"You are the witch!" But of course, the story couldn't end right there, you still needed the knight in shining armor and the evil monster, so....

The chicken sat still, head cocked, and stared at Prince Yami.

All was silent and Prince Yami's finger quivered slightly. Everyone else stared alternately between the prince and the chicken. The prince frowned and let his finger dropped, confused about why the chickens didn't turn back into princesses. This confusion quickly turned into anger, and he turned on his heel and stomped to his chambers.

He stopped suddenly, turned and yelled. "One of your daughters is the witch!"


Prince Yami sat on the edge of his royal bed, elbows on knees, head in hands. He thought deeply about how he was going to find out who the witch was.

Hours passed. And with a lot of bumps and bruises on his head, for banging it against doors, bed posts, windows, and tables, he figured out a plan.

He stood up, rubbed his head while wincing slightly, and went to get the supplies for his plan...


A couple minutes later...

Prince Yami quickly gathered the supplies and began to prepare for his plan. Soon, it was quickly assembled and Prince Yami grinned at his marvelous work.

Well, not Prince now. More like Princess Yami.

'Princess' Yami admired himself in the mirror. He couldn't see himself anymore; he just saw a weird version of Snow White. He grinned, and ran out, ready to put his plan into action.


"Hello there! I'm Snow White!" A very strained high voice echoed in the castle. "I hope that a witch doesn't give me a poisoned apple. I also hope that the witch isn't disguised as the chicken!"

'Snow White' skipped happily around the dining room table, really hoping that the witch-disguised-as-a-chicken would give him a poisoned apple. Unfortunately, he didn't really attract the attention of the chickens and, much less, the witch.

What he did attracted though, was the evil ogre that lived in a cave on top of the mountain.

The ogre stomped though the castle's barriers, and captured the 'so-called maiden'. The ugly beast then walked back to his cave on top of the mountain, ignoring the protests and the pounding on his back by the prince- in-disguise.


Soon, the ogre and Prince Yami came to the ogre's cave. He deposited said prince into a pot and began cooking his 'meal'. Prince Yami yelped as he felt a tremendous heat coming from the bottom of the pot. It felt like his behind was going to melt off, and that wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Just as the pot reached the boiling point, a knight in shining armor appeared. Of course, he comes and defeats the ogre, and saves our Prince-in- disguise.

"Fine maiden, I shall take you to my castle and you shall be my wife." The knight declared and took off his helmet. The prince's eyes bulged when his met with another pair of eyes, which belonged to a Mr. Seto Kaiba.

Prince Yami screamed in his high pitch girly voice and ran for the castle, losing the wincing knight in the process.


He crashed through the castle doors and ran straight to the dining room, where the chickens were still sitting for reasons I do not know. Anyways, the prince stopped right in front of the dining table and stared at the chickens dumbly, and the chickens just stared at them back.

He kept staring.

And the chickens stared back.

This continued for 3 minutes and 23 seconds before the prince just snapped and grabbed the nearest broom, chucking it at the chickens. They squawked and jumped out of the way, and that's when Prince Yami found out who was the witch.

It was fairly simple, for when Prince Yami threw the broom, the witch, as the chicken, tried to jump out of the way. But she ended up landing on top of the broom and, using her witchly powers, she made the broom fly.

The prince gasped and shouted, "You are the witch!" The chicken/witch turned back into a witch and rest of the chickens turned into beautiful princesses.

The king yelled in delight and he turned to the prince. "You have turned my chick... I mean daughters, into their beautiful selves. To reward you, I shall let you pick one of my daughters to marry."

Prince Yami grinned and turned to the princesses, who were brushing themselves off. After a few minutes, he had made his decision and was about to announce it when...

The knight came in the castle. "My fair maiden! There you are! Come with me and we shall live happily ever after!"

The prince stared horridly at the knight and began to run out of the castle, the knight right on his heels.


To end this chapter, let's just say not everybody lived happily ever after...

The king lived happily ever after...

After he sobbed for his "beautiful chickens".

The princesses lived happily ever after...

After they had scrubbed the castle clean of the chicken smell.

The knight didn't live THAT happily ever after...

After he found out that his "beloved maiden" was actually his worse enemy.

And our hero, Prince Yami, lived happily ever after...

Except he never did find his kingdom... oh well.

~*The End*~

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