Please note that there have been changes made to the story.

Title: Morning Trends

Author: Jin

Summary: One ghastly morning leads to another...and another--the days when Naruto doesn't want to get up. SasuNaru, YAOI, formerly known as "Violate my Junketsu, Why Don't You?"

Rating: High R (due to boyxboy romance, sexual themes and adult language)

Disclaimer: Naruto, the series, was created, is illustrated and written by Masashi Kishimoto. The anime and manga rights belong to some other people. Naruto doesn't belong to me. This is merely a work of fanfiction.

Spoilers: Up to manga chp 231

Chapter 1: The Usual Mornings--Sunshine, Bad Breath and...a Naked Man?!

His legs ached. His arms hurt. His head throbbed.

Naruto felt ill. In fact, he felt like death would be a welcome relief. Any moment now he was certain he would vomit his intestines out. He had never felt so awful in his life. However, despite the feeling of having been mangled by a bear, Naruto got out of bed and began his regular morning rituals. In a perfect imitation of a zombie, he lethargically followed the short and quick directions of the only part of his brain that seemed to be awake. Brush teeth, came the grammatically incorrect order, and so 'brush teeth' he did. The next thirty minutes proceeded in much the same fashion. Shower. Sure. Dress. Uh huh. Comb hair. Yeah. Wake naked Sasuke up. Okay. Clean up bedshee---

What the--?!!

Both Naruto's hands came up to clutch at his chest. Damn it! He was going to have a heart attack at eighteen.

There, on Naruto's bed and in all his naked glory, was Sasuke, peacefully sleeping like he did not have a care in the world. Horses might as well have gone rampaging by Naruto's place and Sasuke would likely sleep through it. Naruto blinked, hoping that when his eyes focused the image of a naked Sasuke would be gone.

Sasuke was still there.

He edged a bit closer, cautiously inspecting the nude body on his bed. His finger tentatively moved forward to poke the sleeping teen, checking if this just might be a nightmare. What other reason might there be for Sasuke being there...naked?

Sasuke suddenly shifted and Naruto jumped back.

"Oh hell, he's real," Naruto muttered in horror. Sasuke was on his bed. No. Sasuke was NAKED on his bed. Wait a damn minute! He had just been naked on that bed himself. With Sasuke.


With Sasuke.

"Sasuke, you bastard!!" came Naruto's indignant yell. He launched himself on an unsuspecting Sasuke, ready to deal some serious blows on the other boy. He managed to land painfully on top of the dark-haired teen before said teen woke up. It took a punch from Naruto before Sasuke could gather enough wits to restrain the overemotional blond.

"Damn it, Naruto!" Sasuke exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing?"

Sasuke was in a very bad mood. Not only was he woken rudely but painfully as well. It helped none that his head felt like splitting into twenty-eight different pieces. And for the love of all things holy, what happened to his ninja senses? Naruto had punched him and he had let it happen.

"Pervert! Bastard!" Naruto kept on yelling. Seeing as that Sasuke had a firm grip on both his wrists, he opted to practice his kicks this time around. If he could just get one good kick in...maybe at Sasuke's bits, maybe then he would be satisfied.

This time reading Naruto's intentions perfectly, Sasuke pushed his weight against the shorter ninja and trapped the blond's legs with his own stronger and longer ones, effectively subduing Naruto beneath him. "What the hell are you talking about, idiot?"

"Don't play innocent with me, asshole!" Naruto screamed. "What did you---? What did you---? What---?"

He could not really finish his questions, partly because he didn't want to know the answer and partly because he was not exactly sure if Sasuke DID do anything. He growled in frustration and said, "There better have been girls, you selfish, egotistical, good-for-nothing, jerk!"

"Will you calm down?" Sasuke said, annoyed beyond human tolerance. "And for the last time, what are you talking about?"

Naruto stopped thrashing about and glared at Sasuke. He knew Sasuke would let his guard down eventually. And then...bam! Sasuke better be careful, Naruto silently promised. For now, he was winded. In fact, both were breathing hard from the struggle.

Oh but the cliche of their position was much too pleasant: Naruto, wrists held captive above his head, looking defiantly at his captor, and Sasuke, naked and looming over a physically vulnerable Naruto.

Much to his surprise, Naruto was first to become aware of the scandalous picture they made. Blushing hotly, he murmured a request to Sasuke.

"What?" Sasuke asked loudly, not quite hearing the suddenly embarrassed Naruto.

"I said, will you let go of me, you bastard!" Naruto yelled back.

Only then did Sasuke notice his utter lack of clothing. Scrambling back and under the covers, he looked left and right for his clothes.

"Where are my clothes?" he asked. For once, his voice was not so confident. It was to Sasuke's dismay to see shredded pieces of blue cloth on the floor. He could only assume some of them were his jounin uniform. "What happened?"

"You tell me!" Naruto yelled yet again.

They looked at each other, eyes holding one another's gaze. Dark eyes bared its owner's confusion while baby blue ones darkened in anger. Questions whirled in their minds. What did all these mean?

Sasuke finally looked away to gather information on what happened from his surroundings. He would not believe the obvious. It was just far too obvious. Never believe what was right before your eyes. There was just no possible way.... He grasped blindly around the bed, trying to get some sort of physical crutch when he could find no reassurance from his mind. Everything seemed to point to one conclusion, one that he desperately did not want to be true.


Sasuke cleared his throat. "Naruto," he said cautiously. "Tell me, are you in pain?"

Naruto was about to call Sasuke an idiot because what did that have to do with anything but he silently went through a checklist of that mornings complaints anyway. His legs ached. His arms hurt. His head throbbed. And...oh yes, his butt was sore too.

At that point, Naruto fainted.

To be continued.... (eventually)

Notes on story: As you can probably tell, the title has been altered because the previous one was too long and, in my opinion, too stupid. Other changes: Naruto and Sasuke are both eighteen and the ages of the other characters will change accordingly. Naruto and Sasuke are also both jounins. Not all of the nine rookies are jounin, you'll find out eventually who. A few details and dialogue have been altered. I think they were all pretty minor.