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2000 years ago....

In a village near the Echidna Empire, there was a peach colored, green eyed echidna girl with two neon blue stripes on each of her dread locks. She wore a white silk robe that resembles an Egyptian's robe, leather sandals and a sapphire blue feathered headband; she had no jewelry except for her golden arm bands on both her arms with pictures of the legend of the Chaos Emeralds engraved on them.

She sat down near the Chao and listen to them sing. She loved their singing but, whenever she tried to get closer to them, they would always crawl away. She gave up trying to sit closer to them. She closed her eyes and meditated while the Chao sang. "Kitana, is that you?" asked a familiar voice.

Kitana gasped and turned around to find a red echidna that looked like Knuckles except he wore a yellow detailed toga, armor and had white stripes on his dread locks. "Sao, you nearly scared the sprits out of me," shook Kitana as he came and sat next to her chuckling, "what's so funny Sao?" He looked at the Chao, "Let me guess Kitana, listening to them again?"

Kitana blushed and nodded her head. "When will you stop Kitana?" Sao asked "I'm not sure but, you have to be patient with them. It could free you from stress and hate. It's very relaxing once you get used to it," she smiled warmly.

"Kitana," Sao stood up and turned to her grimly. Seeing the dark expression on his face, she stood up facing him. She enclosed her hands around his, "What has happened Sao? Tell me, I beg of you." He looked at her with worried eyes, he spoke sadly "You are to be sent to the great empire, to its heart. You are not to return the village unless you pass their test."

"What?" Gasped Kitana, she sunk to the soft green grass with shock. How could they do this to me? Can I not have peace nor voice? Tears formed in her emerald eyes, she looked up at Sao. Why? "I'm sorry," Sao said softy "I tried to argue but, it was no use Kitana, I'm sorry." He left her with the happy singing Chao. Before he went back into the forest, Sao looked back at Kitana. I'm sorry.

Kitana covered her face with her hands, she tried to calm herself down and listen to the Chao but, she found it no use. A small hot tear fell from her cheek and the Chao stopped singing. They gazed at her with sadness and one of them walked towards her. "Cho?" it said.

Kitana glanced at them with her tear stained face. All of them were around her and the one in front of her jumped on her lap and hugged her. The water from the altar rose up and settled down to reveal Chaos staring at them with his big glossy yellow eyes. He walked out of the water heading towards them with his tall blue gel like structure. He stopped just a few feet away from them.

Kitana hugged the one on her lap in fear. She gazed at Chaos in fear that he might hurt the Chao around her and herself. "Please don't hurt them, they didn't do anything to harm anyone. Please don't harm them, I beg of you," Kitana said bravely and stood up with the Chao in her arms. "Please don't, she thought please don't hurt the Chao. Chaos stepped forward towards her. Who said I was going to harm them Kitana? "What? Wh-who said that," Stammered Kitana as glanced side to side quickly.

I did, my name is Chaos. I am the protector of the Chao. I have existed for a thousand years watching over them. Chaos said telepathically "You can talk?" she asked shyly, Chaos nodded his head. He outstretched his hand towards Kitana. Don't worry I don't bite, not that I could though. joked Chaos as Kitana placed the Chao on the ground. Kitana touched Chaos' hand and recoiled. "I'm alright. Um, do you mind about the Chao, I fear that I might step on them," she requested, I could just carry you, offered Chaos. "No, I prefer to walk thank you," blushed Kitana, Oh I insist, He told her mentally.

She shook her head, "Uh, no thank you." Alright, wait here. He walked towards the altar and turned around when he was on the steps. He placed two of his fingers in his "mouth" and made a short high pitched whistle. Soon the Chao were crawling towards him, leaving Kitana amazed. She made her way towards Chaos, "Wow, I never thought that they would do that," Kitana commented. They'll do that if you face them and make a short high pitched noise, especially if it's a whistle. Chaos told her Best if you go now.

Kitana nodded, she waved good bye to Chaos and left for the empire. When she got to the capital, most of the echidna there greeted her warmly. She walked up the great steps of the Elders' Pyramid with confidence. This is it. She thought I came this far and I won't turn back. Kitana opened the great doors and stepped inside...


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