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Kitana stepped inside the stone room and glanced around, looking for the Great Elders of the Echidna Empire. Suddenly, the room turned dark and was filled with small twinkling lights that resembled the stars in the night sky. Some of them were bunched together to form little galaxies or nebulas.

The room filled Kitana with awe, she felt as if she was drifting in space itself. Small hazy colored smoke of various colors floated around lazily, creating a dreamlike feeling. She felt as though she died and went to the stars.

Kitana heard voices whispering softly and kindly in her head. She didn't want to forget this beautiful place and feeling so she savored it as long as she could. Kitana opened her eyes half way in a dreamlike position. She blinked twice and looked around her.

Kitana found her self in the cold stone room once more. She sighed and felt that she did not want to back to the place where no one loved her nor heard her. "I guess this is the wrong place," she whispered quietly to herself.

"You passed the test of the Elders young one," said a voice behind her. Kitana spun around to find an elderly echidna in green priest robes holding a beautifully detailed staff. "Huh? What do you mean sir?" she asked him. `She did not understand this.` he thought "I'll explain this. If you can see the stars with your heart and your other senses, you pass. If you just see an empty room without your heart, you failed. You have sensed the stars around you, young one."

Kitana stared blankly at the old priest, she still did not fully understand this way. The priest gestured her to follow him to the jungle. They walked to the vast jungle and reached a clearing. The priest tapped the ground with his staff and the ground glowed bright green, "Watch," he told her in a soft tone.

The light of the ground engulfed them both, Kitana shut her eyes tightly and prayed for safety. "We are here now, open your eyes and feel the winds," the priest whispered to her. Kitana opened her eyes and blinked a couple times. They were in the clouds she turned and studied the area as the breezes passed by, "Where are we?" he turned to her and replied "This is the test of the great sprit of the eight winds." Kitana widen her eyes, she was shocked, "Do you mean Whirlwind, the Feathered Dragon?"

The priest nodded and pointed forward to the bright green light "You must find the Storm Feather of Whirlwind if you wish to harness the power of the eight winds." He instructed her. Kitana thought for a while about her decision, she ran forward towards the path before her.

Kitana fought and climbed through the course while searching for the Orb of Whirlwind. She came across dead ends often during the course. She collected a few rings on her way, and kept running. Finally, at the end of the course, Kitana made it to the treasure. She was tired, torn, scarred but, she came in proud of herself. There in front of her, was a bright green orb floating in the winds. In the orb were the symbol of the eight winds and the symbol of Whirlwind. Kitana gazed at the orb and held it with both of her hands.

Green lights and winds surrounded her, she felt the wind wrapped themselves around her hands and her head felt lighter as her woven blue headband fell. When the lights and winds disappeared, Kitana looked at herself in an amazed sort of way. Instead of the sapphire blue feathered headband, she now had a beautiful hair band in shades of green, it was rimmed with golden silk and small green rare emeralds, there was a larger green emerald on the sides of the hair band, and there were three white green tipped feathers held together behind the side emeralds by their roots.

Kitana glanced at her hands which in her surprise, were in gloves in two colors of green: forest and light, the underside and the fingers were light green and the rest was forest, there was an smooth oval shaped green jewel on the back of her hands. Kitana studied the new items carefully, in the green jewels she discovered that there was the symbol of Whirlwind inside.

She soon realized that the orb was missing from her hands, Kitana called herself a bitch for losing the Orb of Whirlwind. Kitana searched on her knees for the orb, she didn't want to fail Whirlwind's test. Kitana gave up trying to find the orb and called herself bitch again. Slowly, she felt that she was sinking into the clouds. When she passed through the clouds, Kitana started to fall more rapidly.

Kitana can feel herself increasing speed, falling faster, faster, and faster till she could hold her awareness anymore. Kitana blacked out on the stone hard floor. The next day, Kitana stirred in her sleep. She had a headache from all that falling. She opened her eyes and saw two blurry figures standing above her. "Hey Kit, you alright? You don't look too good," asked one of the figures.

`Of course!` she thought in her head, Kitana spoke in a low voice "How hard did I land Ara?" Kitana's vision cleared and saw Sao and a black hedgehog which looked almost like Shadow except it was a female plus, she was wearing red gloves, a black robe with a bright red scarf around her neck. Aura removed a quill from Kitana's face.

"You didn't fall Kit. You blacked out on the floor like you were in a nightmare or something," said Aura as she straightened Kitana's quills. Sao sit on her bed next to her, "Don't scare us like that Kitana. Anyway congratulations on the tests too," he hugged her and Kitana blushed a little bit. Aura noticed right away and pried Sao from Kitana, "Sao you idiot! What the hell are you trying to do make her burst? Geez, whatever you do, don't make a move on her ya got it?"

Aura stared at Kitana, "Hey Kit you good, right?" Kitana was dazed and made a blank face at the others. "So it was a dream wasn't it?" She asked emotionlessly "Anyways, what's with you and green things? Is green some sort of fashion statement now?" asked Aura teasingly.

Kitana looked at her gloves and her hair band. `So it wasn't a dream at all.` thought Kitana "No, I just got them before I passed out." Kitana's stomach growled and made Kitana blush, "Kit, no wonder you don't look good. You skipped lunch and dinner yesterday. Don't worry, I saved some roasted boar yesterday," said Aura whiled she looked around in her brown leather bag. The priest walked in to her room and stands next to Sao.

"I see you are awake," smiled the priest. A black armored hedgehog with white highlights and a long sword walked into the room with brownish yellow eyes. Aura rolled her eyes, annoyed "Oh great, here comes my half brother Maxwell. What in tarnation are you doing here?" "Shaddup, Carmen," he snapped at her.

"Make me Umber you jion! I like to see you try," sneered Aura "Hn, I though you would say that iko. Hey Kit, you're okay right?" he winked at her, Aura was flaming with fury and rage "HEY! DON'T HIT ON HER YA JION!" she yelled. Kitana, Sao and the priest sweatdropped at the two. Kitana clenched her fists and cried "Ara, Max, both of you ASOYDAY!" the green gems glowed and both Aura and Maxwell fell to the floor facedown with a thud.

"Damn, I don't want to get on her bad side," whispered Sao to the priest who was nodding in reply. Kitana blinked at the two craters in the stone floor "Oops..." "Dang Kit, I gotta get myself one of those gems." Aura said weakly from the crater. The priest helped both of them out of the craters as Kitana ate the roasted boar Aura gave her, "You can have one if you pass one of the tests of the elemental force of fire, earth and water. Kitana has passed the test of wind and cannot take another elemental test since she carries the symbol of the wind with her. I could take you to the tests if you wish," Aura thought for a moment and asked "If I get pass fire and carry the symbol, am I immune to the asoyday?"

The priest paced across the room and looked back at Aura with wisdom "Yes," "Coolness, so when do I start?" smiled Aura, the priest smiled at her, "It depends on which element you chose." "Sweet, I'll pick red hot flames," giggled Aura "Pffff. If Carmen is getting' fire, I'm picking earth," grinned Maxwell.

The priest nodded at their decision "By the way, I'm Yuji the Akasha" "Whoa! The Akasha?" they asked in unison, shocked. The next day, Yuji led everyone to the red mountains. Yuji pointed with his Ivory staff of the Akasha to where the Fiery Heart of Sunra the Phoenix was. Aura dashed down into the mountain to find the heart....


Okay some terms are used here so they are: Jion=Bastard, Iko=Bitch and Asoyday=Sit

Knuckles: Uh, is Aura going to rip out a bloody heart?

No stupid, it's the name of the orb of the elemental sprit. There's an explanation of the sprits, orbs and the tests. So there.

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