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Chapter 1: A new city, a new school, and a new home. (I need to come up with shorter titles)


Anzu looked out of the car window at the blending colors of the surrounding landscape. She was on her way to yet another city to live for a while then move again. That's how her life was: constantly on the move. And quite frankly, she didn't like it.

/Another city. Mom says that this time it'll be permanent. But..she always says that./ Anzu shut her eyes. She didn't want to see any part of her *new* city or her *new* home. /I want things to be normal again. Like when daddy was here../

It didn't take long before she was sound asleep; her head on the window. Long trips, like this, always did this to her. The gentle motion of the car always put her to sleep. It was her only weakness, for as long as she could remember, it was her strongest weakness.

"Anzu?" Anzu wake up, sweetie. Anzu?"

Anzu heard someone's voice and her being shaken lightly.


Anzu slowly opened her eyes. Her mother's form came into view.

"Anzu, sweetie, we're here." Her mother told her softly. "You need to wake up and get out of the car."

Anzu nodded at her mother's request and got out of the car. When she looked up, she saw a beautiful house instead of an apartment as she was expecting. /A house? She bought a house? Maybe she was serious when she said this time would be permanent./

Anzu's mother walked up behind her. "Lovely, isn't it?"

Anzu nodded, still in shock that she might not have to move anytime soon.

"I thought you might enjoy a regular house for once. You know, instead of an apartment." Her mother gave her a tender hug to her daughter. "This is our home now, sweetie. Make the best of it. Now could you be a dear, and take your bags inside?"

Anzu did as mother said, but when Anzu walked into the big house she almost fainted. She hadn't lived in a house for a long time and she was happy she was going to live in one again. /It's so big. How could mother afford it? Oh well..I'll just pick a room./ Anzu went upstairs and went to each room. She finally found a room to her liking; the last room at the end of the hall on the right. It had it's own bathroom, a walk-in double-door closet, and a small window that looked out onto the backyard. /This is perfect./

Anzu put her bags down in the middle of the room and went to the window and looked out of it. She could see a lot of houses and apartment complexes as well as a game shop. /What a strange neighborhood. But then again, I'm weird myself./ She opened the window so that some air could come in and create a breeze. /At least it's a nice day./

Anzu went back downstairs where she found her mother talking to a mover.

".Yes that's right. And my daughter's bed will go upstairs as well. I'm sure she's found a suitable room by now." Anzu's mother looked over at the stairs and saw Anzu at the bottom step. "Did you find a room Anzu?"

Anzu nodded 'yes'.

"Good. Why don't you show this man where your room is so that he could bring your bed and your dresser and all your other things up."

Anzu nodded 'yes' and started up the stairs, the man followed. She showed him to her room. When they got there the man walked into the room and moved her bags from the middle of the room then turned to her. "We'll bring the bed up first. Just tell us where you want it to go when we get back up here." The man left the room and back down the stairs, Anzu followed him. When the man entered the foyer, he told Anzu's mom the exact same thing that he told Anzu.

"Great." Her mother replied. Then the man went out the front door and headed for the moving truck. Anzu looked at her mom and, as if her mother could read her mind, her mother said, "How about you show me where you want your bed to go, Anzu?" Anzu just nodded and lead her mother up to her room.

"So where do you want it to go, sweetie?"

Anzu pointed to the far left corner.

"Okay. I'll tell the movers when they come back up here. Why don't you check the house out? I'll call you when I need you, okay?"

Anzu nodded and headed back downstairs. /I'm getting a little tired going up and down these stairs./ She reached the foyer just as the movers brought in her bed. She moved out of their way as they continued to the second floor. /I hope they're careful with my things./ Anzu just sighed at the thought and continued her walk around her home.

Anzu had acquainted herself with the house and had made it back to the foyer. When she heard her mother calling her.

"Anzu! Could you come up here please?"

Anzu quickly headed up stairs and into her room, to find her mother and the movers talking in the middle of the room.

"Anzu, sweetie, you need to tell us where you want your dresser to go." Her mother said without even looking if she was there.

/The mom radar. Works every time./ Anzu looked around her room for a good spot to put her dresser and her other things. She finally decided on putting her dresser on the opposite wall from her bed. She pointed to the far right corner.

Her mother nodded and told the movers where Anzu wanted it.

~~~~~~~~After all the moving is finished~~~~~~

Anzu had finished unpacking all of her things and decorating her room. She stepped back to survey her room. /Perfect./ Anzu walked over to her bed and laid down on it. /Everything's coming together./ She closed her eyes and just stayed there. And eventually fell asleep.

"Anzu? Sweetie wake up. It's time for school."

Anzu opened her eyes. She found her mother hovering over her, trying to wake her up.

"Good, you're up. Get dressed and come downstairs. Okay?"

Anzu reluctantly nodded, got out of bed, and headed to the bathroom while her mother got out her school uniform.

"Your school uniform is on your bed Anzu." Her mother said into the bathroom door. "Hurry now." Her mother left Anzu's room and went downstairs. Anzu , however, stayed in the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face to wake herself up. /I don't want to go to school today. I'd rather stay home./ Anzu wiped her face off with a washrag and left the bathroom.

She glanced at her bed and saw her school uniform. /What the hell? Don't tell me I'm suppose to wear THAT?/ She held the uniform up to herself. It consisted of a pink skirt and a blue and pink shirt. On the left top corner there was an emblem that had 'Domino High School' across the pocket. /I'd hate to see the boys' uniforms..Domino High.at least it's not a private all girls school./

Anzu changed into her uniform and headed downstairs for breakfast. Her mother looked up from the kitchen table. "Awwwww.honey. You look great." Anzu just sat down heavily and started to eat the pop tart in front of her.

"I take it you don't like this uniform?" Her mother asked with questioning eyes.

Anzu nodded, her mouth stuffed with pop tart and milk. Her mother just giggled at her daughter's hate toward the school uniform. "Hurry up now or you'll be late for school. You're going to walk to school since it's not that far."

Anzu just looked at her mother search for something in a pile of letters and papers. As she went to get up her mother stopped her.

" Hold on Anzu, I need to give you your schedule. As soon as I find it, you can go. If you don't know how to get to the school just walked to the end of the street then take a right and walk till you reach the second red light, then take another right. As soon as you take that right you'll be able to see the high school-Here we go." Her mother was holding, what looked like, an envelope; her mother handed it to her. "Give this to the school's main office." Pulling another piece of paper from the pile on the table her mother handed it to her. "This is your schedule. You lunch number, locker number and combination, and your gym locker and combination are all on there. Have a good day."

Anzu took the schedule and envelope from her mother and gave her a kiss good-bye. Then she grabbed her school bag and headed out the door. As soon as she was outside, she looked at her schedule: Mazaki, Anzu Grade: Junior Student Identification: 98567 Locker #: 4521 Combination: 18 5 32 Lunch #: 542 Gym locker #: 9857 Combination: 34 24 6 1st period- Study Hall- Rm 218 2nd period- Algebra II- Rm 222 Homeroom- Rm 123 3rd period- 1st semester- Physical Education - Gym
- 2nd semester- Art III- Rm 238 Lunch/ Free Period 4th period- Chemistry I- Rm 211 5th period- English III- Rm 112 6th period- World History- Rm 104 7th period- Computer Applications III- Rm 200 We alternate the schedule to where they are 4 classes a day in a rotated block schedule. The first day of your classes will be classes 1, 2, Homeroom, 3, Lunch/Free Period, and 4.

/They gave me a pretty good schedule. I like the whole Lunch/Free Period thing./ Anzu folded her schedule up and put it into her purse and continued to walk to school.


As she turned right at the corner, she saw the school clearly come into view. /Good. I thought I had gotten lost./ Anzu continued down the street and stopped as she came to the cross walk for the school. As she was about to cross, a motorcycle came roaring down the street; the driver pulling into the school parking lot. /Maniac. And it's just my luck they go to my school. Great../

Anzu hurried and crossed over to the school campus. As she walked to the main office, she looked at the many kids talking; each of them in their little groups. /There are a lot of kids here./

She entered the building just as a group of kids were coming out; all of them guys.

".so I told him 'You better back off or you're going to have Jonouchi Katsuya to deal with'."

"Then what happened next Jou?" One of the boys asked; he was much shorter than the others.

"I don't know.I woke up."

The rest of the guys busted out laughing as the boy named 'Jonouchi' started to yell at them. /I'd love to have friends like that./ Anzu thought as she entered the main office, she went up to the secretary's desk.

"Hi. What do you need?"

All Anzu did was hand the secretary the envelope her mother gave with the schedule. The secretary read the note.

"Okay I see. You're a new student, Anzu Mazaki." The secretary read the paper some more. "Oh.do you need me to tell where your classes are?"

Anzu nodded 'yes'.

The secretary got out another envelope and a map of the school. "This is where we are right now." The secretary marked on the map. "These are your classrooms as they are already shown. This is where your locker is. Got it?"

Anzu nodded 'yes'.

"Good. Here's your nametag and an extra in case you lose the first one. And if you need any help just come to me. I'm Mrs. Raye." Mrs. Raye handed the envelope to Anzu.

Anzu nodded 'yes' again and took the envelope.

"Give a copy of that letter to each of your teachers."

Anzu nodded in agreement and left the office. She went around to the classrooms then headed to her locker. It took a while but she finally found it. She did the combination and opened up the locker. She put her purse in it. /I wonder what else is in this envelope. It's too heavy to be just papers./ She opened up the envelope and took out an agenda. /That's what made it so heavy./


/I better get to class then. Study Hall is first./ Anzu headed toward room 218. When she got there she immediately gave the teacher a copy of the letter as Mrs. Raye instructed. The teacher read the letter.

"Okay. I understand. Your name is Anzu Mazaki, right?"

Anzu nodded 'yes'.

"Well Miss Mazaki, I'm Mr. Tropizaki."


Mr. Tropizaki stood up went to the front of the class. "Class we have a new student, Miss Anzu Mazaki."

Anzu gave the class a nervous smile.

"You can have a seat behind Mr. Mouto. Mr. Mouto can you raise your hand for Miss Mazaki?"

"Sure." Yugi said as he raised his hand.

Anzu headed to her seat. /This is not so bad./ She sat down as Yugi turned to her. "Hi, I'm Yugi Mouto. You should be happy you got Mr. Tropizaki for Study Hall, he's really cool."

Anzu just smiled and pulled out a notebook and started to write.

"Hey Yug."

"Uh.I got to go. I'll see you later then." Yugi got up and headed over to his friends.

Anzu continued writing in her notebook as Yugi left. /I hope he didn't think I was rude./

"Hey Jou. What's the matter?" Yugi asked his best friend as he saw him staring at Anzu. "Jou?"

"Dat girl didn't even know you were there Yug. She didn't say anything; not 'hi' or 'bye' nothing."

"Jonouchi, I don't think she even speaks." Yugi said looking back at Anzu.

"What do ya mean Yug?" Jonouchi asked his friend.

"What I mean is..I think that she's mute."


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