Rose: . Konnichi Wa! Daijobuu? (how are you?)

Hiei: Again with the Japanese?

Rose: Hai!

Hiei: Shut up!!!

Rose: Iie!!

Hiei: -.-

Rose: . I love getting on his nerves!

Hiei: T.T…

Rose: Stop crying you baby!

Hiei: But you're always mean to me!

Rose: Dat's because you're a baby!

Hiei: AM NOT!

Rose: Are so!

Hiei: You're the baby!!


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Chapter 11: A Happy Ending At Last

"Where the hell are they? Did they get sucked into a worm hole of something?" Honda paced back and forth waiting for the two teens to return from wherever they had ran off to.

"It could happen, ya know!" Jou chirped happily.

"Comics AREN'T a news source." Yugi was reclined against the tree trunk along with Ryou, trying to stay out of the craziness. ((a/n: -.- No they are NOT a couple.))

"Just relax Honda. They'll show up soon." Ryou looked up at the sky, trying to make out the faint constellations in the sky.

"You know as well as I do, we shouldn't have sent Malik to go look for Anzu. He has absolutely no sense of direction." Honda took a seat on the ground next to Jou and whacked him on the head. ((a/n: They aren't a couple either...ew…))

"What was dat for??" Jou whined as he rubbed the back of his head.

"You really need to stop reading comics."

"But they're entertaining!"

"LOOK!" Yugi pointed over to where Malik was walking back with Anzu, both of them laughing.

"Yeah, and then I realized I left the cap off. It got kinda messy." Malik had an embarrassed look before bursting out in a fit of laughter. "Now I never leave the cap off the toothpaste."

Anzu continued to laugh her ass off at his odd yet funny story. "I can see why." Was all she could get out before laughing even harder.

"Hey guys what took ya'll so long?" Jou asked as the two arrived in front of them.

"We got a little sidetracked." Was Malik's answer. "And I ran into a certain brunette."

"You guys ran into Kaiba?" Yugi's reaction was like the others. "I didn't think someone like him came to the park."

"I didn't know he knew what a park was." Jou said smirking.

"True!" Ryou burst out into a fit of laughter followed by Honda.

"Is he that dense? Kaiba I mean." Anzu asked curiously, finally able to suppress her laughter.

The four teens looked at Anzu, all with shocked expressions on their faces. Plus, dropping jaws. "YOU TALKED!"

"See I told you. You shouldn't have said a thing." Malik said in a 'I told you so' voice.

"You knew Malik?!?!" Yugi practically chocked out.

"Yeah. Considering she starting talking only a little while ago and was answering my question." He just brushed it off like it was nothing, which it was. "It's not that big of deal."

"Yes it is! She's not mute anymore." Yugi was the only one, besides Malik, who could actually form sentences. "It's a HUGE deal!"

"I don't think so." Anzu objected. "It's the same thing basically, except I'm not using that damned sign language anymore. I'm just replacing the sign language with vocal words."

"See? She doesn't think it's such a big deal." Malik smiled proudly, knowing he had fully won the war.

"If she doesn't think it's such a big thing Yugi, then don't worry about it." Ryou finally found his voice. "Let's just get ready for the fireworks."

"Yeah! Fireworks!! Maybe they'll blow something up!!!" Jou cried happily.

"Is that all you ever think about?" Honda asked annoyingly at Jou.

"Dat and food!"

"Should have never asked…" Honda slapped himself in the forehead for even asking Jou such a stupid question and then not expecting a stupid answer.

"The fireworks are starting soon! I'm so excited!" Anzu clapped her hands in excitement. "I love fireworks. They're so pretty. Especially at night."

"Fireworks are dangerous and fun the stick in other peoples pants when they are lighted." Jou smirked again. "Which gives me a funny idea-"

Yugi smacked Jou over the head. "Fireworks are not meant to be put in other peoples pants. That includes teachers of all subjects and other students."

"But it's funny!" The lump on Jou's head caused a little bit of pain.

"Maybe to you……………and everyone else in the world…" Ryou crack a little smile. "Just don't do it to me and make sure I'm with ya to record it."

"Can I order copies?" Malik could just imagine the look on the poor sap's face once the fireworks went off in their pants. "I'll pay in advance!"

"I highly doubt it'll be fun for the person in question. But who really cares right?" Honda patted Jou's back. "You finally came up with a great idea for once, Jou."

"Shut up!!!!" Jou pouted and crosses his arms in front of his chest.

Anzu sat on the cool grass followed by Malik, who sat down right next to her.

"So, you two got 'sidetracked', eh? With what exactly?" Honda quirked an eyebrow at the two in question.

Unlike Malik, Anzu blushed slightly at the comment. Anyone with common sense knew what Honda was getting at, even if they did show it. "Well…um…"

"We got lost on the way back." Malik answered for the both of them in a cool calm voice. "We took a wrong turn back at one of the rides and got delayed a bit before we found a different route back here."

"It took you dat long?" There was the question on everyone's mind.

"No, but she was pretty upset when I found her." Malik's arm snaked his way around her waist and pulled her close to him. "I had to make sure Kaiba didn't do anything."

"She ran into Kaiba!?" The four boys asked at the same time.

"You know…I can talk now." Anzu was slightly annoyed at the fact that she was being ignored. "And yes I did run into him."

Everyone was staring at her. Was this the attitude she usually has? They didn't think so. But then again, this was the first time she has talked to them and you can't write an attitude on paper.

"What? Why are you all staring at me like that? I didn't do anything…at least I hope I didn't do anything." Anzu pondered the situation for a second before the boys went into a fit of laughter. "What's so funny?"

"You!" Honda cried between the laughter.

Anzu pouted. "Well that's not nice."

"No, we're not laughing at you. We're laughing at the fact that you have a snappy personality." Malik tapped the tip of her nose. "We've never seen this side of you before."

"And that's a problem how? I've always been like this…on the inside anyway." Anzu smiled cutely at the group, but they on the other hand all had shocked looks on their faces. "…um…look! The fireworks are starting!"

All of the boys looked up to hear the loud snap of the fireworks and the bright colors of red, yellow, and blue coat the sky. 'Oh' and 'Ah's could be heard from the crowd as show carried on and the lights in the sky began to appear in shapes which the spectators thoroughly enjoyed. Soon the finale was only a matter of minutes away.

"Here it comes!!!"

Everyone looked up at the sky to see the finale. Brilliant blues, reds, greens, purples, and many other colors could be seen in the sky. The colors took up all kinds of shapes and filled the sky completely.

Sometime during the fireworks Malik's hand had found Anzu's and he brought his lips to hers. He pressed down for a passionate kiss bringing his hand to the back of her head and deepening the kiss.

They broke apart breathing in air. Anzu rested her head on Malik's shoulder, continuing to watch the fireworks. Malik grinned and put his arm around her waist. Perfect. Was his last thought.

After the fireworks had ceased, the gang walked through the fair again in case of any random spurs of wanting to ride a ride. Most of the people had already started leaving so it wasn't as crowded like it was before. And most of the lines were very short considering it was well after nine and most of the younger children were brought home right after the fireworks display.

"Dat was AWESOME!!!!!!" Jou was all smiles. "It would have been even awesomer if the fireworks would have started going off while still on the ground."

"Simple things amuse simple minds." Honda gave Jou a teasing punch.

"Jou, 'awesomer' isn't a word." Yugi said the word exactly as Jou had said it. "But yeah, that would have been cool to see."

" 'Awesomer' is a word Yug. In my vocabulary."

Yugi let out a little laugh before replying. "Whatever you say Jou, whatever you say."

"Look at the lines, there's barely any people in line." Jou quickly changed the subject. "Who wants to go on the roller coaster? Or the tilt-a-whirl?"

"I'll race ya Jou." Honda took off toward the roller coaster. "Last one there has to buy dessert!"

Yugi and Jou raced after him. Malik and Anzu on the other hand, stayed behind.

"Would you like to accompany me on the Ferris wheel?" Malik extended a hand to Anzu, which she immediately took.

"I'd love to." She smiled as Malik led her over to the Ferris wheel. The operator stopped the Ferris wheel and the two got in.

When the ride started, as the car climbed higher and higher into the dark night sky, Anzu gasped in delight at the beautiful lights and scenery that could be seen. "Oh! Look how beautiful!" ((a/n: ))

"Yeah, it's pretty at night." Malik put his arm around Anzu's shoulders. "But I bet you can't guess what's prettier."

Anzu blushed before kissing him on the lips, Malik eagerly returning the kiss.

"Yes! I win! In your face Honda!!!" Jou was in the middle of doing his happy dance when they finally got to the front of the line. ((a/n: Everyone has a happy dance…I have one!)) "You treat us to dessert!"

"No I don't. Malik and Anzu still aren't here."

"I wouldn't count on having them show up. I think I saw them heading for the Ferris wheel." Yugi sat in the front of the roller coaster. "Besides, you're just looking for an excuse to make so you don't have to treat to dessert."

"So what if I am?" Honda and Jou boarded the roller coaster and the bar locked in place. The ride then pulled out of the station ((a/n: or whatever you call it…)).

About 10 minutes later, the gang met up again right outside of the park gates. Of course this was after numerous rides on the roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl and Ferris wheel. And after Jou got his cotton candy, which he threw a fit for.

"We'll have to do this again sometime very soon." Yugi checked his watch. "Oh wow. I've got to be going. It's a little later than when I said I'd be home."

"Same for me. I'll have to run if I want to make it in time. See ya!" Jou waved and turned and ran down the street, turning right and the light. ((a/n: Hehe! I rhymed!))

"See ya!" Yugi did what Jou had just done and took off down the street.

"You gonna walk Anzu home Malik?" Honda fiddled with his house keys that were in his hand.

"Yeah. You going straight home?"

"Probably. I don't know." Honda looked over at Anzu. "I'm glad you came out of your shell. I guess I'll be going now. Bye." Honda turned and walked away, not in any hurry to get home.

Malik turned to Anzu and smiled. "And I get to walk you home, correct?"

"Yes. And I'm in no hurry." She took his hand and leaned on him. "Can we take the long route?"

"I wouldn't have suggested anything else." And with that they started walking down the street, making sure they walked slow enough so that they were a little late.

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