TITLE: Four Guys and a Chick [This is more or less a temporary title until I find something more suitable]

SUMMARY: The story of Evolution's quest to hold all of Raw's major titles. HHH/Ric/Randy/Batista/Lita and others.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I took many liberties with who has which title and whatnot. I got inspired seeing Evolution degrade Lita on Raw 11/10 heheh. This part is very short, very short, actually it should be qualified as a prologue, but oh well.


"So what do you think Champ?"

Hunter's eyes narrowed in thought as he weighed his childhood hero's suggestion. The very notion of Evolution holding every title on the Raw brand was a tempting idea in the very least. He could picture it. Himself, the World Champion. Naitch and Randy, the tag Champs. Batista, the I.C. Champ. And the women's title. The women's title. The stars seemed to be aligning. All that power. Evolution would wield it-and he would be at the very center. Everything was perfect-near perfect. Only one problem.

"Lita," both men said at the same time.


Lita watched from the opposite side of the locker-room as her best friend Trish prepared for her match-up against Gail Kim. Lita shook he head. As Trish was pulling up her elbowpads, a dreamy smile seemed to don her face.

Jericho, no doubt.

Ever since the two Canadians had began 'talking' as Trish ever so defensively referred their relationship to, Trish seemed to be on a constant Cloud Nine.

Though Lita was glad about her friend's newfound happiness, she knew that Trish had to remain wary of Jericho. Lord knew the guys in the WWE locker- room were all a little off their rockers, had to be in this profession. Jericho was no exception.

"Hot date tonight?"

"Fuck you," Trish replied, but there was no trace of malice in her words.

"Admit it, you like the guy," Lita urged.

"Fine, I do, happy?"

Lita smiled, "Yes, but be careful around him, he could be on to something, okay?"

Trish rolled her eyes as she headed to exit the locker-room. "Yes Mom."

"Kick Gail's ass tonight," Lita said smiling.

"Was there any other conclusion?" Trish said before closing the door.

As the door closed, Lita noticed that Trish had left her water bottle behind. She grabbed it and went to catch up with the blonde diva. The door opened before she reached it.

"Trish, you forgot-"

Whatever Lita's next words were had died on her lips.

"Not Trish," came the deep, masculine voice. The door shut behind him and the room suddenly felt a lot smaller.