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Divine Intervention, Demonic Distribution

Chapter 2: Learning the Heritage

"Ranma? Ranma?" A male voice came to Ranma's ears. Ranma opened his eyes and found himself in Dr. Tofu's clinic. The kind doctor had a worried expression, "Ranma! Thank the Kami, are you all right?"

"Oh hey, doc, what happened?" Ranma sat up and asked groggily.

"You were dangerously low on ki. Luckily Ryoga found you and brought you here," the bespectacled man replied.

"Where is Ryoga?" was another question from the pigtailed martial artist.

"He's just outside waiting for you." was the answer from the kind doctor.

Ranma got up and walked out. He saw Ryoga sitting on a bench. What really puzzled Ranma was that Ryoga had a bizarre tattoo under each eye.

Ryoga turned his head as he felt that someone else was present. He quickly stood up and asked, "Ranma, are you alright, man?" His expression then changed to a curious one. "And what's with those tattoos on ya head?"

"What do you mean tattoos? You mean those strange ones under each of your cheek?" Ranma questioned while feeling his noggin for anything strange with his hands.

Ryoga dug into his heavy and possibly bottomless pack and brought out a mirror. He gave it to Ranma, who stared at his reflection and said, "I never seen these before. What about yours? Do you have one on your forehead?"

"Yeah," Ryoga pulled off the piece of fabric, which is only one this time, and on his forehead was a blue square mark, "I'd found out about a week ago and I tried to wash them off, but they wouldn't. It is as if they are burned onto my head. Do you think they mean something?"

"No," Ranma answered dumbly. He turned and as he walked out of the clinic, he turned his head back at Ryoga, "C'mon, let's go back to the dojo. I bet you wanna see Akane." Ryoga quickly followed him.

At Nekohaten...

"Let's see... that aura son-in-law projected... it appeared to have some sort of divine powers... Could it be that son-in-law is not... human, but a higher deity than Saffron?" Cologne muttered to herself as she closed the Grimorum (1), a tome that dealt with auras. If what the ancient book listed was true, then the Amazons were dealing with a being more powerful than Saffron, unless... Cologne pondered deeply for a minute, lately she had perceived some unusual powers that were similar to Ranma's, but they were more refined. She decided to keep her sense full out for the next few days.

She hopped to her great-granddaughter's room because she had been injured quite badly during that fight and it had taken a lot of her reserves of secret herbs to heal the injuries. The myopic Mr. Part Time and that harebrained samurai Kuno had been sent to the intensive care ward in Tokyo General Hospital and would most likely be able to get out at least 4 months or so (2) and the youngest Tendo girl and the Kuonji chef also were sent to the hospital but will get out in two weeks or so.

Somewhere in Tokyo...

Nodoka Saotome sighed as she hanged the clean clothes in the backyard of the Saotome Estate. A few hours ago, she had sensed Ranma's power. She had no doubt it was him because it was similar to her superior and that... monster. Suddenly a lightning came down from the clear, cloudless sky. On the ground was a message from her superior:

To Captain Nodoka of the 4th division of the Royal Valkyries:

I believe that now it was time to reveal the truth to young Ranma.


She thought hard for a minute before walking quickly into the house, brought out the Saotome Blade, and made a beeline towards a certain Anything Goes Dojo in Nerima.

Back to Nerima...

"Ranma! How dare you hurt my little girl!" As soon as Ranma opened the door of the Tendo Residence, Soun appeared out of nowhere and started to execute his now useless Demon Head Technique. Behind him, Genma-Panda was waving a sign that says [Boy! How can you let your fiancee get hurt!] at Ranma.

Ranma gave the illusion a frosty glare before it shrank into the trembling, emotional man. "What's wrong with her?" he inquired coolly.

Genma, who was now in human form, kicked Ranma into the koi pond. "Boy! You have endangered her in one of your fights and now she is in the hospital..." He was just about to talk about the h-word when Ranma-chan stood up in the middle of the pond and walked slowly towards the fat coward. The pigtailed girl now sported red tattoos shaped like pentagrams on her head and her aura was BLOODY red with black hues on the outside. Genma quickly switched to the Saotome Anything Goes Final Attack #2 (Crouch of the White Tiger).

Ranma-chan curled her lips in disgust at Genma. "DON'T YOU EVER PREACH ME ABOUT HONOUR, GENMA!" Ranma-chan spat out the name venomously at the gluttonous buffoon. "I'VE HAD IT ALL WITH YOUR SO CALLED 'HONOUR' TO UNITE THE SCHOOLS!" She cocked her fist behind her head as she prepared to give Genma a beating that he will never forget.

"Ranma, please stop this now!" Ryoga shouted at Ranma-chan.

"SHUT UP, P-CHAN! I NEED TO GET RID OF THIS CRAP NOW!" Ranma-chan growled dangerously back at the Lost Boy.

"Look, stop this now. You'll never satisfy your anger by beating him like that!"

"Listen, Ryoga, not only this idiot made MY life a living hell, but he also made yours too!"

"Huh?" Ryoga turned his head and looked at the fat martial artist and back to the furious girl dumbly.

"To tell you the truth, he made you to lose your balance at Jusenkyo before I knocked you into the pool! If he didn't strike you off balance, you wouldn't have fallen into the Spring of Drowned Piglet, even with me knocking you!"

Ryoga turned his head towards the Panda Man, who was still on the ground groveling on the ground for his life. "Genma Saotome! How dare you make my life a living HELL!!! PREPARE TO DIE!!!" Ryoga's mark on his head glowed with energy as he rushed forward and gripped the poor excuse for a martial artist on the thick neck with the left hand. He pummeled relentlessly at Genma with a speed that matched the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken with the free hand. He finished the barrage with a powerful uppercut at the chin of his new object of obsession. Genma quickly flew up into HEO.

Just after the fat man disappeared over the horizon, there were feminine screams outside the external walls of the Tendo home and a tiny figure with a big sack behind his back leapt over it. "What a haul! What a haul!" Just as Happosai walked into the the house to look at his new treasures, he saw Ranma-chan in the corner of his piggy eyes. "Oh, Ranma-chan," he bounced happily towards the agitated girl while holding a bra and a pair of panties that were... indescribable, "I really would like you to..." The perverted dwarf quickly stopped in his tracks when he sensed his favourite plaything's aura. {What's with Ranma's aura? It is not possible!? He can't be... a demon?!}

"If you're going to make me wear those... things, I'll kick your ass so bad that you won't be able sit down for a month," Ranma's growl immediately broke Happosai's train of thoughts as she quickly went into a martial arts stance.

Happosai quickly hide behind a wall of bravado he had erected. "Hmm... no, I'm kind of tired today. Must be old age or something..." The Perverted Master muttered the last part more to himself than to Ranma. He changed his direction and walked quickly into the house to check out his new "pretties" of the today's raid.

Ranma's eyes narrowed as she watched the tiny pervert stepping into the house; she could tell there was something wrong with Happosai. Her red eyes averted to Soun, who was groveling at his master. She made a mental note to keep an eye on the old troll this following week before making her way to the furo for a hot soak.

Not yet finished...

(1) If you're wondering what's with the title of the book that Cologne was reading, I've taken it from Tales of Phantasia, so I don't own it.

(2) C. Rose pointed out that Mousse and Kuno should die from the powerful energy blast. Well, if they could survive countless Kachu Tenshin Amagurinkens, Hiryu Shoten Has, and Mouko Takabishas, then there should be no reason why they can't survive Ranma's new technique. Besides that attack right now, even though it blew up the whole school, was about as strong as Herb's Flying Sword of the Dragon Technique, which can slice off the top of a mountain and an opponent's head.