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Baby, get on your knees
and beg me, "Pretty Please?"

On Your Knees
By Shibarania


Naruto mentally groaned. He glanced quickly at the boy in front of him, letting his sulky frown deepen.

How did he get himself into a situation like this? More importantly, how was he going to get out of it?

18 hours, twenty-two minutes prior…

"Sasuke, I challenge you!" A tall, blond boy who appeared to be roughly around the age of sixteen or seventeen, screamed at an even taller boy. This other boy, however, had dark bluish-black hair rather than blond.

The taller boy, who had been standing nonchalantly against a tree, gave the blond boy a 'look'.

"Right." The boy said in an uninterested, almost lazy tone. The blond twitched slightly.

"Don't give me that, Sasuke, you bastard! I'm serious!" The shorter of the two shrieked at the top of his lungs. The other boy, Sasuke, smirked.

"Why not just save yourself the embarrassment and go play with your dolls, like a good little boy, Naruto?" Sasuke said smugly, smirk still in place.

Naruto pointed his finger so close to Sasuke's face that the taller boy could literally feel the almost non-existent hair on his nose being tickled.

"You're afraid, aren't you?!" Naruto screeched in triumph. Sasuke scoffed and pushed Naruto's hand away.

"The day I fear you is the day Kakashi reads something non-pornographic." He said seriously, rolling his eyes.

"If you're not scared then, fight me!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke winced slightly at the pitch of the other's voice and became highly aware of the dull throb that was building in his temples.

Sighing, Sasuke said, "I'll only fight you if you can give me a good reason to." He stated bluntly. It was obvious that the annoying blond wouldn't leave him alone unless he agreed.

Naruto's furiously determined expression faltered, and then his brow furrowed in concentration-Fat chance of any useful thoughts coming out of that brain, Sasuke thought maliciously.

Then, Naruto's expression turned to that of mischievous glee; a look that made Sasuke wary.

"Alright, how's this, then? Whoever loses the battle has to be the other's personal slave for a whole week!" Sasuke's left brow arched slightly in interest.

"Hmn…" he grunted thoughtfully, glancing at Naruto. He shrugged. "Alright, then. Sounds…amusing."

Two hours later…

Naruto stared up with absolute and sheer horror at Sasuke, who currently had him pinned to the ground and a kunai at his neck and was smirking like the absolute smartass he was.

Where had he gone wrong?!

Well, maybe it was when you tripped and fell over, or when you ran into that tree, or when you fell for that ridiculously obvious kage bunshin, but hey, I'm no referee. A small voice supplied in his head. Naruto growled.

"This doesn't mean you've won, Sasuke!" he said loudly, squirming slightly underneath the weight of the taller boy. Sasuke smirked, applying the tiniest amount of pressure on the kunai. Naruto winced but made no sound as the blade lightly bit into his skin.

"I beg to differ, dobe." Sasuke said, a slight husk to his voice. Gnawing lightly on his lower lip, Naruto let out a sigh of frustration.

"Fine." The tone of his voice was very similar to that of a child not getting his way. Sasuke couldn't help but let his smirk widen.

With a soft grunt, the dark-haired boy got off of Naruto, holding out his hand to the pouting boy. Naruto regarded the extended hand with interest, wondering vaguely what Sasuke's reaction would be if he sunk his teeth into the other boy's hand. Then he shook his head lightly, and accepted the hand, pulling himself upright, but still scowling darkly at Sasuke.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven-thirty sharp. Be ready." And then he sauntered off, hands in his pockets, leaving Naruto angry and humiliated.

In the present…

Naruto glared heatedly at the other boy's back, upper lip twitching in a light snarl. One hand tightened around the handle of his bag; he was aching to slam the bag into Sasuke's fat head, but he pummeled the urge down.

He had one hell of a week ahead of him, and it wouldn't do him well to start it off with a pissed off Sasuke bossing him around. Suddenly he wondered what Sasuke was going to make him do.

Clean his house? Cook his food? Wash his clothes? The thought of clothes brought a not-too-distant memory flying into his mind, and a light shiver shot down his spine, coming to a tingly rest at the small of his back as he remembered Sasuke's words from when he had come to pick him up.

"Before we go, go unpack any spare clothes you're bringing. You won't be needing them."

Shaking his head lightly, Naruto brought himself out of his thoughts. He immediately wished he hadn't.

Looming in the distance, like some horrible, stinking monster just waiting to gobble him up, was Sasuke's house. The other boy seemed to sense his agitation, for he turned slightly, an almost wicked look in his eyes.

"You better not be thinking of balking now, Naruto." He said evenly. Naruto puffed his cheeks in defiance, but said nothing in response. Only when the other boy turned away did he let the panic seep onto his face.

What the hell was Sasuke going to do to him?!

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