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On Your Knees
By Shibarania

Day two

9:00 AM is a busy time for those who reside in Konoha; shops are opening, children are awakening, breakfast is cooking. As the sun blossoms in the east like a glorious yellow rose, cheer is spread at the thought of another wonderful, exciting, fun-filled day. There isn't a person within Konoha's walls that doesn't love the morning.

Except Naruto.

Said boy was currently curled into an almost impossible knot of sheets and legs, wearing nothing but a pair of pale-blue boxers, the occasional snort escaping him in his slumber. Twitching slightly, he turned his head away from the intruding light that nagged at his closed eyelids. Floating in the limbo between wakefulness and slumber, he struggled to remain asleep. He had almost succeeded, when he heard a voice.

Naruto... "Mmn," the blond murmured, a smile twitching at his lips. Such a lovely, symphonic voice it was; so much so, that it made his toes curl. He heard it again, and found himself leaning towards the source of such a heavenly voice. Still enveloped in a blanket of semi-consciousness, he sleepily giggled when the voice sounded a third time.

Eagerly, Naruto awaited that delicious voice to say his name again, but was sorely disappointed when he heard nothing but silence. The fox-boy didn't have long to dwell upon such matter, however, for suddenly something wet and extremely cold was poured on him. He shot up with a squeal of shock, tumbling ungracefully out of his bed and to a heap on the floor. Above him stood Sasuke, a glass (previously containing icewater) in one hand and the other on his hip.

"Wh-what the hell was that for?!" Naruto shrieked, jumping to his feet and glaring hatefully at the dark-haired boy that still stood taller than him.

"You wouldn't wake up," Sasuke said in utter nonchalance, shrugging. A muscle in Naruto's cheek twitched. "Anyway, get dressed. I have work for you."

Naruto glared a few moments longer, before huffing and turning away to dress. Sasuke smirked, and exited the room. Once safely out of the blonde's room, Sasuke leaned against the door and inhaled deeply. One more moment of staring at Naruto's cold-perked nipples and his will might have failed him.

Soon, Naruto also exited the room wearing the skimpy kimono Sasuke gave him, a foul look on his features. "So, what do I have to do now," he grimaced, "master?"

Sasuke, either not noticing or ignoring the other boy's look of distaste, tapped his chin. "Well, this morning I awoke with such a backache," he said calmly. "Rub my back."

Naruto's jaw dropped. Rub Sasuke's back?! The mere mental images made him blush. "Y-yes, master," He said shakily, inwardly panicking.

Why am I even worried in the first place? he thought as he followed the Uchiha to wherever it was he was taking him. I shouldn't be freaking out! It's only a backrub, it's not like I like him or anything. Naruto pushed the burning, nagging voice that disagreed with his logic to the furthest recesses of his mind.

"Naruto? Naruto!"

Naruto snapped out of his musings, a light blush rushing to his cheeks. "Uh, h-huh?"

"I said, go get the lotion out of the bathroom," Sasuke responded, obviously irritated. Naruto couldn't help but blush harder as he scampered of to do as told.

Gods, what's wrong with me? The blond thought, clenching his fists and squeezing the tube of lotion. Just when he was sure his face was no longer pink, the blush returned with a mighty vengeance when he entered to the living room.

Sasuke was lying on his belly on the ground, eyes closed, shirtless, arms folded and chin tucked neatly ontop of them. Guh, Naruto thought senselessly, biting the inside of his cheek. He forced his legs out of the dead stop they had come to, walking stiffly over to the half-naked boy. Momentarily unsure, Naruto decided that straddling Sasuke's back was the only option.

Sasuke's face became hot when he felt Naruto sit ontop of him. The blonde's thighs squeezed his bare sides slightly, and it was all Sasuke could do to not blush harder when he felt that part press against the small of his back. He changed out of his boxers, Sasuke mentally smiled at the daring thought.

Naruto squeezed a generous amount of the lotion into the palm of his hand, and then hesitated. He hadn't given too many massages in his life, and he could only pray that he didn't mess up as he rubbed his hands together and then pressed his slicked fingers onto Sasuke's back.

Sasuke tensed slightly from the chill of the cream on the other boy's hands. Soon enough, though, he found himself relaxing as the fox-boy rubbed slow circles on his back. He sighed softly in pleasure as Naruto pressed the tension out of his muscles.

It took every ounce of the younger boy's will to keep his hormones under control, but he somehow managed. He continued to massage the other boy's back, until his fingers ran over a particularly sore spot. Sasuke let out a quiet moan, arching his back ever so slightly.

That was the straw that broke the donkey's back.

Sasuke's eyes snapped open when he felt it, and Naruto's face turned cherry red in mortification. The shorter boy scrambled off of Sasuke, a look of utter horror on his face.

"I, uh, I mean, I didn't..." He stuttered as Sasuke stood up. The other boy had an unreadable look on his fine features, and slowly stepped over to Naruto. The fox-boy tried to back away, but his stomach turned to ice when he felt the wall press against his back. As much as he attempted to stifle it, a whimper of fear rose from his throat when Sasuke placed his hands on the wall on either side of Naruto's head.

"Sas-Sasuke, I-I didn't mean to--" Naruto pleaded hurriedly, but hushed when Sasuke shook his head.

"You just don't get it, do you, Naruto?" Sasuke said softly, placing a finger under the other's chin.

Naruto's eyes widened and his heart started to flutter madly in his chest. What is he talking about...?! he thought frantically. The blood only began to pump faster in his veins when the taller boy lifted Naruto's chin, slowly lowering his face to creep ever closer to the blonde's. His feet were frozen to the ground, and Naruto couldn't even tell if he was breathing or not. All his attention was currently focused on the pair of pink lips that were now centimeters away from his own--

And just as Naruto felt he would combust from the sheer ferocity of the emotions swirling in his gut, Sasuke pulled away. The shorter boy looked up apprehensively at Sasuke, only to find that he was as emotionless as ever, despite the slight smirk that graced his lips.

"Good job. I feel much better now, Naruto-kun," Sasuke said, in his deep, velvety voice. This, to Naruto's horror, only made him blush harder.

After an awkward silence (at least on Naruto's part), the blond boy piped up, "Wh-what should I do now...?"

Sasuke looked thoughtful for a moment. "Have a bath," he said after a moment, shrugging. Naruto nodded, murmured something and dashed off to comply with his temporary master's orders. Once he was safely secured in the bathroom, Naruto placed the palm of his hand against his racing heart.

Gods, what was all that about? he thought hazily, blushing for the umpteenth time as he remembered the intensity of Sasuke's gaze, the huskiness of his voice, the softness of his breath, the--

Stop it! He commanded his libido, and for once, it obeyed. Sighing, Naruto stepped over to the tub and began filling it with water.

Why does he affect me like this? Naruto thought. It's never been like this before. I've never been...well, turned on by him, Uchiha Sasuke before...

Naruto undressed swiftly, staring blankly at the wall ahead of him. Unconsciously, he lifted a hand to gently touch his lips.

...He's never made my heart race before...

Naruto found himself feeling rather refreshed after his bath, but the feelings were short-lived at Sasuke's new announcement.

"No," Naruto said firmly, gazing at the sailor fuku* in Sasuke's hands with distaste. "No way."

"You seem to forget your level of authority here, Naruto," Sasuke said lowly, sending shivers down Naruto's spine. The blond pursed his lips stubbornly, and exhaled deeply through his nose, snatching the sailor fuku from Sasuke and storming none-too-softly to his room to change.

Moments later, Naruto appeared wearing a ridiculously short skirt that was even shorter than the kimono had been, and a short-sleeved shirt to go along with it that, if Naruto rose his arms above his head, rode upwards to reveal the thinnest line of a flawless stomach. The whole ensemble was white and orange.

"Sasuke..." Naruto said breathlessly, gazing up at the other boy with his pretty blue eyes. Sasuke felt a rush of heat in his stomach. "...I feel stupid."

Leave it to Naruto to ruin the moment... Sasuke thought in despair. "Don't be silly. You look--" hot, sexy, goddamn fuckable "—fine."

Naruto seemed to doubt this, but said nothing. "I want you to dust the house," Sasuke said, making Naruto's eyes bulge.

"Wh-What?! This house is freakin' huge!" He shrieked. "It would take me all day to do all that!" Sasuke smirked (and dammit, Naruto was getting tired of it!).

"Exactly," The dark-haired shinobi said coolly. Naruto glared hatefully at him.

"You--" He started to say, but wilted when Sasuke's gaze turned icy. "...yes, master."

"The duster's in the kitchen," Sasuke said smugly, and watched as Naruto sulked his way past him, towards the kitchen. The blond boy didn't get very far, though, for in his irritation he failed to notice the hill in the carpet and fell flat on his face. In doing so, the skirt flared upwards and was now giving Sasuke a bird's eye view of--HOLY SHIT.

He's. Wearing. Panties. Yes, Sasuke had given him panties. Pink ones, to be exact. Pink ones with a panda on the ass. But he certainly didn't expect Naruto to wear them; it was all just to tick the other boy off.

"Ow..." Naruto whined, not at all realizing the peep show he was currently giving Sasuke. When he did, however, he turned about fifteen different shades of red and squealed, leaping up and pushing the skirt down. This snapped Sasuke out of his trance, and the Uchiha himself turned pink. The taller boy coughed.

"Ah—um, duster. Kitchen. Go," he said, not trusting his voice to say anymore. Naruto scuttled off quickly, face still blazing red.

When Sasuke checked up on Naruto, he found the blond standing unsteadily on a ladder, dusting the top of a bookshelf. Apparently the other boy hadn't heard him enter, for when he called his name the fox-boy fairly well jumped out of his skin. Naruto didn't have time to remember that jumping on a ladder was not the smartest thing to do, and promptly fell.

Sasuke hadn't been the number-one rookie for nothing. He caught Naruto neatly in his arms, and peered in faint worry down at him.

"Dammit, Sasuke, don't scare me like...that..." Naruto started angrily, trailing into a breathless sort of sigh. Sasuke was so close, so fucking close to him that he could feel the heat radiating from the other boy. Their noses nearly touched, and even Sasuke seemed surprised at the position he had unwittingly put them in.

"Ah..." Naruto finally breathed, "Um, Sasuke...could you, um..." He cast his eyes downward, indicating that he wished to be put down. Sasuke hurriedly complied, muttered something, and exited quickly. As he left, Naruto noticed something. Squinting, he noted (with some amusement) that the peachfuzz on the back of Sasuke's neck had prickled in embarrassment.

He puffs up when he's upset, Naruto though merrily. Just like a big cat. Naruto climbed up the ladder again, this time going slowly and standing firmly at the top. He continued his dusting with gusto, not noticing the slight upbeat of his movements.

Naruto dragged himself lethargically into his room, flopping gracelessly onto the welcoming mattress. His arms ached terribly from all the dusting, and his nose burned like hell. All he wanted to do now was sleep his aches and pains away.

He curled into a comfortable ball, wriggling his way under the covers. Blinking sleepily, the blond boy's mind wandered as sleep started to take over.

I wish I knew...why he's making me feel like this, He thought tiredly. I really do... Before unconsciousness overcame him, he added one hazy thought:

Maybe I don't hate you...as much as I thought I did.

Naruto jerked out of slumber almost violently when a cold, rough hand slid over his mouth. He squealed in panic, attempting to twist away from the unknown attacker.

"Stop wriggling!" The attacker commanded in a hiss. "You'll wake Sasuke." At this, Naruto stilled, furrowing his brows in confusion. The faceless owner of the hand leaned forward slightly, bathing his face in moonlight.


*One of those outfits from Sailor Moon, kinda.

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