Cruel Intentions: The Serial

Chapter 1: Morning Tussle

"Rise and shine duchess, school awaits"

With a groggy whimper Kathryn's eyes fluttered open and she awoke. Judging by the heat radiating from behind her and the decidedly firm body pressing into backside her she realized she was sharing her bed with someone. A male someone. Detecting the arrogant smugness in her bedmates voice she knew right away who that male was. "Fuck off freak."

He snickered completely unfazed by her nastiness. Brushing away strands of her chestnut colored hair he whispered to her "is that anyway for the student body president to greet her darling step brother and greatest confidant?"

"Perhaps you'd prefer a swift kick to the balls instead" she hissed back. "That's what you're going to get if you aren't out of my bed by the count of five."

As she suspected he didn't move an inch. Instead of doing as she asked he staid put and moved his hand under the covers of her duvet. Resting his hand on her bare thigh he tapped his fingers against her skin.

Kathryn let out an annoyed sigh, "I mean it Sebastian. Five…four…three…two…"

"I suppose you're not interested in hearing about my break up with Annette then?'

Immediately she turned around now fully awake. Looking into his handsome face she insisted "do tell."

"Do you really want to know?"

"Not really" she lied. "But hearing about how you've destroyed some innocent girl's life is always amusing." Sebastian rolled his eyes at her, the glee seemingly melting from his face. Lying on his back he stared sullenly at her ceiling. Deciding to use his brooding to further torment him Kathryn leaned over his body and caressed his face. "Oh what's the matter Valmont? Feeling guilty over hurting poor Dorothy's feelings?"


"Then tell me about it"

"All right" he replied his eyes at last meeting hers. "After our little talk I realized you were right. I can't change and it was better that I end things with Annette now then hurt her later on."

"That's all very nice Sebastian" she snickered with a roll of her eyes. "Now get to the good parts. Did she cry?"

"What do you think?"

Kathryn giggled "did you cry?"

Sebastian's face went dark as he sat up quickly and pushed her onto her back. Climbing on top of her he held her arms down on the bed. "Enough about Annette, I believe you and I have a bet to settle."

Kathryn hardly fazed by her sudden submissive position pretended to be perplexed by what he was talking about. "Bet? Refresh my memory again."

"Gladly. We agreed that if I got the headmasters virtuous daughter into bed, as I did, then I get to spend the night with you and as you so delicately stated, put it anywhere."

"Ah yes, that wager"

"Yes that one" he replied irritated. "Now as you can imagine I was quite annoyed when I came back from breaking things off with Annette to find you had run off to the South of France for the summer."

Kathryn's sighed wistfully "well I needed to work on my tan."

"It was a most inconvenient time to leave seeing as we still had a wager to settle."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you turn down your winnings already? I seem to recall we were in this very room when you made it abundantly clear you weren't interested."

Sebastian flinched obviously not expecting that rebuttal. "I wasn't aware there was an expiration date on my reward."

Kathryn grinned maliciously "you should have read the fine print."

His face darkened as his grip on her wrists got tighter. "If I were you I wouldn't make this difficult. With or without your permission I'm taking my winnings."

"I wouldn't suggest it if I were you" she giggled.

His nose brushing up against hers and his mouth only centimeters away Sebastian pleaded "come on Kathryn."

"Oh Valmont" she sighed sympathetically. "I thought begging was beneath you."

"The only thing that's beneath me will be you when I take what's rightfully mine."

Kathryn's face hardened at this. She might play along with their little games now and then but she was no one's property let alone his. "Dream on asshole" she sneered as she used surprising force to push him off of her.

Sebastian tumbled off the edge of the bed and onto the hard wood floor. As his head smacked against it loudly he cursed "son of a bitch!"

Kathryn sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. "Thanks for the wake up call" she told him. "However I think it's in your best interest to keep your hands off me. Otherwise I might bruise more than your massive ego next time."

Getting up Kathryn strolled over to her bathroom so she could begin getting ready for school. Before she closed the door though Sebastian, who had pulled himself up to a sitting position, called out to her "this is far from over!"

"Silly rabbit, you still think you're in control of things don't you? Well you'll learn soon enough."

As Kathryn turned on her shower and prepared to get in she heard her bedroom door slam shut. Smiling she laughed as she thought of the look on Sebastian's face when she pushed him off the bed. Poor, delusional boy actually thought she would sleep with him after everything that went on this past summer. No, Sebastian had a brief window of opportunity to claim her and he passed it up. Loser.

Still that itch she had concerning him was still there. Kathryn had always been attracted to Sebastian, hell that was why she made the damn bet in the first place. Their wager had given her a legitimate opportunity to give into him. Now that the bet was over so was her excuse to sleep with him. Sure she could just ignore his initial brush off but she had far too much pride to do that. It was a game between them and she had no intention of giving up her most powerful weapon.

Unfortunately her desire for Sebastian still remained. Thinking of him laying on top of her, pinning her forcefully to the bed with his mouth so close she could practically taste it Kathryn began to feel warm and it wasn't on account of the hot water pouring over her. Letting her mind wander back to her sexy step brother Kathryn's hand squeezed her breast as the other one moved between her legs. Yes she was well aware of how pathetic it was that she reduced to pleasuring herself over him but he didn't know about it so what was the harm?

Following her shower Kathryn did her make up and hair then slipped on her school uniform. As she studied herself in the mirror she made a vow to keep Sebastian out of her life. From now on he was just her step brother and nothing more. Besides which she had more important things to concentrate on like her student body president position and of course ruining Cecile Caldwell. She would destroy that little bitch this year if it was the last thing she did.

As she gathered her school bag and stepped out of the room Kathryn stopped in her tracks when she spotted Sebastian lounging lazily on her mother's antique table across from her room. "What, have you upgraded to stalking now?"

"Don't flatter yourself" he sneered getting to his feet. "Mommy dearest insisted I drive you to school since she's taking the car for the afternoon. Undoubtedly so she can get something nip, tucked or injected."

Rolling her eyes Kathryn strolled past him and signaled him to follow with her hand as if he were one of the servants. "Let's go, I need to get there early so I can introduce myself to the headmaster." With a wicked grin she looked back at him and added "I'm sure he already knows all about you. Annette probably supplied him with all the gory details of how you broke her heart and popped her cheery."

Falling into step beside her Sebastian snarled back "your school uniform is looking a little snug this year Kathryn. Have you been forgetting to purge after you binge?"

Spinning back on her heels she spat "fuck you!"

"Soon enough baby" he replied in amusement.

Just as Kathryn was going to volley back an equally nasty comment a young woman, not much older than themselves, burst through their parent's bedroom door. Giggling she pulled up the strap on her slinky red dress and ran a hand through her mussed hair. When she noticed them she let out an embarrassed giggle "oh, hi there. You must be Eddie's kids. Um, you wouldn't happen to know where the little girl's room is?"

Without a word Kathryn and Sebastian simultaneously pointed to the left. She smiled appreciably "oh thanks a bunch."

As the girl headed down the opposite corridor the step siblings exchanged knowing looks. Then with a sigh once again headed down the hall. However once again they stopped when Edward Valmont came bursting out of the same room calling "come out, come out wherever you are, you sexy little nymph-oh, hello. I didn't see you two there."

"Obviously" Sebastian snorted before once again exchanging a knowing look with Kathryn. This was hardly the first time they had walked in on the middle of one of their parent's trysts. "I believe your little friend went that way."

Edward nodded "Jamie is my new executive assistant."

"I'm sure she is" Sebastian replied. "I hope you're paying her over time."

Edward gave his son a withering glance before turning his attention to his step daughter. "Kathryn it's so good to see you dear. I was very disappointed that you weren't here when your mother and I arrived home."

Kathryn embraced her step father allowing him to hold her perhaps a little closer than necessary. "Oh I missed you so much step daddy! It was so lonely with out you here. Sebastian was a somewhat poor substitute." Kathryn winked at her step brother over Edwards shoulder.

Sebastian scowled in return. He hated when she did this, purposely flirted with his father just to drive him nuts. He knew Kathryn really thought his father was just a creepy loser but she encouraged his affection for her in order to get a rise of out Sebastian. It usually worked too.

"Darling you are looking as lovely as ever. I see Europe really agreed with you." Openly leering at the young girl he noted "that's quite a color you acquired. I bet you don't even have any tan lines."

"How did you know?" Kathryn teased. Pushing her shirt of her shoulder suggestively she flashed him her bare skin while she eyed Sebastian. "See?"

"Very nice"

"Yes, perhaps I can show you the rest after school"

"Sweet fucking Christ I think I'm going to be ill!" Sebastian snarled as he angrily grabbed his step sister's arm and dragged her down the hall past his father. "We have to be getting to school now sis."

"Something wrong Sebastian? You seem all flushed"

"Yeah this fucked up family is what's wrong"

She laughed "jealous?"

"Of what?"

"The fact that I might offer your father something you'll never get" Kathryn explained as she pulled out of his grip.

As they approached the living room he told her "if you want to roll around with step daddy be my…"

Sebastian trailed off as a picture of Cecile flashed across the big screen T.V. in the living room. "Fifteen year old Cecile Caldwell, only daughter of oil tycoon Richard Caldwell and social light Bunny Caldwell lost her life two days ago while on vacation with her family in Florida. A memorial service will be held at Manchester Prep today, the prestigious private school she was to begin today."

With a roll of her eyes Kathryn let out an annoyed sigh and grumbled "oh well that's just great."

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