A/n: This is my lame attempt at a WWE Highschool fanfic. Please review...and yes, I realize the attendance isn't in alphabetical order. It's just so you'll know who and all is in the story.

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The first day of school had approached. Students filed into WWE High School, scurrying to classes and talking to friends. In the eleventh grade homeroom, Mr. Bischoff sat at his desk and watched the students come in and take their seats, chatting away. "Can I have your attention, please?" he asked.

The students continued to talk, ignoring Mr. Bischoff. "CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!?"

Everyone snapped to attention.

"Thank you. As you may already know, I'm Mr. Bischoff. I'm your homeroom teacher--"

"Thank you Captain Obvious..." Matt Hardy muttered. His friend, Shannon Moore, laughed.

"Matt? Do you have something to say?" Mr. Bischoff cocked an eyebrow.

"No." Matt smirked.

"All right. Anyway, I also teach Math in this room. Here's your list of teachers and classes. Mr. Cole teaches English in room 213. Ms. Young teaches History in room 214. Mr. Constantino teaches Art in room 215. Mr. Ross teaches Geography in room 216. Ms. Runnels teaches Home Ec in room 217..." Mr. Bischoff continued.

"Okay, Shannon. Let's skip History, Art, Home Ec, Gym and Geography." Matt whispered.

"Okay." Shannon agreed.

Suddenly, the door opened and Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho walked in. "Sorry we're late, Mr. Bischoff." Chris said, handing Mr. Bischoff a note. "We were at a very important student council meeting. After all, we are co- presidents."

"All right, Chris, Trish. Take your seats." Mr. Bischoff said. Picking up a folder and pen, he began taking attendance. "Stacy."

"Like, here."


"I'm, like totally here."





"Chris Jericho?"

"Present and accounted for."

"Chris Nowinski?"

"Please. Call me Christopher."










Victoria twitched. "Here."


"I'm here, but I'm not telling you anything you already didn't know."


"Here I am."


"Yeah, I'm here."


"Everyone calls me Big Show."


Albert just grunted.


"Present and accounted for!"








"Konnichiwa, Bischoff-san."




Edge grinned. "Here!"




"I am sooo totally here!"


"Citizen Bischoff! Hello!"




"Here, dude."





The bell rang. It was time for English. The students all filed out and headed to room 213.