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Speak by Night Beauty



"Are you okay?"

I place rice into my mouth and nod, averting my gaze to the intricate designs of the wooden table. My step-aunt isn't violent or abusive today. I wonder why.

She sips her tea. "I was really worried about you when I heard about the accident."

"Then why didn't you visit me?"

She's surprised. Was it because I spoke?

"I. . .did," she says slowly. "But when I opened the door, I saw a young man there, and you were holding his hand."

Oh, she saw me with Sesshoumaru-sama. . .

"You know, when your mother was young, she was involved in a car accident. Your father was always by her side."

For the first time --- in a long time --- she smiles at me.

And for the first time --- in a long time --- I smile back.



"We're glad to see you're back!" Kagome chimes.

I smile, nodding.

"By the way," Inuyasha crosses his arms, "What the hell was Sesshoumaru doing there?"

"You've ruined the moment," Sango mutters, shaking her head.

His ears twitch.

"He's. . .the one who saved me. At least, he was there when it happened."

"Told you he's not all bad," Kagome nudges him at the side.

I nod. "He's very nice, Inuyasha-sama."

Sango ruffles my hair. "You seem different. That's nice. I like the new you!"

The hair at the back of her head straightens out, and as a reflex, her hand turned to smack Miroku into the wall.

"You need improvement."




I turn around to see Kouga, waving in my direction. I tilt my head and walk to him.

"How are you?" he asks, closing his locker.

I shrug. "I'm fine, I guess."

He pulls me to a corner. "Was it. . .Kagura who attacked you?"

I shift uncomfortably and nod. "But. . .it's fine now. I know what happened. . .back then, with your and your friends, and Naraku and my father."

He doesn't seem to have heard me. "That Kagura. . .I'll get her. . ."

I wave my arms in defense. "No! It's fine, really. I think you should just be on fine terms with her. Everything was back then."

"She killed my friends," he muttered.

"But what led to that? Weren't you the one who led them to fight us?" a voice says.

"Kagura," he growls.

"Listen," she says sternly. "I've. . .thought of a few things. I. . ."

The wolf demon peers at her, crossing his arms.

Is she trying to apologize?

"She's sorry," her sister, Kanna, says flatly.

"When would a wench like her apologize?"

"Here's the thing," Kagura snaps. "You know they might be kicking demons out of this school. I actually. . .kind of like it here." She looks at me. "And since you told me to let go of he past, I will."

"Why?" I whisper.

"You've had it worse than me."



I've had worse than her. . .

I lean against my locker, staring at the huge window in front of me. Outside kids are playing soccer.

It's a feeling, but I feel as someone else was here.

I glance to my left to see Sesshoumaru-sama with one hand in his pocket.


"You know, when your heart beats fast, it means you're connected to someone."

My mother is holding hands with my father, and they both are smiling at the little me.

"We hope someday you'll find someone who'll make you happy."

End Flashback

My heart's beating fast now. . .because. . .he's here?

"Are you okay?"

I nod, a bit nervous to be around him, which I'm usually not.

What's wrong with me?

His head jerks at the window, and he quickly places both hands on the locker with me between them. His position was as if he was shielding me from something.

Suddenly the glass shatters, thanks to the soccer ball. The pieces of glass scrape him, tiny bits of blood strolling down his skin. A chunk makes a thin line of red stroll onto my hands.

"Sesshoumaru-sama. . ." I mutter. "You're always. . .protecting me."


They said people destined together are tied by a red thread. . .the blood? Is that it?

I wrap my arms around his waist, digging my face into his school jacket.

He gasps lightly, stepping back, but I stay put.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Stay with me." I mumble.

I figure he doesn't know how to act under pressure.

I giggle, letting go of him. As I step back, I extend one arm out. "Walk me home, please?"

My eyes may have deceived me. But is Sesshoumaru-sama blushing. . .a little, tiny, bit?

Keeping his one hand in his pocket, his other reaches out and takes mine.

"Thank you."

You're the 'someone just for me'.

The End



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