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-Charizard (which he has finally trained)

-Bulbasaur (still hasn't evolved)

-Squirtle (same thing)

-Heracross (why not?)

-and uh… Larvitar (sure he kept it after the Mt. Silver thing. I think. Well it trusts him and is in a Pokeball


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Ash: 18

Misty: 18

Brock: 20

Chapter 1: Pewter City's Problem


It was an unusually cold day in the mountains, even for in the mountains, when it all began. Ash, Misty, and Brock remembered those snowy grounds that they traveled on very well. It was the place where three years ago they had been and were again. They were separated from one another. While Ash was struggling to stay warm, and alive, Misty and Brock had been lounging in Hot Springs just waiting for morning without a care in the world. Ash still had nightmares about this place, he dreamed that they never found each other and he froze out there. He would see his Pokemon frozen in blocks of ice and then lose the will to live and he'd crawl up in a ball and wait for death. It was usually around there that he'd wake up crying. He still didn't have the courage to tell anyone about this, it was his little secret.

"Brrrrrr! It sure is cold up here!" Misty said shivering. She looked down at the baby in her arms for a response but found that her little Togepi was sleeping. She smiled. 'At least someone is relaxed.'

"You're telling me!" Ash said. "It's freezing up here." He looked towards Misty and then realized it. He was a jerk. He was walking along in his long sleeve black shirt with a thick blue jacket on and long pants, and Misty had nothing. She was walking along in her short shorts held up by her red suspenders and tiny yellow shirt. 'Wow I'm selfish!' he thought. 'I should help her'

"Here." Ash said. Misty looked over and saw him handing her his jacket. She stared at him and stopped walking; he stopped to.

"Oh Ash I can't take that, you'll freeze without…"

"Without it!? Misty without it you'll freeze, you need warmth and I'm offering you my jacket." Ash said. There was still hesitation on her face. "Mist' I'm not walking again until you take my jacket and that's final!"

"Okay fine." She said even though inside she was overjoyed. 'To think that Ash would risk pneumonia for me.' She thought. "Thanks." She whispered to herself.

"Your welcome." He said with a giant smile on his face. "I knew you wanted my jacket Misty you can't hide your emotions from me."

'Then how have I been for the past three years?' she asked herself with a snicker.

"Hey! Hurry up you two!" Brock yelled from about fifteen feet ahead of them. "This isn't break time you know! We have to make it to a warmer spot by nightfall or else we'll all freeze!"

"Sorry Brock!" Ash yelled.

"Yeah sorry Brock!" Misty echoed. The two of them jogged along until they were equal with Brock.

"I had to give Misty my jacket." Ash said. "Don't worry we won't have to stop anymore. I hope" With that said they walked on until about 100feet when the wind suddenly picked up around them. Making it impossible to travel.

"It's a twister!" Misty yelled.

"It's a blizzard!" Brock said.

"No! It's a Pidgeot!" Ash yelled. And sure enough he was right because a few seconds later a giant Pidgeot landed in front of them. Misty backed up but Brock and Ash held their ground. Then Ash recognized the bird. "Pidgeot? Is that you buddy?!" he asked.

A piercing 'PIIIIDGEEOOOTTT' filled the air around them.

"It is you it really is!" Ash said. "I can't believe that the Pidgeot I released in Pallet Town found me here! Say why are you here all of a sudden?" Ash asked.

As if on command the giant bird stuck out its leg which had a letter tied to it. Ash pulled the letter off and looked at it.

"I wonder what this is for." Ash said before he opened it. He pulled out a piece of paper that was folded so that it fit in the envelope. He read it aloud:

Dear Pokemon Trainer Ash,

We regret to inform you that recently there has been an outbreak of an incapacitating illness in Pewter City. All humans and most Pokemon in the area have been infected with this virus. We fear that it may soon spread to other cities. The reason we have told you this is because the only Pokemon species not infected are Pikachus, we know that you currently have a Pikachu with you that is phenomenally healthy. We would like you to send us your Pikachu so that we may study it and help make and antidote for the virus. This letter also serves another purpose. We also know that you are currently traveling with a native of Pewter City who also specializes in breeding Pokemon, we want him to come with your Pikachu. He would be invaluable to us in finding a cure and taking care of the Pokemon. Please, we need your help. Come immediately on the Pidgeot we have sent.


Officer Jenny

Nurse Joy

PS- Please Ash do not send any more humans or Pokemon for we only have enough HAZMAT suits for two.' He finished reading. He was stunned and read the letter over.

"I'll go." Brock said with the sincerest look on his face. "I must help my town. Ash will you please let me take Pikachu?"

"Of course." Ash said. He pulled off his backpack and opened up the zipper. Inside was the sleeping Pikachu whom the weather had taken its toll on. "Pikachu wake up." Ash said. "Pikachu you need to go to Pewter City with Brock right away. He'll explain everything on the way." Ash picked up the sleepy Pokemon and handed him to Brock.

"Thanks," Brock said. "Now here." He handed Ash his Pokeballs. "There's food in my pack and you can use my sleeping bag for warmth. Now we must go, quickly." He hopped up onto the back of the winged giant and they were off at once.

Ash and Misty watched them fly off leaving the two of them all alone on the cold mountain. Ash was worried but relieved at the same time. He was relieved that this hadn't happened a few months ago when Team Rocket was still functioning. Then he wouldn't know what to do. But they were disbanded now that Jesse and James had provided invaluable evidence to the police that lead to the raid that disbanded Team Rocket for good. Ash had heard about the raid. They decided not to put any Pokemon in danger so they went in with guns. Lots of guns, it was a horrible sight to see so many people fight and die over such a tragic thing. But while Ash was remembering the past Misty was thinking about her near future.


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