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Now, you might think I was schizo if I told you one day I started to hear these two voices in my head and they weren't even speaking English. Well, I thought I was completely out of it, or imagining it, but I wasn't. Now, I should probably go into how they ended up there, but as I didn't find out for a while, neither will you.

So there I was in those nice calm moments between getting into bed and closing your eyes and actually falling asleep. I heard something, a voice in a strange language rather pleasant really, like a lullaby. I had yet to realise that the voice was not calm collected or pleasant, but angry. So I dismissed it and thought that it was just my imagination and fell to sleep.

I'm not really one to remember my dreams as they're usually incoherent at best (aren't all dreams?) but when I woke up, I remembered that one. I was standing inside of this tube speeding along, sitting quietly I looked around to see these two beautiful men sitting opposite me, talking with each other. Besides being beautiful I still would have overlooked them, but they were talking in /that/ language; the one I heard before I fell to sleep. Of course, I just assumed that it was because I'd heard it before I sleep, wouldn't you?

So these two guys, they kept arguing and gesturing to me, I suppose I should give a description of them although this may show me as ever so shallow. The one who looked angrier (hard to judge as they both seemed quite aggravated) looked to be tall, although he was sitting down. He had long dark brown hair and pale skin, high cheek bones, model-looking. His companion looked rather opposite, blond hair (slightly shorter than the firsts) darker skin taller, broader, quite...pretty. There was a tinge of what I guessed was humour in his otherwise angry countenance.

Well, they kept at it for a while, not noticing me watching (although I still suspect said blond knew I was watching). Suddenly angry eyes flashed at me and the brunette was apparently asking me something in that language. It sounded ever so polite and questioning, what gave it away as a heated question was the glare he was giving me. So I answered as truthfully as I could.


The blond suddenly looked smug and the brunette seemed to be pouting, quite a funny sight, so I laughed. So I figured they must have been arguing at one point whether I would understand them. I guess the blond won. The brunette went back to glaring at me and the blond shrugged apologetically. So we all sat there in silence and that's all of the dream I remember, I think I must have woken up first, or drifted off into other, more pleasant dreams. Perhaps that was my last dream of the night, or, who knows? Well, I was rudely awakened, places to go people to meet, that annoying place called 'sixth-form' to attend. Bah. Like I suspected I'd only had four hours sleep, darnit, must sleep earlier.

I get up, I stumble to the bathroom, wash my face, etc. and half way through getting dressed I hear it, that noise! One of the men's voices! I squeak and pull my top on, looking around frantically, to find no-one there. Again I heard nothing for the rest of the day, I put it all down to not being awake properly, but in my dream that night they were there again.

It was a nice green field, I suppose it was from them as they seemed happier here. The blond approached me and point to his head. He kept doing that and I had no idea what he was doing. Seeing my confused expression the brunette hit the blond on the arm telling him to stop (I think, or at least gesturing). The brunette then proceeded to point at himself and his companion and then place a finger to my temples. I nodded frantically. Yes, they were both figments from my imagination. Voices in my head were telling me I was imagining them. I'm crazy. The blond seemed pleased to have gotten the point across, although the brunette seemed dubious.

Well, better not be rude to the figments of my imagination, they might just be aspects of me, you never know. So I thought I'd introduce myself, pointing to myself I said, "Sara."

Both of them looked confused for a second, the blond almost going to make the classic move of pointing to himself and saying 'Sara' when the brunette, sensing what he was about to do, hit him and pointed to himself, saying, "Erestor." Then he pointed to the blond and said, "Glorfindel."

"Glorfindel?" I repeated, come on, it was worse than 'Glorificus' from Buffy, OK, maybe not, but still. The blond just nodded vigorously.

I looked around and thought I might as well point out random objects, what else was I going to do for the rest of this dream? I pointed at the sky, "Sky," I got a blank looked from the blond but the brunette seemed to guess what I was trying to do. I pointed as close as I could to the sun, "Sun." of course, this could mean multiple things, bright, shiny, yellow, sky, sun, look, cloud. This was hopeless. Oh well, never hurt to try, did it? Maybe something closer would be easier to say.

I pointed to my hair, and said "hair." But then, that could have meant brown or hair or curly or...OK, this was harder than it looked. Ok, maybe colours. I pointed at my hair and said, "brown" I pointed at my trousers and said, "brown" I pointed at Erestor's hair, and picked some earth up, all the time saying brown. Erestor repeated "brown" while the blond acted blond.

Maybe I could do 'hair', I pointed at mine and said, 'hair', then Erestor's (very very nice I might add) hair and then Glorfindel's saying 'hair'. I think they got that, and then, finally, I pointed at mine and Erestor's hair saying, "brown hair." I figured with that learnt I might as well try Glorfindel's, "blonde hair." Erestor repeated it, hey, this was easier than at first suspected!

Well, this continued for sometime (I suppose I went to bed earlier this night) and by the time I woke up I had my dream figures with 10 whole words, 'brown', 'blond', 'hair', 'grass', 'green', 'tree', 'dirt', 'leaf', 'leaves' (hey, that counts!) and 'eye'.

So when I woke up that day, I didn't expect to still hear the two voices repeating the last word I'd taught them. I shrieked and dived back under the covers. Apparently I'd gone mad, I was hearing voices in my head. So I sat there and listened to them argue for a while, well, I guessed it was arguing.

I guess I fell asleep because suddenly we were in the tube again (funny how my dreams seemed to take place in a grimy London tube and theirs in a nice green clearing). So they were sitting there looking at me, rather concerned. I shrieked and pointed at them saying, "NOT REAL!"

They looked at each other rather worriedly, Erestor with an 'I-told-you-so' look and Glorfindel with a 'oops-my-bad-I-guess-she-didn't-understand-us-after all' look. And then Glorfindel came over trying to calm me down, quite hard when neither person speaks the same language.

"But I've gone mad! I can hear you when I'm awake! And you're not real, because you're just in my head and..." I believe I ranted on for a while, handling the event quite well in fact, although Glorfindel still insists I overreacted. Well Glorfindel seemed to get the point of what was wrong with me, or at least some of it. Now, I was at a loss, if there were people stuck in my head then it was unbelievable and if I was hallucinating (for three days) then it was more likely. Actually, neither seemed rather plausible. I did what any person would do in that situation. I taught them more words. Sufficed to say I was rather late for school that day.

I rose from the bed, late late late late...hey, voices in your head take second place to the panic of being late for school. More delays results from my realisation that they could see out of my eyes. Darn. This caused me to refuse to look at myself, not even my reflection in the mirror (I was being rather silly in this aspect I suppose). I mean, they saw what I saw! Would you honestly want these two gorgeous men seeing you naked?!

Right, take PJs off, skip wash, can't deal with that now, clothes, hm. This is when I discovered how much worse it got. They could feel what I felt, I realised for all intensive purposes they inhabited this body (well, at least for as real as they were). If I smashed my arm into a door frame, they felt it. And at the moment they were using this aspect to complain about the uncomfortableness of certain items of clothing. Males. I refused to skip it, I am NOT giving in to the voices in my head.

I grabbed my bag, said good-bye to my mother and started the run to school. The second we stepped out of the front door I had my first inkling they were actually real, and not just voices. They stopped in silence and didn't say anything. I think they were speechless, but it's hard to tell when you can't see them. Well, they were pretty quiet for those first few days, that is until I taught them some more words and could explain things to them.


I could still hear them quietly talking to each other, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible but that's rather hard when you're all in the same head. Well, at least I had courteous voices in my head. And I'll just tell you how all of this went. I had no idea of what the hell was going on so I did the only thing a teenage girl in this day and age would do. I ignored it and hoped it would go away.

I didn't completely ignore it, or refer to it as 'it' actually. I taught them the odd word, you know quite a lot actually, I believe by the end of the month they'd learned a whole load of words and they could ask questions, well, sort of. More like, 'what?' 'where?' 'who?' The problems came when I started to get to know them better and understand their noises of question. For example, the first time we walked past a bus Glorfindel let out this rather ominous sound. (According to Erestor which he explained much later, it was due to the experience with the Balrog). The only issue was when I saw something I gave it a name and tried to explain it with the limited words they knew.

For example, when I first went on the computer, that had been an experience. I sat down at school and quickly logged on, to check my e-mail. This had been on the first day. They didn't ask me about it then, but they did ask me about it in my dreams. We were back in the green field, but now the computer from earlier was sitting there and Glorfindel was looking at it with a quizzical look on his face.

I showed him how we typed things into it and he looked on in amusement. I brought up pictures and various webpages, watching him, and Erestor now (who had at first shown indifference towards the strange machine until it had been gathered that it was a source of information) was tapping the screen. I think they got the basic concept, but it'd prove useful in days to come which I'll show you later.

But when we were at school and I'd try to explain something, it wouldn't quite work out. I'd end up getting rather frustrated and sitting talking to myself. It was one of my friends who came up to me first and asked me if there was something wrong. I was trying to explain what the purpose of an ID card was.

"Sara?" I turned around to see one of my friends there.

"What?" I snapped.

My friend looked a little taken back, oops, perhaps I should apologise. "Sorry, what did you want?"

There was concern in her eyes, maybe I ignored it at the time, bad move, "nothing, nothing at all." She said and moved away.

A week later I was dragged into the school nurses room. I wasn't that bad, was I? I mean, I should have said something then, "There's been some...concern."

I looked up, in my head I could hear Glorfindel go, "What?"

She explained the situation and that there may be need for further advice to be looked into if I continued, 'talking to these voices in my head'. Well, wasn't that just the icing on the cake? This caused me not to talk or respond in anyway to Glorfindel or Erestor for several weeks. I didn't want to be heavily medicated, would you? (Although, it does sound quite alluring sometimes...).

Weeks passed and there was another blow, people were becoming concerned for me because they thought that I looked withdrawn, withdrawn?! I was starting to become a subject to gossip about. Two months must have passed and then it happened, it was in one of my dreams and a computer was present.

Erestor looked at me and he seemed to have picked up our alphabet, or at least enough that he could type in a name. 'Aelfwine.'

I wonder who this Aelfwine character was.

So when I woke up, I couldn't actually remember the dream, it was Erestor that told me about it later. Yet I had this one word in my head 'Aelfwine'. So I logged on to my computer, pulled up Yahoo and typed in the name. That's when the weirdest shit happened. It turned up results, and led me straight to Tolkien and Lord of the Rings.

Now you'd be thinking, how the hell can she miss that?! Well, think about it, I've never read the books, never got round to seeing the films and Glorfindel and Erestor aren't mentioned directly anyway (in the films). And it's not like I'd listened properly to Erestor and Glorfindel tell me all about who they were, I mean, I hadn't even noticed they were elves yet. (They saved that surprise for a while...I have no idea why though).

So now we had a much larger chance of being able to communicate. Oh the joys. I supposed this meant they were real as well...maybe that wasn't such a bad day after all.


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