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The Wedding

Let's recap our grand plan, shall we? You already know how I presented it to Glorfindel and Erestor, this is what I didn't tell them until later:

My mother's cousin's daughter (my second cousin) wasn't /actually/ a therapist yet, she was training to be one, and she was almost done!

When I said she lived close to my grandmother, I meant in the same general direction, if you're cross-eyed. She was about a forty mile drive west of them.

Therapy took lots of sessions over a considerable amount of time.

To say my second cousin liked me was being kind, she barely knew me, well, it was more she knew me but hadn't seen me in a lot of years. But my plan would easily work, all I had to do was play the sweet relative and visit and then tell her all about this strange thing I'd found. Simple. No?

Now, how to explain to Glorfindel and Erestor that I needed to appear sweet and innocent without telling them why. This was a slightly harder part. But it might be easier to explain, there was a wedding to attend, of course. Oh wait, did I forget to explain this?

One of my mothers other cousins was getting married, a nice, big, /family/ wedding, and guess who was going to be there? Oh yes, my second cousin.

"Do you ever want to get wed?" Glorfindel asked me.

"Maybe, I don't know, why, do you?" I paused for a second, "Are you?!"

"Nay!" He seemed almost as disturbed by the idea as I was. Glorfindel. Married. Eugh.

"I was almost married once," Glorfindel said, his mood had turned distinctly sour, "T'was before the Fall of Gondolin, she was one of the ladies from the House of the Tree..." He sighed and I saw flashes of a woman smiling, white houses surrounded her and behind them, in the distance were mountains.

He stopped and focused on one memory in particular, as with all memories I saw it from his point of view. He was standing in a garden, high-walled and peaceful and it was dawn. And there was an Elf-maid pressed against my...his side. She smiled and turned towards him.

"See Glorfindel? Tis the dawn on the trees, who would have it any other way?" She looked...contented.

"Any time of the day spent with you is." Glorfindel answered and she laughed.

"Glorfindel you can be silly, I meant look, the symbols of my house and the symbol of yours." She pointed to the trees and the sun, clearly embossed on Glorfindel tunic. Glorfindel smiled and hugged her tighter

"I know my love, I suppose we should return you before-" Glorfindel sentence was cut off by the shouting from somewhere in the garden.

"I know you're there! Come home this instant." Legolas shouted across the garden.

"Damn him and his great sight." Glorfindel muttered.

"I can hear you there, Head of the Golden Flower! She has not returned home this night, I know she is there!" Legolas called through the garden once again.

"He has wonderful hearing again? Eru forbid he ever come right into the city, the gossip he'd have after a few moments there!" His lover laughed and rose to leave. "Beloved, don't go, he'll go away..."

"Glorfindel, I'm not going anywhere!" Legolas once again called.

Glorfindel sighed and kissed him beloved, "Until tomorrow!"

She walked toward the voice of Legolas turning back once before she disappeared from sight, "Nay, today my fair lord!"

The memory faded and Glorfindel sighed again.

"Why didn't you marry her once you reached Valinor, once she'd been reborn?" I asked a perfectly reasonable question.

Glorfindel glared, if that was possible, "She'd married someone else, a Teleri, no offence Erestor."

As usual, Erestor almost automatically responded, "Do not worry about it."

"And that was it? I mean, she just...married someone else?"

"Not all of the love stories were as great as Luthien and Beren, and not all are as...deep as theirs. She has children, and her children have children and more! In the time that she has done all this, do you know what I have done? I have battled at the command of the Valar, I have lost countless games to him (in reference to Erestor, I guessed) and I have slept with nearly every female I've met!"

And then there was silence, something that would have been an awkward silence had we not heard outbursts such as these from Glorfindel before.

"Well, come on, we have a wedding to get ready for."

And with that we started raiding my wardrobe.


Of course, as with all my grand schemes, it failed, and boy did it fail miserably. Firstly, I was a bit too rushed when I tried to talk to her, I mean, I went over, said hello and was rather polite and everything, except she sneered at me and walked away. What, didn't she like the clothes? I'm only not supposed to wear white, right? Black was good for weddings, wasn't it? OK, maybe it was my behaviour, let me re-run the day.

We arrived at the church, nice and prompt and on time, well, the first time we did. We entered the church, it wasn't far from my home, only an hour or so drive from my home; just outside of London. So we arrive, mum found a close parking space, it was an adorable church, more like a chapel really. It has one spire and not much else. There were cars parked everywhere and there was already a photographer setting up outside.

We entered the church, Glorfindel and Erestor asking questions about all different manor of things. I tried to remember to answer them in my head, I honestly did. Inside of the church (past all of the pesky people greeting us) each pew had flowers attached to it (must have been cheap, there weren't a lot of pews). So we're in there, waiting for the ceremony to begin, when I start sneezing. Go out side to get some air, I think, I mean that seems like the most logical solution, doesn't it? It would have all been fine if it wasn't for the fact that we /someone/ was distracted by the graveyard.

Sneeze. "You bury the bodies of those who pass here?" Erestor. Sneeze nod.

"Do these places not become full after a while?" Glorfindel. Less powerful sneeze another nod.

"What happens then?"

"Er, they find somewhere new to bury them? See this is the old part, the newer part is over there." Sneezing had almost subsided by this point.

"Can anyone be buried anywhere?"

"I think you have to have some connection to the parish, or to the area, you do have to be of the specific religion though." A last, almost quiet sneeze and some more wandering about the graveyard.

"Why are there no graves older than 1643?" Erestor.

I shrugged, "the church was founded in that year? The old graveyard got destroyed?"

"Will they dig this graveyard up like they did the one on the television?" Erestor.

"They dug a graveyard up? What?"

"Yes, in that program, they didn't know it was a graveyard but they thought it was." Erestor.

I was confused for a moment before I realised that we must have been watching a history program. Of course I have no memory of the program, I'm telling you, Erestor and Glorfindel use this body when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Either that or I have an extremely bad memory.

"Sara, why is there a lady in white entering the church?" Bugger.

"Because we're supposed to be inside of the church!" I said as I ran towards it.

I tripped up one of the bridesmaids and made my way into the church and managed to enter just after the bride. Typical.

That small indiscretion could have been overlooked, if I'd just sat there quietly for the rest of the ceremony. Except that was damned near impossible.

"Sara, why are they saying until 'death do them part'?" Glorfindel.

"Because they're not of Elven-kind, their bond is not supposed to pass death." Erestor.

"But that is bleak if it is true, no wonder Elrond didn't want Arwen marrying Estel. Only with her for 120 years and then lonely?"

"Glorfindel, stop being silly, this is their religion, we believe something different."

"We do?"


"What do we believe again?"

"Look, if you can't remember what you believe and you've met your gods then I'm not about the remind you."

"Oh fine, be like that, see if I care."

Not so many problems with this, it was just the fact the sneezing had returned and I kept forgetting to answer Glorfindel and Erestor in my head. When in the middle of the ceremony the priest turns to you and tells you to 'shush' you know things aren't going well. Especially when you're already near the back.

I think on the way out I got glares from nearly every person in the church. Particularly my mother. The second we exited the church she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side. Eeek!

"Sara! What the hell do you think you were doing in that church?! You were a disgrace!"

I gulped, and so did Glorfindel and Erestor; everyone with sense fears my mother. I tried to apologise, but that failed, then Erestor tried to apologise. That worked.

So eventually, after much grovelling on Erestor's part we were allowed into the reception, great lot of good that did me. My second cousin (as you may have gathered from previous comment) wasn't too impressed by my 'performance' in the church. She gave me a dirty look and walked in the other direction. Great, perfect, just what I needed.

There goes that plan.

"Sara, what are we going to do now?" Glorfindel asked in the car on the way home.

I shrugged and sighed, "I don't know, drug him?"

Well, you can't spell 'disaster' without 'sas' (which is what most people call me). So that's how I began work on plan B, let's hope this one works better.