Love and Insanity

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Chapter 1

Pain Beyond the Mind

"Where...Where am I" Kagome said to herself as she slowly started to open her eyes. She was in a place that seemed like a tourcher chamber. She lay on a wooden table with chains attached to her wrists and ankles. Arouned her were all sorts of knives, whips, and wierd liquids.

"Ahhh so you have awaken i see" she heard a creepy voice that sounded all to familiar.

"Naraku! What do you want from me! What are you going to do with me?!"

" I want you... to scream for me, I want you to beg me to kill you!" he said as he picked up a knife and some sort of green liquid off the table and started walking over to her.

"I would never beg to you! When Inu yasha gets here-" He cut her off.

"Inu yasha won't be able to join us, I'm sorry to dissapoint you, He won't find us" he said as he laughed that evil laugh that Haunted Kagome's dreams.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!" she screamed.

"I told you... I want you to scream for me" he said in pure hatered. He hated this Human as much as he hated Inu yasha Himself. She was the reason that most of his plans failed, she was the reason he almost died in his battle with Inu yasha. She was going to regret the day she ever heard of Naraku!

He put the green liquid up to her lips and she bit her lips together as tight as she could so he couldn't poor it into her mouth. "Come now Kagome, If you don't take it willingly, I will have to force you to" he said with ammusment in his voice. She kept her lips sealed and didn't budge, he laughed at her ignorance.

"Fine then, Have it your way" he said as he took the knife in his other hand and slowly sliced right below her breasts and down to her belly botton, the knife going atleast an inch or two in her skin. She screamed out in pain and he took the chance to poor the liquid in her mouth and clamped his hand over her mouth and nose so she couldn't breathe or spit it out.

She held it in her mouth before the need to breathe became to much to bare and swallowed the liquid. He took his hand away for her mouth and stared down at her for a moment. Instantly, The liquid ran through her blood and she felt like her body was on fire. She kicked and screamed as she felt like her flesh was burning away. Naraku just stared down at her in ammusement.

The potion he had given her was a tourcherous poison, It made you feel like you were being burnt to death without actually dying. You feel the pain, and the flames eating your flesh away, but its not really happening.

She screamed out so loud that you could hear her from a mile away, A scream filled with nothing but agonizing pain. Naraku just laughed out as he started walking away, "Dont worry, It'll be over in an hour or so" he laughed out as he walked out of the room, leaving her to mentally burn away, screaming out in pain.


"Stupid wench, She said she was just going home for some supplies and comming right back" Inu yasha mumbled to himself as he started heading for the well. When he reached it, he was about to jump in and go get her when he smelled her sent in the other direction, along with the sent of... Naraku! He raced to her sent as fast as he could, leaping on trees, rushing to her as fast as his legs would carry him. "Oh gods, how could I let this happen! Please dont be dead Kagome" he said to himself, as he picked up the pace even more.


Kagome felt the pain start to numb itself after what seemed like Eternity, but was only a meer hour. Her breathe became harsh as she looked down at her body. She was suprized to find that there wasn't a single burn on her body. 'It felt so real, it hurt so bad, I felt my skin burning away!' she thought to herself as tears spilled down her cheeks. She heard the door open adn saw Naraku appear before her with blue liquid in his right hand, and a knife in the other.

"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!!" she screamed out in horror. She couldn't stand the thought of going through somthing like that agian. He looked down at her weak form "Did you enjoy that slow death? I know I did" he laughed out as he put the blue liquid up to her lips. She turned away and forced her lips closed agian.

"I'm far from done with you, Wench!" he yelled as he took the knife and sliced deeper the same place he had cut her before, making it alot more painful than the first time. She screamed out but didn't open her mouth. "Ahhh stubbern, aren't we.." he said as he stabbed her right leg. She couldn't help but to open her mouth and let out a terrifying shriek as he poored the blue substance in her mouth and once agian clamped his hand over her mouth and nose.

Eventually, she had to swallow the liquid, terrified of what was to come, what pain she was going to feel. She waited for a moment, nothing happened. She sighed in relief, but right when she did this, she not only felt it, she saw it. A mental image in her head.

She felt like her skin was peeling itself away and in her head, she saw it too. Her skin slowly being ripped off of her body. She screamed out in pain and horror as she felt and saw her skin peeling itself off of her body. This time, Naraku stayed to watch the poor girl as she struggled, kicked, wiggled, and screamed out in this pure tourcher.

It felt so real, she could practically taste the flesh and blood of her peeled off face, or what she thought was her peeled off face. In reality, her face was still there, untouched and not even a drop of blood on it. Finally, in what seemed like hours and hours, it just suddenly stoped. She was still screaming when it stopped, the picture of her peeled off skin still fresh in her mind. After a while, she got back to reality and noticed Naraku hovered over her, with a satisfied grin on his face.

She could bearly think now, she felt herself slowly slipping away. She felt she was losing a grip on what was reality, her sanity slowly slipping away from her. But she still held on, as much as she could anyways. (I think I would go insane after somthing like that... wouldn't you?)

"Ohh Kagome, I can sense that you are losing yourself, But don't go to soon! We are far from over" he laughed as he punched her in the face. He flexed out his clause and began to slice at her weak body, by the time he was done with her, she was a blody mess. Yet she wasn't dead yet. He planed on keeping her alive until he was done with her.

She couldn't even scream anymore, she had already lost her voice from screaming for hours straight. Then he pulled out another liquid, red this time. She stared at it in horror, wondering what terrifying pain will come from the substance.

"No,..please.. no more... I.. I can't take it! I'll do whatever you want, anything... Just please... no more!" She said in a weak voice barely above a whisper.

"The offer is tempting... but I already told you what I want... I want you to suffer!" he said as he poored the liquid over her cut up body. Once he did this, he laughed at her and left her there in agonizing pain.

Instantly the potion began to sizzle at her skin, like acid. She felt like she had been dumbed in a pool of acid. She felt her skin being melted away. It wasn't really melting her skin, but it did sizzle over her cuts. She couldn't take it, she screamed out one last horrific scream before she felt her last strand of sanity leave her.

"INU YASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Inu yasha had just reached the castle when he heard it. He heard her scream out his name in agonizing pain. He felt his heart sink to the bottom of his stomache.

"KAGOME!!!!!" He screamed out as he burst open the door and ran down the hallway, following the sent of her blood that filled his senses. "Kagome!! I'm comming! Just hold on!!" he screamed out as the sent of her blood led him to a wooden door at the end of the hallway. He kicked in the door and what he saw made him want to cry.

There Kagome laid, chained to a table, covered in blood, as she tried to scream out, but her voice was raspy from so much screaming. He ran up to her and sliced of the chains with his claws. Most of Kagome's clothes were torn and ripped, leaving her barely covered, except for the blood that covered her entire body. He knew that he had to get her away from here. He would deal with Naraku later, right now, Kagome needed him. He picked her up very gentelly, yet she still cringed in pain, and he raced out of the castle.


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