Love and Insanity

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Chapter 31

To the Feudal Era!

Kagome's heart pounded hard in her chest, she could feel every pulse it made. She stood there on the spot, wanting to do something, ANYTHING! But fear held her in her place. She had no bow and arrows at hand for protection. She felt helpless, and she had no means of protecting her brother.

She looked down to her trembling brother who was tightly clinging to her arm. He was scared to death. She wondered for a moment if he could feel the evil coming off of this creature, but it quickly left her thoughts when she felt him tremble once again. 'Inu yasha should be here soon, I hope. We just need to buy some time' she thought to herself. She shook her head, regained her composure, and looked up at Ao Tokoyami with all the courage she could muster. His face was mesmerizing; his eyes were like dark pools of blackness that never ended. It made him appear even more soulless.

"Ok, well here I am, Souta has nothing to do with this." He smirked and walked closer to her, until their bodies were almost touching. He cupped Kagome's face in his large clawed hand.

"What do you want with me?" she demanded to know, trying to look stern as he held her at his mercy.

"You are beautiful; I see why the wolf and the dog like you so much, but I am not after you. I only need your part of the jewel."

"What are you going to do with the jewel?"

"It doesn't concern you, but let me interest you in something that does. If you simply hand over your part of the jewel, I might reconsider letting that boy live." She looked to Souta and bit her lip.

"There are so many things I could do to him. Things you only dream of in nightmares." She stiffened up even more once these words left his lips. For a moment she had flashbacks of the horrible things Naraku had done to her. These things were probably nothing compared to what this guy could do, he wasn't even part of this world. She looked back to Ao Tokoyami with anger filled eyes.


"Souta, take my backpack and go through the well, wait for me on the other side!"

"I'm not going to leave you behind!" Souta shouted back.

"Souta, you need to go now! Don't worry," she continued, her eyes never leaving the creature's black ones, "I'll be there soon."

Souta looked at his sister and decided it wasn't a good idea to argue with her, he knew she had been doing this sort of thing for a long time. He grabbed the backpack and looked back to Kagome. He briefly remembered what happened the last time Kagome told him to go to the feudal era. When she told him to get Inu yasha but he couldn't get through the well. He hesitated before jumping in, "Sister, are you sure?"

"Yes Souta, go!" she yelled back to him, still staring into Ao Tokoyami's eyes. Souta didn't say another word, he rested his leg against the lip of the well for a second, he was almost certain he would hit the ground when he jumped, but he knew he had to try. He looked back to Kagome, who glanced over at him. He gulped, squinted his eyes shut, and jumped. He waited for the impact, his body was tense, but he soon realized he hadn't hit the ground at all. He opened his eyes and saw purple and white lights surround him as he lightly fell through it, like a feather.

Before long, he felt the ground beneath his hands and knees. He waited a few moments before he felt comfortable enough to stand. There were shattered ladder bits barely clinging to the wall. The well seemed to be nearly destroyed on this side. He climbed with great effort to get out of the well. Once he finally got out, he looked at his surroundings.

His mouth opened slightly in awe. This place almost looked familiar to him, and yet, it looked so different from the same place in his time. The grass was long and green, gigantic green trees replaced the space he knew was where his home normally stood. He stood out in the open field, wondering if Kagome would ever come back for him.


Kagome stood staring up at the horrible creature, trying to keep strong until Inu yasha came to get her. They had not moved or said anything for many moments after Souta left. Ao Tokoyami still stood there, with Kagome's face cupped in his hand, looking back at her with a sick kind of interest.

"Do you really think that was a good idea?" Ao Tokoyami began, "I mean, how long you suppose it will take for the nearby demons of that world to sense the power of the jewel, and take it from that poor, defenseless boy?"

Kagome's eye's widened, "How... how did you know?"

"Do you think I am a fool? How do you think I got through the well?" he grinned at her with his wicked black eyes. Those eyes that seemed to hold all the anger and pain of hell. She couldn't help but to tremble as he spoke when she looked into those eyes.

"As long as I keep him away from you!" she yelled bravely back at him, despite her trembling body.

"I suppose that is true" he leaned in even closer towards her, she stiffened at the closeness of his body, she could feel his cold breath on her neck, sending chills down her body. "But that won't last long either" he whispered into her ear.

As soon as these words left his mouth, he let his fingers trail down Kagome's neck, and gripped tightly at her throat. She gagged and coughed, trying to pull away, but the more she resisted, the stronger his grip became. Her hands flew to his fingers which curled around her throat as she tried as hard as she could to pry them away. She looked up at him, trying desperately to breath.

The look he gave her seemed almost vacant. He had his mouth open in a slight grin, and he seemed so calm about his actions, almost as if he was doing nothing at all. Kagome struggled even harder, trying to break free of this monster's grip. 'Inu yasha! Inu yasha!' she tried so hard to call out for him, but nothing came from her lips.

She could hear a slight ringing off in the distance, and her vision became blurry. Her struggles became weaker and weaker until her hands dropped from where his hand gripped at her throat. She could feel blood trickle down her neck where the creature's claws dug into her skin, and feel her strength leaving, it was hard just to keep her eyes open.

Suddenly there was a loud crunching noise, his grip became allot softer, and his hands started to slip away. She blinked a few times as her vision came back to her. She inhaled deeply, catching the precious air but still trying to focus on him. Why had he let go of her?

She stared up at him, his eyes were wide, and his mouth was wide open in shock. Her eyes moved slowly from his face, down his chest, and to his stomach, where she could see the tip of a sword covered in blue blood poking through. Her eyes widened as she looked up past him to see Inu yasha right behind him.

"You get your damn hands off of her..." In one quick movement, he twisted his sword and pulled it out of him. Blue blood splattered everywhere as the creature fell to the floor on his hands and knees.

"Inu yasha!!!!" Kagome breathed his name in relief as she ran to his side.

"Kagome, are you ok?"

"I'm alright" she began, "But Souta is on the other side of the well!"

"What?!" Inu yasha had totally forgotten about the brat. Ao Tokoyami began to stir and Inu yasha pushed Kagome behind him, holding his sword out, ready for battle. "Go to Souta, before he get's eaten by a demon or something. Don't worry about me... I'll be fine..."

"Right!" she nodded and started towards the well. She had barely taken a step when out of nowhere; Ao Tokoyami appeared in front of her, "Where do you think you are going?" He yelled angrily. He grabbed her hand and threw her to the other side of the room so hard that she smashed through the wall.

"KAGOME!!!" Inu yasha yelled as he ran to see if she was alright. She lay still with her eyes closed, breathing softly.

"Kagome! Kagome, are you alright? Kagome?!" He shook her gently trying to wake her up, but she was out cold.

Inu yasha's eyes widened in shock, 'I didn't even see him get up! How could he have moved that fast when he is so badly hurt?' Inu yasha thought to himself. "Ahahahahahaha... Inu yasha, you truly are a fool"

Ao Tokoyami's cold laughter shook Inu yasha from his thoughts. His shock stricken face turned instantly to an angry glare. "What are you laughing at asshole?"

"Oh dear, Inu yasha. Did you really think that would kill me?" He stood up straight and looked down at his wound. "I definitely won't bleed to death, and on top of that" he stopped, grinning madly as he took his clawed finger and stuck it right into the wound where Inu yasha had stabbed him, swirling it around. It made Inu yasha sick just watching him do that. "After a wound has been inflicted, I can make it so I can't feel pain there anymore" he laughed.

"Yuck!! That's disgusting!!" Inu yasha said with his tongue sticking out. "You really need to die..."

"That's funny; I was just thinking the same about you..."


Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and Kirara sat on the wooden floor inside the cabin as they ate. "I wonder if Inu yasha and Kagome are ok." Sango said a bit worriedly. She couldn't help but think of what that crazy village oracle had said to her. She could still hear her voice in her head 'One of your companions will die...' But who?

"Kagome and Inu yasha have been gone for a while, but they are very resourceful. I'm sure they are fine, so don't worry yourself to much over it. Besides..." he continued as he looked at her with his usual uplifting smile, "You'll upset the baby if you stress out to much"

Sango smiled back at him nervously and then suddenly became very interested in her soup. "Well, I sure wish they would hurry up and get back, I miss Kagome" Shippou whined.

"I bet they will be back very soon. They have to lay low as long as that evil creature is looking for them." Miroku said enthusiastically.

Sango looked up from her soup when she saw Kirara stand up straight and look intently at the door. "Hey Kirara, what is it?" She simply reacted by running past the door and changing suddenly into her demon form. Sango and Miroku got up instantly to see where she was going. They walked outside just in time to see Kirara turn and look at them before taking flight.

Miroku turned to Sango, "You stay here with Shippou, and I'll go follow her..."

Sango was ready to argue with him until he put a finger over her mouth and she looked at his sad face. "Please, don't fight me on this one. We've been over this to many times." She bit her lip to keep it from quivering, and nodded. Miroku turned to leave, but Sango grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her, and embraced him tightly.

"Be careful... I just can't help but to think about what that awful woman said to me."

Miroku laughed slightly and kissed her lips. "Oracles tend to over exaggerate, don't worry Sango, everything is going to be ok, I promise"

She forced a smile as she looked at him. He squeezed her arm as if to comfort her before he turned away and ran after Kirara. Her fake smile faded as soon as he was out of her sight. She couldn't help this horrible wrenching pain she felt in her chest, like something horrible was going to happen.


Souta sat on the ground, holding the backpack close to him, waiting for his sister rather impatiently. He didn't know what else to do...

He waited and waited and waited, the minutes passed by like days to him. He wasn't sure how long he had been there waiting, but it felt like forever. He had always wanted to come to this side of the well, but these circumstances were excruciating. He almost wanted to go explore, but felt that he should stay put, incase Kagome were to come.

He sighed deeply, wishing she would hurry up, hoping she was ok.

"Are you lost, boy?"

Souta's head jerked toward the direction he heard the soft voice coming from. "Who's there?" he asked, trying to sound brave, clutching the backpack so hard his knuckles were turning white.

There was no answer at first.

He could feel his fear rising inside him. Kagome always told him of how she fought demons constantly on this side of the well. What if those demons were coming to get him now? He trembled at the thought that he might be all alone with a demon.

"There's no reason to be afraid... I won't hurt you" He heard the voice once again, which came from the trees and bushes that he couldn't see past. He stared hard at the spot he thought he heard it coming from, searching for the source of the voice. Right at that moment, a beautiful woman stepped into his sight.

Her hair was long and black, her eyes were a deep purple, and her ears were long and pointed, past her head. She wore an elegant blue and purple kimono which tightened around her slim waist with a ribbon that tied in the back. Her appearance gave him a bit of relief, she seemed so gentle. She took a few steps toward him and he backed away a bit.

She smiled at him, "You poor child, why do you carry such a burden?"

"A... A burden?" Souta looked up at the woman.

"You are lucky that I found you before the other horrible demons sensed the power of the sacred jewel. They would certainly kill you."


"Yes, the jewel. Why don't you give it to me? I promise if you give me the jewel, I won't kill you" She said this to him so casually it kind of scared him.

"I don't know what you're talking about! I am just waiting for my sister."

Her eyebrow raised in suspicion. "I know you have it, I can feel it's power! Just give it to me, it's better that you don't have it, you know. What could a human boy do with such a powerful possession?"

Souta didn't say anything this time, just looked up at her in confusion. Souta could see the frustration on her face when he did this. "Just give it to me!!! I really don't like to hurt children, but I will if you insist on being a bad boy!"

Now she was starting to scare him, she had seemed so sweet at first, and yet here she was, threatening to kill him if he didn't give her something! "I told you already! I don't know what you're talking about! I don't have any jewels! Please, just leave me alone!"

She sighed and looked a little upset. "That really was the wrong answer you know..." she began as she walked towards him. He backed away with every step she took. "I really am only trying to be nice here, but you insist on lying! Do you know what happens to little boys when they lie?" She walked closer and closer to him until he backed away against a tree. She looked down at him, her eyes turning red as the anger flared within her.

Souta looked up at her with wide eyes as he nodded his little head "no" frantically. "Yes you do, see you're lying again... What happens to little boys when they lie is... THEY GET PUNISHED!!!" She yelled as she flexed her claws. He tightly shut his eyes knowing what was coming. Her clawed hand swiped at his face and he was sent flying through the tree, breaking it in half. He hit his head hard on a rock as he landed.

He couldn't see, he couldn't breathe, and he couldn't move for what seemed like a very long time. All he could think about was the searing pain that he felt in various places. Tears mixed with blood, covering his eyes, making it hard to see. He whipped it away trying to think of what just happened. He tried to sit up, but the searing pain in his side made it almost impossible to move.

"I tried to tell you"

Her voice seemed distant, but made him realize his current situation once again. He looked up at her to see her looking back down at him with murderous eyes and a wicked smile. He started to cry, and the pain in his side grew shard as he did so, making him cry even harder. "P-p-please!!! S-top! I promise! I do-n't have any j-jewels!!" he managed to scream out in between cries and sniffles.

"Doesn't it hurt?" she asked curiously," If you keep lying I'll just have to do it again!!!" She raised her hand yet again, and his eyes grew wide, terrified.

Suddenly, a large yellow blur came from no where and pushed her down to the ground. She screamed as the vicious creature growled and clawed at her, trying to get to her throat. She used all her strength and pushed the creature off of her. The creature jumped in front of Souta, as if protecting him. That was when Souta got a real good look at this creature that seemed to be defending him. It was a large, yellow, cat-like demon.

"Filthy little animal!" She grabbed something from inside her kimono and with a quick flip of her hand, revealed a rather large quantity of small daggers. Kirara immediately grabbed Souta by the collar of his shirt and jumped away, just barely dodging her attacks, daggers piercing through the tree that they were standing in front of. Souta let out a small cry in pain as Kirara set him down on the soft grass next to the well. He was almost certain that something was broken.

"Not bad... for a kitten" She walked towards them, ready with more daggers in her hands. Kirara growls became louder with ever step she took. "But, it will take allot more than just a little kitten to-"

"Excuse me!"

She stopped and turned around.

Miroku stood there, with a goofy grin on his face, and his hand up in greeting. "What do you want?" she asked, smiling curiously as she did so.

"It seems you found my cat" he laughed. Kirara gave him an angry glare, "It's just a joke!" he said, putting his hands up defensively.

"Your cat, is it?" She looked from Kirara back to Miroku, "Well, maybe you should keep your animals locked up."

"Maybe you shouldn't be picking on little kids. What would a beautiful woman like you need with a little boy, if you don't mind me asking?"

"That is none of your business, monk, you should take your cat and leave!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that" He suddenly became very serious.

"Very well" She smirked, and within that instant, she was gone.

Miroku was just as fast though, if not faster, and by the time she re-appeared behind him, he swung his staff low and quick, causing her to trip and fall onto the ground. She was just about to get back up but he held her in her place, pointing his staff in an aggressive manner. She sat there for a while, looking up at him as he stared down at her. "Leave" he said finally. She looked down almost in shame and he retreated his staff and began to walk away.

She took that opportunity to attack while his back was turned. But he was to fast for her, and he quickly turned and threw several of his sacred sutras at her, all of which hit her forehead, and he smashed down on it with his staff, purifying her instantly. Her screams faded as she disappeared into dust.

Miroku sighed, "She was so beautiful too... really, such a waste!"

He walked over to Souta and kneeled down. Souta didn't say anything at first, he was in allot of pain. "She is gone now, you're safe with me" he smiled at him. He wasn't sure whether or not to trust him at first. After all, that woman seemed to be friendly at first as well. "Your injuries are a bit bad, but you will live. Can you tell me your name?"

"Souta" was all he said.

"Hmmmm Souta" Miroku tapped his finger on his chin, "Why does that name sound familiar?"

He looked to Souta, as if to get an answer from him, but nothing came. He shrugged his shoulders, "No matter, I'll take you to my village to treat your wounds. It isn't to far-"

"No" Souta said flatly.

Miroku laughed nervously. "Your wounds are pretty bad. I promise I'm not going to hurt you."

"It's not that, I promised my sister I would wait here for her"

"Your... sister?" He looked around, realizing where he was. He looked down to Souta and for the first time, noticed the yellow bag he was carrying. 'That's Kagome's bag...' he thought to himself.

He looked at Souta once again and clapped his hands together in realization, causing Souta to jump a little. "You wouldn't be related to Kagome by any chance, would you?"

Souta's head jerked towards him quickly when he heard Kagome's name, "How do you know my sister?!"

"Ahhh so you're Kagome's little brother! Your sister and I are really good friends. We travel together with Inu yasha"

"You know Inu yasha too?"

"Yes I know him too, unfortunately... We all travel together"

Souta sighed in relief. "Thank you for saving me, I thought she was going to kill me!"

"She would have if I hadn't shown up. Anyway, we should get you to the village. Your wounds need to be treated."

"But what about Kagome?"

"We'll have Kirara come back and wait for her. Kirara will bring her back to the village, don't worry"

He hesitated for a moment, and then nodded in agreement. Miroku smiled and picked him up as gently as he could and set him on Kirara's back. He sat himself right behind him and held onto him as they took off back towards the village on Kirara's back.


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