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Author's Note: Hiya!

Here I am, doing another poem. . .

^_^;; Poems are fun!

Anyway, there's a little bit I'd like to say before I begin.

One: I like bashing Kikyo.

But I'd be lying to say I don't like her character.

Sure, she's fun to cuss out and all, but really, she's slightly likable
(SLIGHTLY!). I can even understand her anger (though I want to be the one
to kill her for not dying) and it's kinda fun to play-act her lines and be
all evil. ^_~ Also, in life, she was technically Kagome. (And I like

So, all in all, I dislike her clay-pot form- but I like her.

Does that make any sense?


Two: I am the world's biggest Inu/Kag fan- NOT Inu/Kik. This poem is done
while Kikyo is technically Kagome, so it's actually kinda a Inu/Kag fic.

Anyway. . .

Here I go!


The hissing crackle of the homes
Sends smoke into the air
Screams and cries and fearful eyes
Can be found everywhere

He cackles and he laughs out loud
Eyes full of sickening pleasure
Bounding round from road to roof
Hands clasped over his treasure

Full of hate and full of pain
I stumble and I fall
As I chase the Shikon Jewel
That spiteful crystal ball

'Why?' I question, fume and rage
My stormy eyes do narrow
'Why?!' I whisper, sob, and morn
Hands steadying my arrow

"Inu-Yasha!" I cry out
Letting my weapon free
Oh, my love, why, oh why?
Why did you betray me?!

The arrow flies so straight, so true
He turns in shocked surprise
It slices though his half-breed heart
Shock flashing through his eyes

The world around us slowly melts
As I lower my half-risen bow
Amber orbs full of pain, he whispers my name:
"Ki. . . Kikyo. . ."

The metallic stench of mixing blood
Hangs heavy in the air
Crimson liquid stains the ground-
Whose I do not care

As his heavy eyelids drop
I feel my worn skin tear
As I fall upon my knees
I murmur my last prayer

'My love, I know I've done you wrong
I hope you can forgive
Just wait a little longer
And in death we both shall live'

I barely see the worried crowed
That comes to flock around me
My only thoughts are to my love-
Locked sleeping to his tree

My little sister pleads and begs
Tells me I cannot go
I try to give her one last smile
Oh, I do love her so. . .

"Take the jewel," I weakly say
My blood loss making me tire
"And burn it with my body
In amidst my funeral pyre."

And with the gem clasped in my hand
I fall into eternal sleep
To the gods and to my love
I pray my soul forever keep


^_^ There ya go!

I hope you enjoyed, even if you are a Kikyo-Basher person. . .

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Ja ne!

PS. I might continue this, make another poem about when she's resurrected
and some stuff with Inu and Kag. . . what do you think?