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Author's Note: ^_^ Heyo- here's my third poem in this little series. Woot.

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Once upon, way back in time
-This is a Feudal myth-
There was a boy- a hanyou boy
Who I am now stuck with

I've traveled near and far with him
Forever by his side
Through the miles and through the tears
Through both fear and lies

He hates me and protects me
For I am *her* reborn
And though I once denied that truth
I now face with little scorn

Please notice I say 'little'
For I just can't tell a lie-
I cannot help but a hate a bit
The face mirrored in his eyes

Please notice I say 'little'
Since I cannot erase
The care he felt so long for *her*
I see it on his face

Please notice I say 'little'
For that is how I feel
Whenever he runs off to *her*
I'm tiny and unreal

I'm jealous and I'm angry
Why can't he just forget?
Why must he be *her* hero now?
Why won't he be mine yet?

And how can my heart still care for him?

After all he's done?

Though he's such an ass to me-
He's my moon, my stars, my sun

Yes, I must admit my love for him
Though I try to hide it deep
Whenever he goes off with *her*
I cannot help but weep

Weep for I am not his own
Weep because *she*'s here
Weep since he is all I want
But can't have with Kikyo near

Kikyo, the boy's beloved
Kikyo, his heart's desire
The one that 'killed' him- Kikyo
Who then burnt in her funeral pyre

I fear *her* and I loath *her*
But can't bring myself to hate
For how can I despise myself
Whether live or late?

But I wish *she* would forsake him
Just give up 'life' and die
For how can I earn the hanyou's love
With *her* hovering near by?

Yes, I've gotten to the point in time
Where my heart might break
My mind is torn, my soul is shred-
I think it is too late

And every time I hear him speak
I hear him speak *her* name
Forever echoes through my mind
It always is the same

No matter what *she* does to him
Like a pup he follows
My kindness and my care ignored
As his pride he swallows

It must be'cause he's still in love
With *her* graceful form
*She* is his pride, his life, his own
*She* he'll always adore

And in return he is *her* hate
*Her* soul, *her* might, *her* power
And yes, *she* will, forever be-
His little Balloon Flower