Now Or Never

Amity-Star: Yet another story to add to the list of fics that I have yet to finish.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers Armada, but I own the plot that I my life and myself.

~^*^~Chapter 1: Wish upon a star. ~^*^~

The orange light from the street lamp seeped into my room like a tendril, wrapping its menacing clutches around the foot of my bunk-bed. Both windows that faced east were open, letting out the heat that had collected in my room over the passed twelve hours when I was school and for four hours since I had arrived home. I sighed heavily as I leaned against the sill of the window and placed my sweaty head on the cool glass that separated my very being from the rest of the world. It had been a long day at school, what with the Peer Support that the Year 9s had to go through to get into Year 10. I was alone in my group of thirteen. Sure, I had friends in there, like Alison, and Bethany, but that was about it, I mean, we didn't even talk outside of school anymore! I envied my friends for having pieces of our group in their group. Some thirty of my close friends had been split up into twenty-five different groups, with me ending up the one that had none of my friends in it.

A gentle breeze played with my brown hair, tossing it gently over my face and sweeping into the room. In the background of my room I had soothing reiki healing music playing, mingling with the darkness of my room. I shook my head from the thoughts I was thinking and sighed. My room was ordinary, a plain white in colour and texture. On the left hand side was my book- shelf and after that my bunk. On the opposite side was my two wardrobes, one for my sisters clothes and the other for myself use. Yet another shelf adorned the wall in an anti-clockwise wheel back towards me that held my precious books and pictures of my friends and my family and my stereo that needed to be changed for something better, but still, a stereo was a stereo. A table lay two inches on my right infront of me while at the other end of the room held my pride and joy in the entire world, my computer.

It was a Gateway 2000, a really good computer compared to the one my parents used. That computer held all the drafts to all my stories I had ever written and posted on the web, but sadly, it had no internet. No biggie really, all I had to do was go to a teacher at lunch during school and say that I need to do some research for another subject. It always worked like a charm. On the wall above the top bunk were pictures that plastered themselves along the length of the bed. They were pictures taken off from the internet. Pictures from my favourite TV series Transformers Armada. Optimus Prime was the dominant figure among the many pictures, alone with a two X-Men Evolution pics and an A4 size picture of Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow.

I look at the time and gasp. It was one in the morning and I still had to wake up early because my best friend would be walking with me to school like we normally would. But especially early because of the excursion down to Mt Drewitt. My late night wishing sessions were getting longer and I still hadn't made my nightly wish. Tip-toeing over to the door, I slowly opened it and poked my head out it. The constant rays of the TV form the living room bombarded the wall facing me with blues and whites and reds. Good, I say to myself as I gently turn back into the room and close the door softly behind me. Walking briskly back to my original position on the sill, I looked up at the sky and held my breath when there was a beautiful silver shooting star. Closing my eyes tightly, I wished for the most magnificent thing in the whole entire world; I wished that the Transformers were real.

Little did I know that somewhere out in the deepest reaches in space, there was a planet out in a different solar system, in a total different constellation of galaxies, that harboured the ancient race of the Transformers.