EPILOGUE: Into the West

I awoke to darkness. It was eternal darkness. Dead darkness. It did not envelop my body, but rather my body seemed to repel it. I felt light-headed and groggy and I felt like I was run over. "Am I where?" I asked stupidly to myself and looked around.

I was wearing what I had had on before my transformation – my black tee shirt and blue jeans with my white tennis shoes. I was floating.

"In Limbo." Came an ethereal voice, making me jump. "Calm down little one, I will not hurt you." It came again.

Came an ethereal voice, making me jump. It came again.

Limbo. . . . "I'm dead?"

Dead. What a wonderful word. Death. Dead. Died. Die. . . If there were any other words that described it I would have said it, but I could think no more about it. I was too involved with my new found freedom.

"Not yet."

The smile that had glued itself to my face vanished and tears brimmed my eyes, my eyesight turning blurry. "But. . ." I couldn't think of anything else to say. I was stuck in Limbo and I was only so close to death. My heart was suddenly filled with rage, the hurt seeping away. "Why do you deny me of my freedom? Why do you permit these crude little games to continue when two pawns have been lost! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DIE?" I screamed at him.

I heard a shivering sigh and a presence leave the room. I hadn't noticed him before. I must have been too caught up in the moment.

Tears fell from my eyes and landed at my feet. They glowed and turned to puddles, showing fuzzy images but then slowly clearing out all together. Three puddles now layed at my feet and I knew what they were without God having to tell me.

"They are windows into the past, present and future." God said I stared at the middle puddle.

It was my mother, Jenny, and Skye with my little sister. Apparently everyone who had died by my hands, or by the hands of Unicron had come back to life. The three stood on the top of a cliff, overlooking the sunset. Something was in my mother's hands and it glinted gold in the setting sun. A fine grey-white powder billowed out from the urn she heldand fluttered in the breeze, out over the water to settle eternally in peace.

"Ashes. . ." I whispered and noticed that the Transformers from both factions stood behind them, energon tears streaking their faces. Megatron, though, stood proud and strong, only until I noticed the silent tears. I didn't notice but I was crying too, rejuvenated by the present events in the portal.

Wiping my eyes and taking a shaky breath, I turned to look into the puddle of the Past. Only to see a peace-full scene.

It was on Cybertron. No battles waged on it's scared metallic surface. No wars took the lives of those held true and dear to them. Everyone, Autobot and Decepticon alike were at peace. This must have been before the mini-cons and everything else, I mused and smiled at the serenity of it all. I just hope it goes back to that soon.

Finally my eyes wandered to the last Puddle. The Future.

There was nothing in it... Only an endless white fog, rolling around... Until I saw a flash of smiling faces, both metallic in appearance and it was then that I knew that one of the faces was Megatron, with a femme I knew was somehow related to...

As I stumbled back from the puddles, they melted into nothingness and I was left by myself again. What did it mean? What was God getting at with showing me these images, one that didn't even have 'proper reception'?

My thoughts were scattered but all I kept seeing were the smiling faces."I have arranged for you to go back in a state that will suite your new life. One where you willlive afull life... It also means that you will come over to this side when you pass over." God said, inclining that he was back.

I looked around puzzled and felt myself go drowsy at an alarming rate. I kept my eyes opened and concentrated on not going to sleep but I managed to slur a sentence that I found out the answer later. "What was that that I saw! What does it mean?"

There was no reply and I finally fell asleep. No thoughts of death or dying plagued my mind, but all that did was eternal rest.

He stared out at the sunset for what felt like the millionth time. A long week had passed since that the humans called a 'funeral'. There they say farewell to a loved one or family member if they pass on. He hadn't spoken much since. No one had. Jenny and Skye had returned home to their families immediately after the ceremony and he only knew that Skye wasn't being left out of her parent's sight.

He sat on the ledge, a ritual that he had started recently in an act of remembrance. Why he did it, he only knew the answer, no one else. Everyone in the base thought he just went out to vent his anger. What was a Con to do?

Why had he done it? Why had he pulled the trigger? He knew the answer to that too.

She had told him to. She told him to pull the trigger in an act to save all of their lives and the whole Universes too. No casualties would be on list's in the morgue. No one would loose a loved one she had whispered into his audio. No one would have to die.

Well, she was wrong. There were casualties. All of the Autobots and Decepticons were pretty much mourning the loss their own way. It came to a surprise to even him that the Autobots would mourn the loss of someone they hardly knew. But then again, Skye must have told them about her and how fascinating it was to have her around.

He took a shaky breath of oxygen that he needn't have taken. His spark would never get over the loss. He knew he never would. How would every one else? Sooner or later, would they look back at laugh at all the certain antics that would put a smile on their faces? Or would they cry?

There had been one casualty especially. Someone had died and never would walk through the door saying 'who the hell forgot to turn off the mini-con alarm?'. No, she never would do that again. But thank Primus for memories, right?

A black shadow caught the corner of his optic and he couldn't help but but smile. Forgetting the events of the passed few weeks he turned around, a smile on his face, and saw nothing. His face fell and the emotions he had tried so hard to suppress threatened to take control. He was too quick for that and stood up.

The sun had disappeared over the edge of the world for another day. A small wind came up from the south and he looked at the stars, trying to remember what constellation held his home planet.

"Orion's Belt. Middle star." Came a whispery voice, causing Megatron to turn around.

His optics were wide with astonishment and turned back to where Orion's Belt was and smiled when he saw the familiar blue glow of his home, millions of light years away.

As he was about to warp out, he whispered something under his breath which was snatched up by the wind. "Thankyou Kris, where ever you are."

A smile crept up on her face and she held back her tears. She missed them so much. But she couldn't turn up. She couldn't show herself until the time was right. And until that time, she had to get used to her new life, as one of them.

"Go to the planet Shãyria and stay there. Live among their people for as long as you like. It is all up to you." He had said. Sure, why don't I waste Primus knows how long on the planet before they come? She whined to herself and smiled.

Before she left she had to see them one last time. But most of all him. He was after all like a father to her. But deepinside her spark, she knew that he was something more.She knew that he knew that too. Just that one time and then she would leave. But when she saw him look at the stars and a thoughtful look pass on his face, she just had to help him out.

Summoning a small wind with her boosters, she had whispered into the wind like she were a ghost. She saw him smile and felt satisfaction, but when he had actually thanked her, she was over the moon.

Being brought out of her little daze by a beeping by her side, she nodded and transformed, flying towards the western quadrant of space. "Little buddy, it's now or never. If I stay around here one more minute, I might just stay and give myself up." Kris said to the little mini-con in her jet cock-pit and jetted off, humming an old tune that brought her comfort.

All she was to a normal earthling now that looked out from their windows on that late night was a small moving start, speeding across the universe to live a normal life as a Transformer.


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