Save the Queen

"Save the queen" those wistful eyes screamed into oblivion... sanguine tears won't salvage a lonely heart.

Save the queen in all her frigid glory... in her ardent youth she is all but dead.

Save the queen, give her heat to break an eternal winter. She is trapped in her tower... bittersweet and burgundy, pining and alone.

Save the queen, she is hidden behind walls of ice. Thousands of frozen tears cascade down her forgotten face.

Save the queen from her visions, dreams of soft hears and sweet lies. Save her from her cherished poison, the dreams of a million tainted nights. Redeem her crystal tears, so precious and innumerable, each a sparkling token of what she might have been.

Save the queen from prying, careless eyes that gaze and never truly love. Her wings are left behind her, along with all her expectations.

Save the queen, she has filled countless pages with hollow woes and paper-thin dreams. Her paradoxes define her, outline each jagged scar on her soul.

Save the queen... an eternity of sedated hours lies before her... she won't make it through the night.

Save the queen... she cannot save herself…


A/N: This is just a poem that would not leave me alone until I wrote it. It wasn't originally intended to be about Quistis… but it was applicable. Hope you like it.