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As she walked down the hall to her next class, potions, she was thinking about her latest crush. Ok ok, it wasn't very recently. Maybe a year or two but it was true, anyway. It was her latest crush. Pretty eyes, long hair, tall, thin. Just thinking about him made her sight. But then it came to her mind. That thought that had been there since her crush started. It made her go pale. That thought that made her think that she was wrong. That she shouldn't be in love with this man. Every time she saw him she melted. But every time she saw Harry, she felt really bad. She still hadn't told him that she was in love with his godfather. When she came back to earth, since she had been floating in space, Snape was already talking, and she was amused to see that she was already sitting, ready to take notes.

When class ended Hermione had made a decision. She was going to talk to Harry. And then, no matter what he said, she was going to tell Sirius her feelings. That sounded like a good plan, didn't it? Well it wasn't, Hermione tried talking to Harry three times that day. But when she started talking, she got so scared; no word came out of her mouth. So at night she decided to tell Harry she needed to talk to him.

"Hey Harry" she said, as she seated next to him in the sofa at their common room

"Hey Herm, what's up?" said Harry.

"Oh, I um.I need to talk to you, it's really serious"

"Ok Mione, tell me"

"When everyone has gone to sleep, I'll tell you. Can you wait a little?"

"Sure, if it is so important I will"

"Thanks Harry"

After 45 minutes, everyone had gone to bed. There was only Harry and Hermione in the common room. Hermione was nervous, sitting in front of Harry. Harry was waiting patiently for Mione to start talking.

" Uhm, well, I, uhm.I." Started Hermione

"Hermione" said Harry "Just talk, don't worry"

"Well I.iaminlovewithsiriusuknowyourgodfather"


Hermione took a deep breath

"I said that I am in love with.with, with." she took another deep breath "with Sirius, Harry"

She closed her eyes, waiting for him to react. But not sound came from where Harry was sitting. She opened her eyes.


"You what?" he said in a really small voice.

"I am really sorry Harry, I don't know how this happened it just did, I am sorry, if you don't want to talk to me I will understand and.."

"Wait! I didn't say I don't want to talk to you again.it's just that, I don't know, it's just strange. You love Sirius, that's ok."

"What?" whispered Hermione

"Really" said Harry standing up.

"Harry James Potter sit down this moment and repeat what you just said!" called Hermione

"Ok, I said that it is ok if you are in love with Sirius."

"Oh my..so you aren't mad?"

"Why should I be?" Answered Harry, smiling. "But I think you should tell him"

"I will"