Title: When no one is around
Disclaimer: I don't own, ain't getting paid.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: R/S -- The O.C. ---Haven't done any for a while. Wanted to.
Thanks: To KKCP for the beta.
A/N: Tell me if you guys like. Just something short and hopefully sweet.

A/N 2:  As always don't read if you don't like slash.

When no one is around he calls him baby.

It is a simple term of endearment that expresses depth of emotion and comforting familiarity in one four letter word. He isn't known for his conciseness but even he knows there is a time for words and a time for action.

He runs his hands through golden tresses and gasps as rough stubble lays siege to sensitive skin. He digs fingernails into sweat slick muscle and shudders at the sensations coursing through his lithe form.

The boy - man - known to the world as Ryan could never reveal to them -what he knows. In the darkness there are no barriers, no stoic mask to hide how Ryan truly feels. Or what Ryan truly wants. What he thinks, here naked in the dark, Ryan may need.

He tries not to ask for more than his friend is willing to offer. He tries to take this pleasure for what it is - something they can't share with those they live with and love. When they are alone like this it is hard to not wish that things were different. It is hard to not want to have this every minute of every day. But he knows that things are complicated. That his parents wouldn't understand. And that there are others- Marissa, a voice inside his head whispers, who may get hurt. This may even hurt Summer, a fact that a month ago would have been laughable but now seems strangely acceptable. Things can change very fast and change can hurt one person while helping another.

Ryan knows this. Ryan doesn't want to hurt anyone. So they hide what they truly feel and hurt themselves. It is flawed logic, but as good as any other in which to live by. He can't think of any alternative solution, especially not while his first and most prevailing thoughts are of pleasure. He allows himself to soak up the experience, save it under "S" (Sinful, Sexy, Scrumptious, So wonderful) in the memory card of his brain for future game play. He has never been very good at not taking what he wanted, at least if it is offered to him.

Ryan knows all about denying feelings and masking pain. Ryan is a master at the art of restraint and is very good at keeping up appearances. The act makes the world believe they are buddies. They are pals, brothers. But in the dark they are more.

Hands caress softly -gentler than anyone would believe the tough and unrefined Ryan could be. Lips wet and hot from exertion graze a nipple and he feels his back arch off the cool and tucked away bed. He bites his own to stifle the moan that Ryan's hands are wringing from his ever hardening body.

"Baby" he whispers in ecstasy because no one is around.

It is a simple word that he hopes says it all.