A/N: - for the past month on fanfiction.net, hardly anyone has updated. So I asked myself, what could be the reason for this sudden disappearance of fanfictions by the Slashy Ladies? Well, I answered myself, it must be that their muses have taken a break. But where did they go? (it would be a good idea to read the stories listed in the disclaimer below before you continue.)

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Where have all the muses gone?


"Gah!" Gryffin screamed at her computer, once again. This was the fifth day in a row that none of the stories she was reading had been updated. Frustrated, she called Artemis.

Ring Ring

"Hello?" Artemis answered.

"Arty?" Gryffin questioned, not wanting to accidentally get one of the other triplets.

"Yeah, hey hon. What's new?"

"Absolutely nothing. None of the stories on fanfiction.net have been updated in like, forever. NMR Artemis's story hasn't been updated, Burn that Bridge when we come to it hasn't been updated, JABOAKWNS, A Voice, You Were A Newsie, Angel of Sin, Kristan's Jack story, Capture the Bear, Concerto, Everything You've Done Wrong, It Don't Mean a Thing... none of it! None of them have been updated in like, forever! I swear, it has been a month now since Lute updated Angel of Sin. What are all these fanfiction authors doing with their time?" Gryffin's eyes widen and her voice suddenly changes. "Artemis," she nearly whispers into the phone. "You don't think they got real lives do you?"

"No, child. None of us will ever get real lives." Gryffin could hear the smile in her friend's voice. "I can't answer for any of the others, but the reason I haven't updated my stories is because my muses seem to have run off. I can't find them anywhere, and I can't write any decent fanfiction without them. I mean, look at that last piece I put up." Gryffin browses through the files on her computer and notices the Dungeons and Dragons piece that Artemis recently posted. "That was completely and totally plotless. It was funny, but pointless."

"But... but... Artemis! What will you do without your muses?" *checks to be sure her muses are still wandering around her apartment in their boxers... yep. Still there*
"I don't know. I guess I'll just have to wait until they come back."

"That could be forever."

"Then I guess I'll be waiting for a while. Thanks for giving me a call, Gryff-child."

"Yeah, anytime Arty. See ya later."




Meanwhile, in what we would assume to be the Newsboys' Lodging House, NYC.

"Dude," Snitch said, leaning back. "You know we deserve this, dude." He cuddled closer to Skittery.

"Hey! Get off me!" Skittery yelled. "You've been hanging around Lute too much. Get a grip on yourself."

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty!" Itey's voice rang out over the argument. He had been singing random, odd songs all day and nobody could make him shut up. Snitch made a face at Skittery.

"I have, have I? Well, you've been spending too much time around Artemis and Gryffin. They're the ONLY TWO authors who write you straight, you know."

"Unless you count all of those Mary Sue stories!" Snipeshooter added from across the room.

"Have you noticed that you're straight in those stories too?" Skittery asked the boy who would not keep his hands to himself.

"Not really. I question my sexuality dude," Snitch said proudly, wedging his hand along Skittery's waist band.

"Pipe down," Jake said, slapping Snipeshooter in the head. "I'm trying to sleep. This IS a vacation after all."

Snipeshooter stood up, looking as if he were going to try to punch the half-sleeping Jake in his face. Snitch and Skittery were bickering like an old married couple, and Skittery was failing miserably at keeping Snitch's hands out of his own pants. Blink threw his cards down on the table.

"Okay, it's sad when I have to come in and be the voice of reason. Everyone listen up and shut your mouths," Kid Blink said. "First, Jake. You hardly ever do anything. You have totally adopted the only decent character you have ever had, and that is in Angel of Sin, Demon of Virtue as the Sin Sloth. Besides, how many authors do you know who have a Jake!Muse? You hardly ever do anything anyways, so quit complaining because some of us have this burning desire to have some fun in our lives rather than sleep everything away. Second, Artemis may write straight Snitch and Skittery characters, but Gryffin only does it for the sake of Sky and Artemis, who have decided that they like the two of you as boys for some God awful reason. Gryffin herself is actually a Snitch/Skitts fan, but she keeps it bottled for her friends. Face it, Skittery, you don't really have much of a choice unless you want to go live in Mary Sue land. Third, we are on VACATION. Can't everyone just calm down and stop jumping at each other's throats? This is our TIME OFF!"

Kid Blink threw himself back into his chair beside Mush and promptly started loosing a card game to Racetrack. Jake and Skittery both scowled matching sneers in Kid's general direction. Snitch smiled and resumed his pose on Skittery's chest, looking quite like a contented kitten. His hand still continued to creep toward the taller boy's belt clasp. Life continued, for a few moments, in silence.

"You know, dis ain't much of a vacation," Jack said, catching the ball he had been tossing absent mindedly into the air.

"Well what are we going to do?" Dave asked, pursing his lips. Bumlets stared at Dave's mouth a moment longer than he really should have. "Go take a joy ride in one of the imaginary cars that the fanfiction authors have drawn up for us and ride around the country?"

"Dat's exactly it!" Jack exclaimed, sitting bolt upright on the bed he was lounging on.

"Road trip!" Les shouted and poked his wooden sword into the innocent air above his head. Dave leaned closer to Jack and lowered his voice.

"I was only joking. We can't go on a road trip. We don't have any money and the fanfiction authors need us. Not to mention, those cars are imaginary."

"But if we go on a road trip anyways, den we'll make the money on da way," Jack said blinking. "And what does it matter if da cars are imaginary? We're imaginary too. And, for money, all of us is rich in some story or another, sos we can all jus' go bum some cash from our rich relatives. Besides, da fan goirls will wait. Dey always do. Dey can' live widout us. Crutchy, you start takin' up a collection."

"Swell!" Crutchy yelled, holding out his hat to Racetrack, who was most often written as a rich Italian mobster.

"Everyone else, get backed. We'se goin'... we'se goin'... wheah we goin'?" Jack finished pathetically.

"Disneyland!" Mush yelled with childlike enthusiasm. Blink slapped him in the chest as soon as the word was out of his mouth. Mush mumbled something about always having this strange urge to go to Anaheim.

"Yeah, we'se goin' ta Disneyland. Let's get ready."

End Prologue

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